Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sometimes I'm a jerk.

I'm thinking it probably isn't such a bad thing to occasionally take a good hard look at ourselves and see what a crummy person we can be.

I have been doing that today. Being made aware of how lousy I behave sometimes. Not because I behaved so far out of my usual behavior but I was given an opportunity to not suck and I totally dropped the ball. Even knowing better. I weakly justified it but really, deep down, I knew I was doing wrong. So I apologize to the people who were affected, though they will likely never know.

Mostly I apologize to God because He brought me up short and reminded me not to be a jerk and I did it anyway.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter underpants

(@Easter celebration at my parents' house)
Me: Solomon, why did you take your underwear off?
Solomon: Um, so they can borrow them.
Me: Who can borrow them? Gigi or Grandpa Bob?
Solomon: Both.

Easter on Easter

Sometimes I do things and I have stellar reasoning behind it. Sometimes there will be no reason at all. Other times I will have just plain stupid reasoning.

I never explicitly discuss weather on Facebook unless it would be impolite not to.
I publicly mock Jackson Pollock whenever possible.
I don't drink water in the dark.
I avoid participating in traditional holiday celebration methods.

I just realized this last one is pretty stupid because 1. Celebrating is fun and 2. God tells us to keep these holidays and remember them. So am I too cool to post a blog about how overwhelmed I am by my God's love for me, on Easter? Is that too done?

So anyways... I am. Totally overwhelmed. By trying to comprehend. His love for me.
I looked at my son and tried to imagine a love that would allow me to sacrifice him for people who were rotten jerks to me. Couldn't do it. Tried to imagine a love that could allow me to sacrifice him for people who were wonderful (though imperfect). Couldn't do it.
I'm incapable of giving that type of love. Yet I am blessed enough to receive it. He's so much bigger than I am. His picture of things and what is has so much more context and richness compared to my own limited understanding. Yet the pot continues to question the potter.

Thank you Father, for the fullness of Your plan.
It is accomplished!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

These days

While Sage sleeps her eyes are open as often as they are closed. She also makes more noise sleeping then she does while she is awake. She's a backward little  thing. Sometimes I can't even tell if she's awake or not.

Solomon is a sympathetic crier. I never knew.

Nothing I like better than baby smiles or hearing one of my kids ask to cuddle.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring symptoms

I'm choosing to take it as a good sign that the devil is after my attitude today.

Elliptical Post

"Where did my boobs go?" -Solomon
As far as I can tell I've given birth to the world's noisiest eater (Marley) and the world's second noisiest sleeper (Sage, second only to her father).
I use to hate the singing-worship portion of church. Partially because the standing (I was usually too tired to be into that), partially I was embarrassed by the outward displays. Now I get what a jerk I was being. I was made to worship Him. Something I've usually done through the written word but now too, through song. I love to worship Him! (And I don't mind the standing now either because I make sure to get enough sleep... Most the time).
I've heard that a newborn will crawl to it's mother breast even if the mother won't assist. I find that slightly hard to believe when my own brilliant (no sarcasm intended) daughter can't seem to find a nipple even when it's resting on her nose.
Animals that Sage sounds like: a dove (cooing), a tiger (growling), a pug (snuffling), a pig (snorting), a peacock (crying).
She's an animal-call prodigy. Her peacock and pug are particularly impressive.
Episcopalians are the best party throwers there are.
The church a few doors up had a pop up beer garden last week and tonight hosted an outdoor concert featuring a dixieland band that played such favorites as Take Me Out To The Ballgame and Minnie the Moocher. Thanks to combined acoustics of the church and the YMCA across the street, we could hear the trumpets and trombones perfectly from the front porch. Loved it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Boring post

Solomon, Sage and I ventured out today. We went to the library (and looked for the dog who had run away... Again). I tried not to overdo the number of books, considering I'm not supposed to hold anything heavier than my infant and I was already carrying her. I got a junk novel for me and a handful for the kids. Legends of Chima, and other franchise publications.

Engelbert Sneem and the dream vacuum machine was the name of one of the ones I grabbed. It is a super great book.

Tomorrow we're going to go to home depot and buy phlox. Then I'm going to teach Solomon to use the shower. Baby steps to independence. I'm talking about mine, not Solomon's. I pray this is the last surgery I ever have to have.

Marley really is awesome at being a sister. She dotes on both her siblings. And Sage seems most responsive to her siblings. She might even be smiling at them.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Such cheek.

Me: I'm going to make pancakes in the morning!
*Silence for a moment from Marley and Solomon as they stare at me*
Me: What?
Marley: Shouldn't daddy make the pancakes?
Me: I've made you pancakes before. I know how to make them.
Marley: Well... Maybe daddy can help you. day, in the evening...

*Bob working tirelessly on three different pies*
*Solomon saunters into the kitchen*
Solomon: Give me... Umm... Give me... A cheese stick, a sandwich and... A peanut butter sucker.
Bob: excuse me?
Solomon: a cheese stick, a sandwich, and a peanut butter sucker.

At least Sage didn't mouth off at all today.

OK, OK I know cheeky rude children are not really funny but I'll take laughs where I can get them.