Sunday, September 27, 2009

This and that and the other.

I KNEW the Bengals would win. From first quarter till the end, I was confident :)
I am practicing french braiding my own hair. Second night into the practice and it's... passable but laughable.
When you think of the word 'purpose', do you think of the beginning of an undertaking or the end?

Friday, September 25, 2009


This is today's haul of refurbed goodies from St. Vincent DePaul. I painted the bird and the birdcage a matte silver. I removed the oil painting from the frame and painted it white.

I am in love with that plater. Only found two of them but I am determined to rustle up some more!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Old Testament continues... for awhile.

I have been making (lackluster) notes as I have been reading Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus (blegh) and Numbers (more blegh).

The last 3 mentioned books make the lack of Bible Scholarship more pronounced. Putting into context the people, their actions and God's actions/reactions is difficult when you have so much trouble knowing what their lives & laws are like. I'm not saying I won't learn eventually about it but for now, it is a steep undertaking to even consider learning it all.

My first note is about Exodus 32 when Aaron (naughty boy) makes the Golden Calf and God is ticked (in a divine righteous way) and talking to Moses. God is saying "Leave me alone because I am going to smite these people and make some new ones who don't suck so bad." But Moses DOESN'T leave and he asks God to reconsider. Would I have done that? Probably not, I would have tucked my tail (and maybe felt a little high and mighty). The part that REALLY blew my mind was that God "relents/repents/changes his mind". God changes His mind?

I have not found any satisfactory explanation as to the whether God actually changes his mind or not but I did find an interesting commentary on God and His workings.

"God often waits until something happens before He "makes His move." In the Garden of Adam and Eve, God waits to come on the scene until after Adam and Eve sinned. God promises Abraham he would be the father of a great nation, but waits until after Ishmael is born before he allows Abraham to have Isaac. Jesus waited until Lazarus died before going to resurrect him. In fact, Jesus' incarnation did not occur until the time of Roman oppression and Pharisaical legalistic apostasy. Can we not also expect that God had Moses wait on the Mount until the people of Israel feel into idolatry so that He might desire to exterminate them, and so that Moses might intercede (as a type of Christ), so that God might show His mercy? Notice how the intercession of Moses is an appeal to the grace of God in face of the Law of God which had already been given." -From Here
So that I found very interesting. It almost seems cruel but I won't pretend to know what is best in the long run since my show is a drop in the bucket of time.

~Another Note~
This one was pretty upsetting to me. More from Exodus 32. Verses 25 through 29 (ish)
I won't quote it here because I don't understand it. I've learned some use these verses as part of an argument for the death penalty. I don't think those arguments are valid since I don't see God commanding those deaths but mostly the texts I mentioned just make it sound so... brutal. I know God has some very physical violent dealings done for Him but this particular case is almost too primitive.

~Another Note~
Let me just say that what I say about this may sound horrible, and I'm OK with that.

Azazel. Mentioned first in Leviticus (blegh).

"Then he shall take the two goats, and set them before The Lord at the door of the tent of meeting; and Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats, one lot for The Lord and the other lot for Azazel. And Aaron shall present the goat on which the lot fell for The Lord, and offer it as a sin offering; but the goat on which the lot fell for Azazel shall be presented alive before The Lord to make atonement over it, that it may be sent away into the wilderness to Azazel." Leviticus 16: 7-10
So I read this and I get confused. Azazel? Who's that guy and why does he get these goats? According to the wonders of the internet and ENDLESS texts by Hebrew colleges and their students who (seem to) never sleep I find out how Azazel is pruported to be... A demon! Why the explanation point? Because it is exciting. Not because I think demons are awesome or super sweet or anything but because I am (for better or worse) a science fiction/fantasy fanatic. I am ashamed but I won't deny it. I love a good bad guy. The bad guys just make the good guys... so much better.

Ok, no more on that because I'll get myself in trouble because I know so little (and therefor should have said nothing at all to begin with).

~Another Note~

This is one is much more practical. In Exodus, Leviticus (blegh) and Numbers when Moses is acting for God to lead God's chosen people out of Egypt and slavery one thing keeps recurring. The people WHINE.SO.MUCH. It is VERY annoying. These people have a guy talking to God face to face and they are still complaining.

I got all the way to Numbers 14 or so when I realized the bad part. I am just as bad as they are... no, worse. They are wandering through deserts and wilderness and craziness without being sure what will happen next and they are whining to God about being abandoned and about what God has chosen for them. I can't even put my delightful-and-blessidly-healthy baby to bed for the night without questioning God.

I try to get her to bed and I fail miserably and right away my "snap on" rage shows up and I am angry. I am angry at whoever and I am angry at God because it would be so easy for Him to just *blip* her to happy sleeping-through-the-nightness.

"It would be better for me to have died in Egypt then deal with this incredibly temporary problem I am having within the confines of my very comfortable and blissfully-air-conditioned home."

I am a whiney, ungrateful weasel of a friend.

Big sigh.

Thats all the notes I have for now.
My conclusion? I need to lay off the scifi novels, I need to deal with my anger issues and get some perspective.

(For those of you who didn't sign up for the windy Bible rambling...)

Here ya go. Marley reading her kiddie Bible @ Book case base camp.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toby & Marley

He says so many hysterical things in one day that I can't remember a fraction of the hilarity by the time I get home.

"When your kid is freaking out give them a wet cookie and glass of water." -Toby

Can YOU prove him wrong?


A quick word on where Marley is at right now.
She is still no where near STTN (sleeping through the night aka 12am-5am), she refuses almost all solids, she is at about 2.5 teeth, she just started walking while holding one of my hands but not officially walking yet. She loves the little puppy and she loves to howl and then he howls back at her. She loves to dance, drum, make rabbit face but MOST OF ALL she LOOOOOOOVES to hug babies and kiss them and squeeze them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Creepy Chandelier

Creepiest light ever?

(from Pottery Barn)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dog Naming Continues

Bobsscreenname (12:34:56 PM): Barker
Bobsscreenname (12:35:06 PM): Bingo
Bobsscreenname (12:35:10 PM): Butkus
HelfixDopo (12:38:34 PM): so we'd have bob and marley and bob and barker?
Bobsscreenname (12:38:46 PM): LOL YES!
HelfixDopo (12:38:49 PM): we could change murphys name to villa
HelfixDopo (12:38:56 PM): and my name to newhart

I am pretty sure I need to own this.

Of course they are nothing a like, but that is ok, they'd both work over my dining room table.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The cats out of the bag...

We got a puppy. Yeah, I know how this will be recieved. We're crazy, we know. But you couldn't beat the price ;) and it just ended the 8-10 months of arguing back and forth on whether or not to get another dog. Although really it has been in discussion since shortly after Guinness died & we rehomed the devil... I mean, Bebe. (Almost 2 years ago).

Found the guy on craigslist. He's 8 weeks old (his birthday is July 11th) and he is very very very lazy. Murphy is mildly curious and approves of the situation. He's always been a dog's dog. He came from just the nicest family you could ever meet and they had just adopted the mom dog (who was already pregnant) and they brought her to their home and their other dog
impregnated her more (this is something that happens to dogs). So the result was a purebred husky puppy and 4 husky mastiff mix puppies. Not exactly a "cute" story but, hey, it is interesting anyway. (Scandalous dogs).

So we brought him home and he is a very sweet little guy. You can REALLY see the mastiff personality in him. Very family oriented and (like I said) very very very lazy.

The most amazing part of the whole story? Since we brought him home on Friday at around noon, he has only had ONE peepee accident. All other peepees and dog doo's have found their way to the yard. Compared to Guinness & Murphy... My mind is blown. Those two destroyed a LOT of carpet. It helps that I can be home to enforce a good eating and BM schedule I guess.

So, yes we are crazy. Yes we're a bit sheepish about it.

Still no name. We have been through a LOT of possibilities. Bob said no to Debussy, I said no to Dunkel. We settled on Obi, only to change our minds because it sounds so much like Toby. Right now we're in negotiations about "Bosley".

Edit: For whatever reason my pictures won't resize. Sorry.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Little ditty

The sins of sloth and gluttony are their own punishment.

Remember when you procrastinate, you choose last. -Incubus

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I got the most amazing pie shelves out of my neighbor's garbage today. It was a real trial to get home but well worth it. That is all I will say about that.

It is amazing the circles that our lives go in.

Bible Study is a blessing. Sometimes it seems like a trial because a cranky baby or 3 but really... the benefits are so tremendous it doesn't matter.

The story of Moses is terrible. Terrible in the awesome, galvanizing, mind-boggling, inconceivable way. I am not smart enough to really take it all in.

Murphy is very cute despite his antics.

I hope Erin gets fired so she can start focusing on me again. (Sorry Erin). :D

I think Mom is half serious about wanting Erin & Jenny to wear princess costumes at the wedding. ;)

Cinderella's feet are size 5.5.

What virtue has golden sunlight if it fails to fall on grateful shoulders?

Romance is so much more romantic in the eyes of the beholder then in the mind of the participants.

As you may be able to tell from the last two tidbits, I am still reading (listening) to the Anne of Green Gables series. I have just gotten to the part in Anne of the Island when Ruby dies. I am struck over and over by the small moments of violence in these otherwise lowkey romantic tales. Not violence in the way our generation would think of it but subtle graphic moments that smack of real life.

When Anne is talking to Ruby about Ruby's imminent death (caused by the consumption) it really struck a chord in me. They are talking about how Ruby need not fear death because Heaven will be a wonderful place. But Ruby is afraid because everything she loves is in this life. Isn't that why we all fear death? Because we're afraid of what happens afterwards and what we were leaving behind? As a Christian I should not fear death because this life should and will be a pale thing compared to the richness of heaven. Sometimes I forget that.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Interior Design

I love design. I love love love love love love it. I less than three it HARD. So why is my house (with the exception of Marley's room)... so lackluster? Even better question... why is my house so contemporary when I swoon over cottage chic? Over French Country wallpaper? Over a well placed English rose pattern?! AGHHHHHH It does not make sense.

One reason for my contemporary in-a-box design is that my house really is, a box. A box with interior walls seperating the box into smaller boxes. It makes me think that none of my design desires would be appropriate. And maybe they are not appropriate... but I think I should do them anyway.

Why shouldn't I paint my office dark dark blue with hot pink accents? Why can't I have a beach-inspired bathroom RIGHT next to my cottage chic half-bathroom? Why shouldn't I paint my bedroom kelly green and stencil one wall with chandeliers? What is to stop me from stenciling my kitchen cabinets with organic shapes? OH I already did that one. One project down, a thousand to go.

-Paint office "passport blue"
- Accessorize office with "burnt your ass pink"

-Paint bathroom blue and get rid of all the pink crap.
-Put up beadboard and get a square sink.

-Paint bedroom grass green and stencil chandeliers on focal wall.
-Convince Bob that shabby chic isn't hyper feminine (even though it really is).

Conversation with Brenyn:

HelfixDopo (11:16:11 PM): describe your interior design style in one word
brenyn(11:16:41 PM): bright
HelfixDopo (11:16:51 PM): hmm im looking for something like....
HelfixDopo (11:17:19 PM): cottage-chic, rustic, modern, contemporary, victorian, traditional etc
brenyn (11:18:23 PM): traditional
HelfixDopo (11:18:49 PM): thats what i thought
HelfixDopo (11:18:59 PM): but its like adjusted traditional.
HelfixDopo (11:19:09 PM): "bright traditional"
brenyn (11:19:53 PM): thats two words lol
HelfixDopo (11:20:19 PM): thats ok, ill work with it
HelfixDopo (11:20:30 PM): what would you say robyns style is?
brenyn (11:21:44 PM): same? but subtle not bright
HelfixDopo (11:22:28 PM): and mine?
brenynashley07 (11:23:24 PM): contemproary?
brenynashley07 (11:23:37 PM): depends really .
HelfixDopo (11:23:53 PM): im a listless style scallywag of failboat.
brenyn (11:23:56 PM): what you do and what i feel like you woulld do no holes barred lol


That about sums it up.