Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It was my first Christmas eve and Christmas morning away from my parents' house. It was pretty emotional for me on Christmas eve but Bob made me feel better. So Christmas morning I woke up and made coffee and got the lighting right for my first "big girl" Christmas. Then I woke up the Winslows and Marley came running down the hallway and gave an excited yell. When she saw the CHristmas tree with all the packages she goes "WHOA!" in true Marley fashion. Then she started in on the gifts. But she was too distracted by artful curtain arrangement (I knotted them to get them off the ground) to actually open the gifts. After I took the curtains down and returned them to their standard position she relaxed and got her Princess Ariel bathtub doll, her clothes, towel and ENORMOUS Disney Princess ball pit.

Someday I will stop pumping money into Disney.

After gifts we had an ENORMOUS breakfast with French (bread) toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and tomato GARLIC omelets. Delicious!

We spent the rest of the day at my parents' house hanging out, chasing toddlers, letting Marley knock down the Christmas tree (oops), and eating extra delicious food. My parents made charitable donations in everyone's name as a gift and for Bob they gave hot meals (because he likes to cook), from me they gave prenatal care (because I like babies) and from Marley the greatest gift of all... Ok, no it wasn't the Gospel. Second best gift of all... MISQUITO NETS!

A truly wonderful day.

We celebrated Christmas with the Winslows on Sunday and Marley got a doll from Aunt Jenny and Uncle Chris that SHE.LOVES.SO.MUCH. Marley ran amok and I think she really enjoys the solo child role at times. While other times she wants to squeeze Aimee until Aimee files some sort of court order. I wish Jenny and Chris lived closer.


In other news... we have a mouse infestation. I discovered this by placing my gingerbread house in the oven and seeing blurs running all over it and then discovering all my green m&m grass stolen by furry house guests. I recieved a humane trap from my dad for Christmas and set it up at midnight when we got home and the next morning...
And worse news. Murphy ran away the other night when Bob let him out at midnight to go to the bathroom. We've had no sign of him in 3 days at midnight. We keep driving to SPCA to check for him but no sign yet.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Talkers & "Listeners" lol

bobatwork (12:06:17 AM): what time we going over there on xmas morning?
HelfixDopo (12:06:25 AM): I still don't know...
HelfixDopo (12:06:37 AM): I discussed it with mom, dad, and robyn and still answerless lol
HelfixDopo (12:06:48 AM): Here is my deal
HelfixDopo (12:06:55 AM): not like deal deal
HelfixDopo (12:07:00 AM): w/e
HelfixDopo (12:07:52 AM): i want to go over there after breakfast but im concerned that if we go over before nap time... it could be a hot mess. But even worse then that would be if we waited till after naptime and she didnt take one or waited till 4 or 5 to take it...
HelfixDopo (12:08:05 AM): so maybe the best plan is this
HelfixDopo (12:08:11 AM): and i just now thought of it lol
HelfixDopo (12:09:05 AM): maybe we could go to my parents after breakfast and we get ready and then go over there. then at nap time, we could drive around delivering presents to people's doors (like fed ex) lol or just drive around talking about how pretty you are. i dunno.
HelfixDopo (12:09:09 AM): or best yet...
HelfixDopo (12:09:15 AM): go to your parents'.
HelfixDopo (12:09:23 AM): but i have not touched base with them.
HelfixDopo (12:09:37 AM): ugh you need the new version of aim on this laptop
HelfixDopo (12:09:41 AM): the old one sucks
HelfixDopo (12:09:52 AM): my rambling looks way more sad and disjointed.
bobatwork(12:10:05 AM): lol
bobatwork (12:10:42 AM): ummm yes?

Note: Those timestamp times are inaccurate.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So there are two things that can make me really frustrated very fast. The first is trying to put Marley to bed and the other, is miniature golf.
I had a whole bunch more I wanted to say and now I cannot remember any of it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yurt not making any sense.

HelfixDopo 4:37 pm
(i called the yurt reservation desk) "we have a few available" for june 6th and 7th.
She was very friendly, likes the name "Gilbert".
bobatwork 4:38 pm
lol mmm k
how much to reserve?
HelfixDopo 4:38 pm
"payment in full is due within 7 days of making your reservation. The balance is due 30 days prior to the trip date." hmmmmm?
bobatwork 4:39 pm
uhhh what? lol
you know i dont speak spanish
HelfixDopo 4:39 pm
its due at this time ... and also at this time.
bobatwork4:39 pm
double billling
HelfixDopo 4:40 pm
well at least they are honest.


So anyway, if we figure out in time how much a reservation costs we are going to book a yurt for two days for our honeymoon. Then we're going back to our favorite place ever... Gatlinburg (or as my mother would say: The Smoky Mountains). Chintzy? Yes, don't care. We're staying in a super luxe cabin and we're going to miniature golf (I will win) and ride go-carts (I will win) and eat at as many breakfast buffets as possible and hike up Ramsay Falls.

Now I just have to wrap my head around leaving Marley. And find someone to take Gilbert because Trent already claimed Murphy. Yeesh

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A lot.

Considering that blogging is one of my favorite things to do, I sure forget to do it a lot.

This blog will have to catch all the "blog thoughts" I have had this week & last week. Let's see if I remember more than 3 of them...


Bob was sitting on the couch "watching" Marley. He must have "glanced" at the TV for a minute to "check" the football scores when Marley came sauntering up to him and handed him a piece of toilet paper. He says "Thanks Marley!" Then he realizes it is multiple pieces of toilet paper and that they extend all the way back into the bathroom. Leaving a trail of parental fail from the living room to the master bathroom. :P


I wish that I could wear a tshirt that said everything in my heart about the love of God. How life is given meaning by my relationship with Him. It isn't just a race for money or even for mortal love, it is a greater love then even the love of a parent (wow redundant). If I didn't have God's love in my life, I would be lost. To sadness, to desperation & to hopelessness. God helped me to stop focusing on myself, to pull my head out of my butt and really LOOK where I was headed. Narcissism & self-absorption have high high costs. I am so thankful God saved me from me... love, love, love, love.


I find it hard to believe that my dogs are as hungry as they act. Hunger makes dogs act badly.


I want to go 'glamping' in a Yurt. Click this link to learn about Yurts.


Christmas shopping this year is not as fun as previous years but this Christmas season has been full of a lot of positive feelings. I wish I could say the same for many of my comrades/family. I have put up my first Christmas tree & I bought one ornament. Maybe we will buy one ornament a year. This year I got a pure white peacock. :P


Humans need to embrace changing their minds. They need to embrace other people who have changed their own minds. Sometimes it isn't being fickle, it's growing up.


I got a Bump it. And I am thrilled about it.


The truth about being a mother.

I read a lot of mushy gushy stuff about the maternal feelings and experiences that came with having a baby, particularly having a newborn. Here is my own quick twist on a few of those anecdotes I read.

After your newborn has come home with you, you will be obsessed with showing her all the new things and watching her have all her "firsts". Also you will have no idea what to do with her.
Rocking your baby and singing to her is a beautiful thing to do. Even though you are probably not a very good singer and your song is punctuated by baby-pooping noises.
You will do anything to insure the comfort and health of your child because you love them dearly. But you will probably be grumpy about it.
Everything about your new child will be a wonderful mystery to you, especially how someone so small can scream so loud and puke so far.
Only God could have given you something so darling as your child and sometimes God will just not intervene to make that darling child sleep even-though-they-are-obviously-very-tired-and-so-are-you.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A busy body.

You know you're the daughter of my father when you have a conversation like this...

Me: Thank God she is napping!
Me: Man when she naps the day is waayyyyyyyyyyyyy better. The last two days have been EXHAUSTING!!
Bob: Well take a nap then!

(some time passes)

Me: Ok, I'm going to rewire both my beveled mirrors, do the dishes, finish the laundry and then play wii.