Sunday, December 26, 2010

Girl darling/ Boy darling

So my darling dearest daughter announced that she was hungry and ready for her 65th meal of the day. So I told her to go wash her hands and in the 20 second lapse between her and I to the lav she managed to strip a brand new super roll of Charmin ultrastrong and drops her HUGE tp bouquet into the toilet. I got there just as the last ply dropped. I took her by the arm immediatly and put her in timeout with a short explanation of why. She was immediatly catterwhaling and crying. Two minutes of toilet rescue later I went into her room and explained why she was in timeout and how to avoid it in the future. Boogery and teary, she washed her hands and we went back to the kitchen and I gave her a bowl of meatball soup. She ate all the meatballs and slurped down all the pasta and broth and says "Not sad now. I feel better."

Soup. Not just for colds anymore.

Solomon loves everything Marley does. He watches her intently and laughs with gusto when she does anything that tickles his baby sense of humor. Heart warming.
I just started sitting him in his hi-chair with heavy padding and propping and he watches and plays with his plastic spoon. His dexterity blows my mind. Love his face.

Merriest Christmas

On Christmas eve I prayed that Christmas would go as well as possible and it did. I got many opportunities to pray because my darling children were awake all night for reasons-unbeknownst-to-me.
In the morning we got up andRalph & Debbie joined us for Big Breakfast day. French toast, bacon, sausage, eggs. Delicious! Then we opened gifts and it was a practice in discipline, patience & politeness for Marley. Who has parents who absolutely delight in buying her gifts. Lets hope we don't ruin the poor girl. Solomon decided he would prefer sleeping through much of the festivities but when he was awake he was his usual sunshiney self. All dimples and snorts of laughter.
Bob made the cheesiest garliciest mac and cheese and I made a salted caramel applie pie and we bid adieu to R and D and headed to my folks' house.
It was a mad house. Our small little family has really grown (in numbers and in volume) (thats decibals not pounds). I honestly could watch Aimee and Marley all day. When it's love it's melty gooey oh-so-painfully cute (and when it's not love it's slightly less cute).
Toby is so not the heavyweight toddler anymore it is crazy. He is practically an adult. His handwriting is better than mine and he writes haiikus. Hello?
I adore giving my family gifts. I wish I had more money and more opportunity to do it. Hauling in the gifts we were given was a workout. The bulk of which was diapers for the boy darling. It was wonderful, the whole day.
My favorite moment? Marley & I were talking about what Christmas was really all about (an ongoing conversation) and she says "Baby Jeechus birthday?" I say yes and she goes and gets baby Jesus out of the manger and holds him up so he can survey the gifts. AND I caught it on film!

Happy Birthday Jeechus

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite professional wedding photos

Poppop & Granny with Marley & Solomon
The Ceremony

The Reception
See all the photos here.
Thanks Melanie & Adam :)


Three smiles!
Somerset Presbyterian :)

Jack-Fish & Solo

Little Miss Chatter

"I'm an astronaut and I'm pretty too."

"Lalalala... baby Jeechus... Lalalala... Burgalars."

"I LOVE Cupcake cereal."

During the Christmas play program at church on Sunday the lights got dark and Marley leaned in real close to me and put her arm around me (she was standing on a chair so she could see) and kisses me on the temple and says "I'm proud of you." Completely out of the blue and for no apparent reason. Then she said "I love you too." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blargh people... just blargh.

So I may or may not have blogged about this recently (recently = last three years) but I am going to say this in very short, definite terms. A letter.

Some Christian people,
Rejecting a person based on their sexual orientation is wrong.
Sexual sin is not an invitation to judge. Sexual sin is not a sin that God cannot forgive.
If you're going to judge people engaging in homosexual sin then judge me for having two children out of wedlock.

Getting on my nerves.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grandpa Winslow

Grandpa Winslow has lost his battle with cancer. He died on the 5th. A day after we got to visit him. He was a great man and left a legacy of great men and ladies behind him. The funeral was a very nice service and Ralph gave a wonderful eulogy. Seeing all the old time photos of him and his brothers was surreal. Like a different place not just a different time.

I feel so badly for Sharon. She just lost her husband and her mom just had a heart attack and is being moved to a home. So much stress and sadness all at once. I think prayer is going to be what gets her through such a difficult time.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Photos for smiles

Not scruffy looking at all.
Dr. Aimee & Dr. Marley investigate Marley's numerous toe injuries.

My artist specializes in enthusiasm.

Zig zag emotions Blog

First a haiiku then I'll relate the dream I had last night.

Final warm days go
Taking with them my dear friend
Meet again next spring.

--------Now the inappropriate transition-----------

Last night I had a dream I was back at my old boarding school and Anthony Bourdain was my english teacher and Mr. Fernandez (my 7th grade biology teacher) stole my car. Bourdain offered to drive me to go pick up Marley. Bourdain's car was full of stolen lunch meat. This did nothing to detract from his witty monlogues. We picked up Marley at a motel where she was being babysat by 3 hispanic women.


My anxiety has grown worse. Looking to January when insurance open enrollment entitles me to mental health care at a reasonable cost. My friend Savonna said it best, "I use to think I shouldn't have to take a pill to feel normal, now I am glad all I have to do is take a pill to feel normal."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chris :(

This post is a mess. I'm very tired, stressed and couldn't sleep before I blogged.

Saturday night Jenny stayed over our house to help us out by watching our kids. In the morning we found out her husband Chris had died. So unexpected, so out of the blue, so very very sad. Devastating. I know that people always say "there couldn't be a nicer guy" but really... there couldn't be a nicer guy.

We drove up Thanksgiving afternoon and spent the evening at Chris' mom's house. Friday was the visitation and Saturday morning was the service. There are many many people who miss Chris. A lot of family, friends and coworkers who all really liked and loved him.

My heart is broken for Jenny. Hearing her talking to the police on Sunday morning was... one of the worst things that has ever happened in my presence. Certainly the saddest. It echoes in my mind.

We got home from Columbus at 5 today (Saturday). I'm sad we could not stay longer. Financially speaking it was not possible to stay. I wanted to bring her home. Everyone from Cincinnati did. The temptation for me is to try and know and do what is best for Jenny. I want her to come to Cincinnati so I can be close to her and help to take care of her. This is what is best for me anyway, but Jenny knows what is best for her. We just need to be there and keep her company and love her.

So love you Jenny. I hope you will come to Cincinnati to visit soon. I hope we can come to visit you soon too.

Love you Chris. You were a most excellent in-law in-law.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Enjoy these photos gratis.

Marley NOT kissing Solo (for once).
Bob is dead serious about his 'daddy chair'.

My girl in her favorite accessory; the mud boots.

I'm really struggling with my desire to use semicolons.
I keep thinking "Yes! Now I can use one!" Then I do and it feels wrong.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Solomon has proven himself to be quite the orator. He loves to go on these one-sided wee man rants for several minutes at a time. It is remniscent of when Marley is eating (she growls).

I am so grateful that God first chose me; loved me so that I could love Him.

Marley was playing with a stuffed cow and she pushed in it's belly and the cow started mooing and she hugged it and said, "I proud of you. You're smart."

I really need to get back on top of my pictures. I am taking 10+ a day and not uploading them... like most people. I hate that. Display all pictures on the walls. Leave no wall untouched, make them like pincushions with your memories hanging from each pin. Don't leave them to spoil and rot on your SD card.

I have been very highstrung the last couple weeks. Even for me. I keep seeing danger everywhere and my anxiety is out of control. I am considering persuing my previous Xanax perscription but I don't know if there is a breastmilk safe alternative.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mama love the kids

Just left Solo and Marley in the same room together to go to the bathroom. Solo was on the rug wearing his onesie, his pants and a blanket over him. When I came back he was wearing a onesie and had a blanket over him but his pants were on Marley's head.
Marley likes to ask the same question over and over. example:
Marley: Waffle please.
While you are making the waffle she will ask over and over and over "waffle please". So now I have told her, "Marley after you ask for something and someone has answered, do not ask again."
So now it goes...
Marley: Waffle please.
Me: Yes, Marley. I'll make it, give me a minute.
Marley: Don't ask again. Don't ask again. Don't ask again. Don't ask again. Don't ask again...
Solo is the size of a 6 month old. After a few painful weeks I finally discovered that I have an oversupply issue that was affecting Solo's behavior. I made an adjustment, started 'block feeding' and now he is like a brand new baby. Very content (for a baby). He even STTN. Now if only MMW would sleep through the night.
Actually reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I like it better than I thought I would. I thought the language would mix me up but it is surprisingly understandable.
Me: What should we do today?
Marley: Umm... Gigi's house.
Me: Why do you like Gigi's house so much?
Marley: Umm Grandpa Bob.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hottttttt Pocket

So I am teaching myself how to cook. As is my way I have been throwing myself into it with reckless enthusiasm. This from the girl who previously wouldn't make her own PBJ or microwave her own pizza rolls (mmm pizza rolls). I have been watching Ultimate with Tyler Florence and Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee and of course I am a diehard fan for Alton Brown. What AB says, goes.

I have thus far made: Black bean burritos, baked BBQ chicken (twice) (because I love BBQ chicken), stuffed giant pasta shells... some other stuff. I can't remember. I made a salted caramel apple pie (I even made my own caramel). Very nom. This sounds like bragging. It isn't... or at least it is not meant to be. Pah. It's my blog. Whatever.


Tonight I made something I am really proud of. Because I used no recipes, took no advice. I just intuitively used the ingredients I had. Here is the recipe.

Meghyn's Italianish Food Involving Pasta And Tomatos And Also Bread And Also Salad

6 vine tomatos
1 red bell pepper
1/2 green pepper
1/2 bulb garlic (ok really I used about 3/4)
Dice all that junk up and put it into a pot. Bring to boil then turn heat to med-low.

Slice italian bread in half and slop on the garlic butter (sautee diced garlic in butter and strain out garlic) (put leftover garlic in sauce) (see 3/4). Sprinkle with rosemary. Yes rosemary.

Spring mix of green leafy stuff. Add craisins and honey dijon that stuff lightly.

Delicious. Healthy. Vegetables. Probable gas. Probable happy family.

The family was sitting around the dinner table last night and Bob gave Marley some chicken and said "Be careful Marley, the chicken is hot."
Marley looks at the chicken and says, "Hottttt Pocket."

Go to 55 seconds in to this video if you are not Jim Gaffigan savvy.

That topic brings me to this topic. Marley has never actually seen that stand-up only ever heard me quote it. That is because I rarely allow her to watch "adult shows". The only TV she sees is one of the two preschooler channels we have (Nick Jr and Sprout). The only adult shows I ever watch in her presence are cooking shows. Shows I know where she is very unlikely to see something scary, sexy or otherwise unsavory (does that qualify as a pun because of the cooking shows?)

Marley repeats EVERYTHING. She is also terrified of candy corn because she saw a "scary" music video for a song for preschoolers about... candy corn. My own oversensitivity has either passed on to her through my own behaviors or genetically. It does not really matter. The point is she is a scaredy cat who makes me announce when I am coming through the basement door before I open it because otherwise she makes wild angry proclamations "I scare you!" (translation: You scared me.)

So if you have remote control and Marley is around. Err on the side of safety. Because she is also a tattletale and I will come for you!

Two books that need to be written:
Ridiculous Things Husbands Say
(self explanatory title)
Bob inspired this book when he informed me that he "does not walk in public."
Breastfeeding Where?
(anecdotal and pictorial)
I decided this needed to happen when I found myself breastfeeding Solomon while playing frisbee golf at the same time.

Put the sauce on penne pasta that you cook in super salty water.

Bob would like me to amend my statement about walking in public. "I would not walk alone in public just for exercise". (He thinks that makes it less silly). Let me add this little anecdote. The other day I was in the basement doing laundry and I heard Marley upstairs close herself in her room, she immediatly started yelling to be released from her self-made prison. Bob was upstairs on the couch holding Solo. By the time I got back upstairs Marley was still yelling for release and I asked Bob why he did not open the door for her. He replied he could not because "I'm holding the baby."

This is why God made it Adam & Eve and not Adam & Steve. Because who would open the door for Abel while they were busy holding Cain?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Art stuffs

Ok distractions are in the basement (I'm talking about Bob, the childrens are asleep in their(ish) beds. Marley & I met with Brenyn, Robyn & Ma today at the Cincinnati Art Museum to see their current exhibit. Two centuries of bridal gowns. Amazing to see such elements plucked from their time and just floating about in the here and now. Marley (briefly) enjoyed the "princess dress" but (as I suspected she would be) was more inclined to enjoy the bolder pieces in the modern art gallery.

One dress in particular stood out at the show. A gown that Zac Posen made for his sister. A red dress with a long train which was painted to look like a field of giant poppies. Amazing. I could not find a photo to do it justice :(

Solo stayed with his Granny & Poppop and did well. Marley only tolerated the ride through thick traffic with the promise of 1. a burger and 2. Granny's house.

Yay for art. Yay for family.
The other day I was thinking about Jesus. Specifically baby Jesus. The reason I was thinking about Him was because I was taking communion and looking at Solomon and I was thinking about how hard it would be to sacrifice my son to save a bunch of horrible ungrateful people. Not an appealing thought I know. Anyways, my ADD brought my brain around from the great merciful nature of God to baby Jesus and what it would be like to be His mother. Because He was perfect but that does not mean she was.

My children are not exactly perfect and I have to deal with guilt from failing them all the time. Can you imagine trying to raise a perfect child? Is it even possible to raise a perfect child? Here is the question that I was wondering. Since Jesus was perfect did He cry? Then I realized that of course He cried because crying isn't bad. It just makes me feel bad. I know this sounds really obvious to you but it was revolutionary to me. Not that I ever punish either of my kids for crying (unless you count whining) but I always think of crying as the enemy. I forget that it is just communication and not just someone being sad or angry very loudly...

Ok I am too distracted to go on.
Ps. My other little epiphany? God is older than the sun. That is ooooooooooooooold.
Pps. I am awesome at archery.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Solomon's smile is a sweet sweet sight.

Monday, October 18, 2010

We got married yesterday

I was going to write a big rundown of the wedding day events but I decided just to piece together my thoughts and a few anecdotes instead.

The wedding and the reception was a triumph of my Goodridge, Winslow & Duebber efforts. A family united can accomplish a whole lot.

My musical selections were as awesome as I hoped they would be (to me). I never had that moment I was dreading. That oh-no-why-did-I-pick-this-song moment. Everything from John Denver to Michael Franti was a success.
My song selection for the father-daughter dance (The Pretender's- Stand by You) made many many people cry. Especially myself.
My dad said as we were dancing "Let's do this every year."
I replied, "You'd go broke and I'd go crazy."
He laughed and said, "I meant the dance."
Ohhhhhh. That is way more doable for me.

All of my vendors and service people did a very nice job. Hair, makeup, babysitters, waitstaff, caterers etc.
Scott did a fantastic job playing the ceremony music. Still need to hear him play Anne's Theme. Who would have guessed church doors from the 1800's would be noise-canceling?
Jenny did a great job on the cake. I enjoyed all the flavors I have tried. Incidentally so did Murphy who ate our Anniversary cake when we got home. Bob = rage
Robyn, Brenyn, Colleen, Jenny, Harper were all beautiful bridesmaids and made it very easy for me to stay sane.
Ma & Dad were as they ALWAYS are. Steadfast hard working parents who do what they can to protect me from going absolutely insane from the silly predicaments I put myself in.
Ralph & Debbie ever the doting grandparents had an extra eye, hand and lap available for their Marley & Solomon. No quiet task.
Greg... Showed up on time, at the right place and called me 'Meghyn' and Bob 'Bob'. If he let his ceremony sermon get a little political... that is Greg.
Marley, Aimee, Toby & Solomon. Respectively each child was a fantastic flower-girl, ring bearer & bouquet stand-in.

During the reception Toby & Cailin were the entertainment we didn't know we hired. Swashbuckling princess, mustached pirates... All running top speed across the dance floor.
Solomon looked handsome and Marley was a blonde ivory-skinned fairy.
Bob surprised me with the most wonderful and romantic gift during dinner. A silver chain bracelet with pearls and a heart charm engraved with our names. So wonderful.

Overall: A Win.
(Now I get to delete all the wedding related emails that are clogging my inbox. Most of them are from me to myself).

I really cannot say enough about how grateful and amazed I am by my families. They made what was in my head become a reality. It was truly truly beautiful. Thank you so much. Thank you so so much.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The day before the wedding

Last night Bob & I celebrated the past by eating grilled cheese and tomato soup and EL Fudges. Like we did in the early days EVERY day. This morning we are having french toast, bacon & eggs. Then I go to Mitchell's with the ladies (and Solomon) to get pampered. Then I will come back and pick up Marley and head to my parents' house for the night, seeing Bob again at the ceremony on Sunday (or so is the plan) (but what good is a plan without planned flexibility?)


Friday, October 15, 2010

Wedding rehearsal

It went well. Everyone was there, everyone participated, all the children were adorable even if they were a handful. If you plan on having 5+ preschoolers at your rehearsal Chuck E Cheese MAY be the right choice for you for dinner. Buca di Beppo never saw it coming but they bore it with a grin.

Bob and I have decided we need to practice our dance a little more. We can't even get the holding hands at the alter part quite right. We have at least chosen a song to dance to. Go us 12+ months later.

The weather was perfect. The light at the top of the trees was pretty magical. If we don't get a perfect weather day on Sunday, we at least had it on Thursday.

During dinner Solomon was very very hungry the whole time. I went to the ladies' to feed him and I shut us in the stall and sat on the seat and fed Solo. Dress on, underoos on. My body though was like "HEY we're on the toilet. Shouldn't we be going to the bathroom?"
And I was like, "Nope. No going to the bathroom. Just sitting down."
My body goes,"Ohhh ok, you sure?"
Me, "Yeah I'm sure."

A few minutes pass.
"You sure?"

No, I didn't pee myself.
But I almost did.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Mom does not like Matt Damon

I just put Marley to bed and I kept thinking of more and more things I wanted to blog about. Lets see if I remember any of them...

So since Marley was 5 months old bedtime has been a battle. One fraught with tears and frustration (hers and mine) (mostly mine). Bedtime these days has been a much sweeter situation. Something I even look forward to. Since Solomon has been born Marley has quit naps completely. No nap during the day has made bedtime (not including bedtime prep ie books) a process that takes less than 30 minutes. For me that is no time at all. Easy street. Now that Bob and I regularly take turns doing bedtime she is also getting more accustomed to him at bedtime. Less mournful cries for mama.

She has been waking up in the middle of the night these days but that troubles me less than marathon bedtime.

When she is lying there working on falling asleep she pushes my hair away from my face over and over and rubs my bottom lip with the pad of her thumb. She is a strange sweet girl.

The other day Ma and I were in the car (as were Marley and Solo) (on an emergency wedding rehearsal shoe run) and I asked her one of my favorite questions. If you (were single and) could go on a date with any living celebrity who would it be? What was the first thing mom said? "Not Matt Damon." As if my automatic assumption would have been Matt Damon. She ended up choosing Will Smith. My mother is a mysterious creature.

...For the record my answer was Anthony Bourdain.

Bob is on his new shift schedule. He works 9a-7:30p (which in Meghyn time is 8:15a-8p). It has been fantastic so far. We eat dinner together as a family and Marley gets to see him before she goes to bed. So in the morning I don't have to hear Bob say, "Bye Marley, I'll see you tomorrow."

Solomon has a bellybutton issue. It is herniated and looks a little funny. Thursday we see the pediatrician. She did not seem concerned over the phone. Hopefully it is just one of those with-time things and not a with-surgery things.

12 days till the wedding. Whoa. Our big projects to get finished are music, my dress... and pretty much everything else. After I finish blog-crastinating I am going to go work on place-cards and table numbers. I can't wait for the wedding and I won't have to because time is flying by.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

so cute.

Marley(scared voice): It's dark in here.
Megh: We like the dark. The dark lets us do things like get some rest.
(minute passes)
Marley: Thank you the dark.


I've always said I wanted Marley to be a professional cellist. I recently (last week) changed my mind to ballet dancing. Based on the reasoning that she can spin in circles without getting dizzy and she walks around on her tiptoes all the time. But today Marley got to really paint for the first time (watercolour was a fail so I gave her acrylics). She made the most AMAZING painting. So maybe she will paint! Of course she also loves fashion...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

such and such

Solomon and I made a stop at the pediatrician on Tuesday and he has already gained a full pound. A surprise to me since he really does not eat all that often and when he does nurse frequently he does not nurse for very long.

I considered purchasing a scale. I have not completely talked myself out of it yet. Afraid if I get it I will be freaked out into pushing myself too hard too soon. Stupid need for recovering. Bob is planning on trying to hang with me on the weight loss front. The wager is pending.

I can't believe they sent Tiffany home on Top Chef.

Bob got his new shift. Now quite thrilled with it like I was praying for. Wed, Thurs & Saturdays off. Working 9-7.30. He works on Sundays :( For the first time in about ten years.

For the last 6 day I have headaches at night. Headaches that are not affected by medication, sleep, caffeine, water or... anything else. It SUCKS. I have never had such a strange persistent headache. Not sure how many more nights like these I can have before I head to a headache clinic or similar. Thought at first it was maybe a side effect from the epidural, but that is rare and my headache is in my left temple and sometimes both temples. Epidural headaches don't seem to fit what I have. Then I thought maybe it was being caused by me holding my neck in stupid positions. I stopped doing it, still with the headaches. Ugh

Friday, September 10, 2010


The other night Marley chose me to do her bedtime. A privilege at this point because I miss her. As I lay there I did the math and realized that I have spent over 28 days total doing the cuddle-in-bed part of bedtime with Marley since she was born. Not including the books and get ready routine.

So basically I spent a whole February laying in Marley's room praying or thinking about who knows what. Weird.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Alright I have been giving this a lot of thought and Bob and I have been talking about it for awhile. I've decided I can finally blog about it. So here it goes...

Sports and activities that should have a professional league but (to the best of my knowledge) do not currently have one.

Here is the working list.

Hide and seek
Medic (variation of dodgeball)
Jeep driving
Capture the flag

Alternatively sports/activities that should never get a professional league.

Golf (oooooh I said it)
Freeze tag

Solomon- week one

The only thing I don't like about my son is the way marble-mouthes say his name (and that really isn't his fault). They say it like it has two syllables. Like they resent me for choosing a name with three syllables and are taking it out on my precious newborn. Tsk.

First pediatrician appointment for Solomon today. They confirmed that he is a healthy chubster who loves to eat. He also peed and pooed on the nurse. Wasted excrement because it was the nurse I like and not Thundar-the-Door-Slammer. He has gained 6 oz. weighing in at 9lbs. 11oz (after the peeing and pooping).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New man about town

Solomon James Winslow
9lbs. 5oz.
Sept. 1, 2010 @ 1:12pm

I will start at the beginning.

Bob and I were watching our third episode of COPS... Nope too far back. Let's fast forward a little.

I wake up for my usual 5am stumble in the dark to the restroom. My stomach hurts because I have to go to the bathroom and because I had shifted to laying on my back in my sleep. Or was that why it hurt? Contraction!? It was! So I lay in bed not trying to stay awake because I know I will likely be disappointed. Another contraction! 10 minutes apart. Now I am sitting up waiting. Contraction. 6 minutes apart. Yeesh, wait a minute...

I go sit on the couch with my laptop so I can use the online contraction timer to keep track. Also I watch funny cat videos on youtube. My contractions keep coming so I post a link on facebook. Michael Jackson singing 'This Is It'. People did not seem to get it though. Did not yet want to wake up Bob because he had taken his back medicine at midnight and the doctor advised to allow 6 hours for goofy drugged side effects. Shower, prep, check bags, pray.

I wake up Bob. My contractions are 4-5 minutes apart but not all longer than a minute. I call the midwives and they say time for another hour then call back (because I told them they did not feel very serious. Painful but not super intense).

I give Robyn a heads up since she is assigned the task of coming over to be with Marley (who has given up napping this week and waking up around 9am as a result). Robyn and her darlings Toby & Aimee come over and we sit down to watch Veggie Tales because my contractions are now going between 3-7 minutes, once with a 30 minute break with no contractions. Marley wakes up and is thrilled to find this party of people in her living room eating fancy McDonald's breakfast and watching movies.

I stall and stall going to the hospital because I don't want to leave Marley and I don't want to go too early. I prayed we would leave at the perfect time. At about 1030 we all load up. Robyn, Aimee, Marley, Toby & Murphy in one car and Bob and I in ours. Marley had no problems saying byebye.

So Bob and I are on our own. Almost immediately after getting in the car my contractions get closer and stronger. 3 minutes apart. I might has cussed a few times. Queen's 'Killer Queen" comes on. We get to the hospital. I have two contractions walking to the first of 3 elevators. We somehow find our way to the Labor and delivery triage area very slowly because I am dragging my feet to keep the impact down because I am hurting big time. There are a bunch of visitors waiting. All the rooms they use for checking people in (asking those HEPA questions and doing initial cervical checks for dilation) are full. They ask me to wait in the waiting room with the other visitors until they have an open triage room. I sit next to Bob with my eyes closed. 2 minutes apart.

They register me and realize I am delivering my second child and that I am 2 minutes apart. I get scooted past the HEPA questions and triage. They ask me to follow them to a L&D room for triage but I can't really do much because my contractions are 1-2 minutes apart and every time I take a few steps I have to stop again. They realize they have no time and wheel me immediately to my L&D room. A few people introduce themselves and I am giving them as much information as I can in as few words as I can. >1 minute apart

They stick me on an IV immediately. I had let them know I was beta-strep positive. That basically means I need an antibiotic through an IV before I can push the baby through the birth canal safely. Guess what? The antibiotic takes an hour to administer.

They get me the desired anesthetist (Tom!) and he gives me the world's speediest epidural. It does not kick in right away but I feel some effects begin to creep in. Before they are in full effect I feel something VERY NEW. My midwife described my face "you were looking all around the room trying to find someone to help you." Apparently it was time to push. WHAT?! I just got here.

So by a few before noon we were pushing. Bob valiantly holding my leg and telling me how awesome I was at pushing. During the beginning my epidural kicked in and I became MUCH friendlier and less panicked. We (Elizabeth the nurse, Gwynne the midwife, Bob & myself) start making jokes. Jokes that will not bare repeating. I will say that at times I was laughing so hard I was not able to even try to hold my breath to push. Later I was told by both the nurse and the midwife it was one of the most fun deliveries they had been to in awhile.

You're welcome.

A little over an hour of pushing and we finally get an explanation as to why a fast labor has led to such a slow delivery (laughing interruptions aside). Push push pow and my screaming 9lb. 5oz son has made his miraculous way into the world. Fuzzy vaguely blonde hair first. Like his sister he had the cord around his neck and like his sister he was almost 22 inches "tall". He just weighed 1lb and 6oz more than she did. I was shocked. Bob had guessed he would be 9lb even but I had thought I was over-guessing at 8lbs 8oz.

Sorry I know I am pounding in the details here but I intend to make this memory vivid enough to last the ages. After they give him a 9-9 apgar score we all get to meet and I am totally in love with this guy. He has my lips! Finally a sign of me in a child I partially created.

We have to wait in the L&D room for 2 hours (a new policy they began THAT day). Solomon's heart-rate was continuously being taken because it was on the lowest end of being normal at 110. For being "normal" they sure did make us worry about it a lot. I was light headed. I was so light headed I could barely hold up my giant adorable fuzzy headed baby.

On the way to the recovery room I started to get light headed sitting in my wheelchair. I asked the nurse to take the baby but she did not hear me. I asked again. Didn't hear me. I started to phase out with the disco lights in my eyes. I wake up on the elevator with her hand holding my hands holding the baby. A nurse standing outside the elevator doors takes Solomon. I go out again. I wake up with a hand propped under my neck, still being wheeled to my recovery room. Very hazy this memory.

They tell me I have to empty my bladder. I wake up sitting in the restroom with my head in my nurse's bellybutton. 2 other nurses are present. Hopefully no one else was. An audience of three in the bathroom is quite enough. Finally I am sound enough to make it to my bed and shove down some "orange juice" and graham crackers.

So we were officially in recovery and all together. Because we didn't have time to get the antibiotic before Solomon was born he had to remain under observation for 36+ hours. Bummer but we got through the days sleep deprived and undernourished. Marley came to visit both days and she was a dreamy kid. She was and remains infatuated with her baby brother.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Could I have woken up with 6 minute apart contractions?
Bob has 40 more minutes till the 6 hour window of drugged uselessness is over from his back meds.


I guess so.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i LOVE Amol India.

So yesterday when Bob casually mentioned he would like Indian (at 9pm) it took me about 1 minute to grab my purse, run out the door and call in my take out order. When I was placing my order I asked the guy "Can I get Chicken Mikhani without the chicken? Is that possible?" And the guy laughs and goes "ANYTHING is possible!"

I like that attitude in a restaurant.

Today is my due date and the first day where I have not expected to go into labor in the last two weeks.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


We have a new stove, new fridge and new white noise machine. I'm happy to have nice things. Reliable things! <3>
bobatwork 9:35 pm
.. good moms run in your family :-)
HelfixDopo 9:36 pm
aww :-)
bobatwork 9:36 pm
and super awesome dads run in mine.. even tho we break easily....:-(

Marley was in the bathtub earlier and she laid down in the tub (with her head elevated obviously) and started making swimming motions and chanting "swim! swim! swim!" 30 minutes later I was still supervising her in-place laps. Then she put her head in the water for the first time (on purpose). I was proud (and terrified).

We are supposed to go to the Beach waterpark tomorrow for Bob's company day but Bob hurt his back in a bad way yesterday. He can barely move from one position to another. He's keeping heat on it but he is still a sad puppy.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Unwanted pain

My hips are flashing with electric pain when I least expect it. It is really and truly shockingly painful.

When the kid moves I feel like he is already in the birth canal and head butting me mercilessly.

This hurts :( And is not getting me any further toward meeting my son face to face. *sigh*

Down facing dog. Project Runway. Ouchie.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ramble on

Marley and I were laying in bed the other day and she goes "R-E-D-Ssss" (She made a snake sound instead of saying the letter S). She was reading my tshirt. I was very impressed.

I don't think it has been really reflected in my blogs lately. I think I do too much whining for it to be apparent but I have been in a very good place lately. I have a lot of hope and a lot of contentment. Contentment who may seem the enemy sometimes but not right now. Most days are good days. Some days are bad mood days and some days are just plain bad days but MOST are good.

I got all the wedding invitations, directions, response cards and rehearsal invitations enveloped and addressed today with the help of my mom. I am going to mail them tomorrow because we have about 7 weeks till the wedding. Crazy huh? After all the roller coaster up and downs and the crazy spins my life has taken... I will be a married person in October.

So will Bob. He even has a ring. He is wearing it already in hopes of getting used to it. I told him that no-big-deal if it is a big pain in the butt he can get a ring tattooed on. :D He actually thought this idea sounded like a good idea. I offer no further comment.

On Friday we are getting a new refrigerator and a new stove. Gifts from my future parents and grandparents in law. It will be pretty amazing to have no puddle on the floor and a *gasp* ice maker! It feels so cutting edge! Murphy, however, less thrilled since he enjoys drinking the puddle. Also I am not thrilled about seeing what is collected behind these appliances we currently have. :/ Bob is happy because it means his doctor appointment that was Friday is moved back. No Big-V talks for another few weeks. You can run...

Also... I was at Penn Station last week and I was waiting for my food watching the Reds game. When the pitcher got his third out and they started walking off the field, I walked out of Penn Station... sans food. I was about halfway to my car when I realized I wasn't on the team, not on a baseball field and still hungry.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And you are...

So today is the first day of my 40th week. Yesterday I had a midwife appointment and I had Marley & Bob with me and Bob was on the phone trying to get his FMLA paper silliness squared away. So I was distracted.

Anyway the midwife (?) comes in and asks the normal questions and I was getting a pelvic exam and this woman came at me like A HERD OF ANGRY CATTLE. There was no "you're going to feel some pressure" speech or anything. Just angry gloved stabbing.

The good news is that I was 1cm (which really does nothing but make me feel better), bad news is that my cervix is posterior (like last time) and every pelvic exam is going to hurt now.

Alright so here is the weird thing.

After the midwife left the room I realized something. I had no idea who she was and that she was not a midwife I had ever seen or heard of before. I just checked the website and sure enough she is not on the staff roster. So... who was she? No idea. Pretty sure she owes me dinner though.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

facebook name contributions

I asked my general Facebook public for help with baby names. Here is a taste of some of the suggestions. (Compiled by Baba) Just thought I would post it for... I don't know why.

Oliver "Ollie"
Greason (or Grayson)
Vincent and call him Vince
Aric (pronounced Eric).
Rush- Jude
Nealon (Champion)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Same old thrills as usual mate.

Should I mention again how long the last few weeks of pregnancy seem to last or do you get the picture?
I am just going to spit my thoughts at this blog and have them out as well as I can. Then I will have a look at them.

My thoughts are (reasonably) consumed by wedding planning and baby thoughts. Details like flowers, rentals, candles, and menus are being settled. Some details are nauseatingly NOT settled. Not least of which to me is my dress (which is being made but will it be finished and done well?)

I don't regret setting back the date from June to October but I am definitely feeling the double crunch time. But if I did not have a wedding to worry over I would be all-consumed by my desire to begin L&D. Something I have zero power over.

I do feel rather enthralled by the idea of going back to school part time and that thought too looms in my mind. Will I really be able to separate myself from my 1 and 3 year old?

Incidentally what will that 1 year old's name be? I think Bob and I are starting to narrow in on what our baby naming problems are. 1. We (I) look to globally for names. 2. We are worried too much about general approval. I did read a statement about that that I thought was very good. "...You're choosing a name, not lobbying for one."

No one has said anything extra dumb about any of our selections (this time) but we've been extra sensitive to reactions for some reason. I suspect this has to do with the fact that this kid is a boy and that is causing some extra worry over possible name-related-childhood-trauma.

It is quite dumb really.

Marley has become quite the parrot of late and it has really driven home the STOP CUSSING thing. So if you see Marley DON'T CUSS. Or if you need to you can just spell it. That is what I do. But the mimicry also lends itself to comedy.

Earlier I made pig-face at Marley and she started her fake laughing where she puts her hand on her forehead and laughs and she tells me to get "outta town".

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Last night my braxton hicks were 6 minutes apart before I fell asleep but I woke up with no newborn in my bed so I guess I am dehydrated.

History repeats itself with freakish accuracy.

I just read Marley's birth story. Crying.

Love is not something you have to ration out. It is unlimited and comes in multiple forms. It is for us to give out as we see fit and sometimes we have no control over it. Or such is my hope.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The last weeks of pregnancy are like a 4 hour dentist appointment where you have to have those spacers in your mouth keeping your mouth open. Not painful just excruciatingly slow and uncomfortable and you keep glancing at the clock hoping for the end even though you know things may run over anyway. ARGH!

Last night during bedtime Marley was playing with her dinosaurs and was saying "I-o-saur! Sit! Good boy."

Monday, August 9, 2010

Much food

I feel like I have done little but eat the last two days. Not really a bad thing since all the food was delicious. French food, Chinese food, homemade food... NOM.

Marley, Bob & I went to my 38 week appointment at the midwife office this afternoon. It went well. Marley currently loves to get really excited about seeing someone (like the doctor "daw-ter") and then when we actually get there she is shy and hides her face. My measurements were indicative of being on time (37/38 weeks) and I am not really dilated. I hope I go into labor... now-ish.

We discussed names for awhile this evening but... still nothing. I am thinking were going to the labor room with a few options and then just pick one when I see his face. Although I worry that this may cause me extra stress. Nothing like pressure on top of pressure.

Marley's Poppop (sp?) has surgery tomorrow. Say a prayer for the skill of his doctors, the caring of his nurses and the speed of his recovery if you can.

Friday, August 6, 2010

24 days till EDD

(Estimated due date)

Marley and I returned yesterday from a 3 day vacation where we went and met some of the women from the forum I have been on since I was 8 weeks pregnant with Marley. We met at a very large "cabin" in Hocking Hills. 13ish 2 year olds + about 6 older siblings and 1 younger sibling plus... their moms.

It was a very interesting adventure and nice to meet close friends face to face for once. :D Also it was cool to see so many different types of parenting techniques (for the same age and similar phases of toddler life). My impression? Relaxation and consistency are key.

On the way home from our trip Marley and I stopped at Hocking Hills park to see Rock House. Amazing. God is good and He made good things.

Saw a dermatologist for the first time in... 5 years? I forgot how painful/burny those appointments can be. Check something off my prewedding todos.

My wedding dress is being made. Next week I am supposed to see a "test dress". I cannot wait though I won't exhale till the real dress is here.

Kid 2 still has no name. He started out Henry, became a possible Dexter and is now Kid 2 or Gilligan again. Boys are difficult to name. If he was a girl I would probably be naming him (her) Summer.

I think I am going to pray for labor to start on Monday. I feel like that is a reasonable time to start wanting preterm labor without seeming too selfish.

Today Marley, Bobby & I were smashed in sitting next to each other on the couch with Marley in the middle and Bob was playing his Halo and Marley just nodded off. Just conked right out. Adorable!

I applied for (re)admission to college today. I would not begin until Fall of 2011 (which isn't even enrolling yet) but I want to get the parts of the process I can out of the way now before Kid 2 is here and the wedding is in very-end stages. I am terrified to go back to school and also excited. My motivation to succeed is very different now then my previous college attempts. My social life is my motivation for school and not my distraction from it. Now if UC and Taylor will just get those transcripts moving...

Bob is a wonderful man and a selfless provider. God is good and He made good things.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


-Bedtime routine still has me stressed. It takes at the least 45 minutes to get her to go to bed and that is not including pajamas, teeth brushing, books etc. Just the cuddling. I don't want her to cry herself to sleep but I don't want to cry her to sleep either. Bob is supposed to get new his new schedule soon, then I guess he will be taking over her bedtime. That probably won't be tearless either.

-Labor & delivery. I'm not afraid of labor pains and pushing, I am afraid of Marley's reaction to my all day disappearance, the lack of my presence at bedtime. She is COMPLETELY unequipped to deal with anything remotely like independence at bedtime. That is going to fall on my sister who has agreed to watch her overnight. What if it is two nights? Will she come to visit in the hospital? What if she has to leave without us/me? This sucks. I can't look forward to L&D like I did last time because I have guilty panic attacks. I know tons and tons of people have been through this but that really does not help me. Nor does the fact that the transition has to happen and is temporary. No help at all.


-My upcoming trip with my ivillage friends. I am completely not the same online as I am in person.

-Less consequential stuff- browser issues with all laptops, being fat with child, nutrition, Bob's stupid job taking away all the enjoyable aspects of his job abruptly in the name of regionalizing (*add to dictionary*), the new kid's name...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


-Bedtime routine still has me stressed. It takes at the least 45 minutes to get her to go to bed and that is not including pajamas, teeth brushing, books etc. Just the cuddling. I don't want her to cry herself to sleep but I don't want to cry her to sleep either. Bob is supposed to get new his new schedule soon, then I guess he will be taking over her bedtime. That probably won't be tearless either.

-Labor & delivery. I'm not afraid of labor pains and pushing, I am afraid of Marley's reaction to my all day disappearance, the lack of my presence at bedtime. She is COMPLETELY unequipped to deal with anything remotely like independence at bedtime. That is going to fall on my sister who has agreed to watch her overnight. What if it is two nights? Will she come to visit in the hospital? What if she has to leave without us/me? This sucks. I can't look forward to L&D like I did last time because I have guilty panic attacks. I know tons and tons of people have been through this but that really does not help me. Nor does the fact that the transition has to happen and is temporary. No help at all.


-My upcoming trip with my ivillage friends. I am completely not the same online as I am in person.

-Less consequential stuff- browser issues with all laptops, being fat with child, nutrition, Bob's stupid job taking away all the enjoyable aspects of his job abruptly in the name of regionalizing (*add to dictionary*), the new kid's name...

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I feel it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Freeze it

bobatwork (4:57:10 AM):
bobatwork (4:57:18 AM): that fridge is like 15k !
HelfixDopo (4:57:58 AM): it better cook the food
bobatwork (4:58:37 AM): well...
bobatwork (4:58:38 AM): Intelligent controls sense usage patterns and adjust accordingly.
bobatwork (4:58:43 AM): thats insane
bobatwork (4:58:55 AM): Sub-Zero equips the Pro 48 with two compressors and three evaporators to keep foods fresher longer and prevent odor transfer.
bobatwork (4:59:17 AM): Sabbath Mode powers down one or both sides of refrigerator for extended periods or just the weekend and the refrigerator-freezer is certified by Star-K to meet religious regulations
HelfixDopo (4:59:53 AM): do they mean religious as in... strict?
HelfixDopo (5:00:06 AM): or as in... kosher technology?
bobatwork (5:00:14 AM): lol no clue..
bobatwork (5:00:48 AM): but it has a fancy light attachment for your living veggies.... basically you can keep your growing herbs.... growing lol
bobatwork (5:01:11 AM): so it almost cooks yoru food..but still 15 k
HelfixDopo (5:01:35 AM): 15k = 2 cars
swot3robw (5:01:43 AM): lol y eah
swot3robw (5:02:17 AM): once we win the lotto and get our house custom made in the woods, i will spluge on a few of them... and complete commercial WOLF kitchen
HelfixDopo (5:02:43 AM): good because our current kitchen's religous laxity is a bit frustrating.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ultrasound- take 3

Yesterday I had a third ultrasound to check for some issues with placentas etc. Unexpected but it ended up being a very nice experience. I have never had an ultrasound at further than 23 weeks. It makes a difference. That time stuff sure does change a fetus (and good thing too because I would hate it if baby humans came out looking any blobbier than they already do).

Mom went with me and we got to see the boy. Who, incidentally, is still a boy. The ultrasound tech was doing the usual measurements and checking the things that needed to be checked and then she showed us his face. And it WAS a face. His eyes were open and it appeared as though he was staring out at us. Creepy? You bet. Heartwarming? In ways more complicated than my brain can currently express.

Seeing his face was something I didn't know I needed/wanted. Amazing.

He just needs to be named. His smallest measurements put me at 34weeks and 6 days. Officially I was 33 weeks and 2 days I believe. So here is hoping for sooner rather than later... I think.

You can see his eye on the left hand side of his face. It does not justly portray the spectacular humanity seeing it in person did.

Marley is Two.

Marley turned two years old on Wednesday. Two? Really?

I feel like I have lived my whole life with her, the time before her fades from memory preserved only by well, a blog.

Starting on Wednesday Marley stopped her freakish tantrums of angriness. She has been her normal needy and lovely self since then. Her birthday party is tomorrow and she is VERY excited about watermelon and cupcakes she has been told about. "Ku-caaaaaake!"

Every night we read a stack of books before bed and she has three favorites right now. Two are library books so she has about 15 more days to find new favorites.

Her number one favorite was a thrift store find called Frank & Ernest. It is about an elephant and a bear who babysit this cafe while the owner is out of town and they go through the diner language. "Hey Frank, burn one, take it through the garden and pin a rose on it." (Hamburger with tomato, lettuce & onion).
She goes APE over this book. Her favorite part is when they say "...Paint a bow wow red and I need a nervous pudding." (Hot dog with ketchup and a serving of jello) and Frank proceeds to use a paint brush to apply ketchup to a hot dog. I mentioned to Marley how silly this was one of the first times I read it to her and she now has to stop on this page and guffaw and yell how "see-e" it is for several minutes. She LOVES it.

Her second favorite right now is He has the Whole World in His Hands by Kadir Nelson. It is spectacularly illustrated and the words are several verses of the song by the same name. We sing the words and Marley loves it. She calls it the "Lalala" book (not to be confused with her other book which is also "lalala"...) Whenever I sing "in His hands" I poke her and wait and she babbles in a musical singsong voice. Adorable.

The last book is a lift-the-flap book (toddlers love to lift/rip off flaps) and not only is her IKEA furniture set featured in the book but even better... there are "KEYS!" (kitties). Under one of the flaps are four fluffy kittens. Marley starts freaking out as soon as you get to the page. Once the flap is actually up revealing the felines it is over. She is staring at you and back at the kittens expounding on how unbelievably adorable the "keys" are. She gives them all kisses and sometimes she gets so caught up in the moment that she forgets and also pretends to eat them.

Love that kid. Her cuteness makes me anticipate her brother's arrival and feel wracking amounts of guilt about it. Sometimes she flips out when I leave for a short time , what will she feel like when I go into labor and have to go to the hospital? Poor kiddo. I know siblings are worth more than their weight in gold but I don't look forward to her shock.

I love you Marley. Happy Birthday kiddo.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alphanumerica Personalities- Part Two

I will not defend my craziness but for letters I suspect that I was influenced by the letter characters (Mr. M, Mrs. B, etc) that they taught us in kindergarten and first grade.

And in my defense I don't think the personalities themselves are what qualify me as a complete freak. It's the sordid soap-opera grade web of relationships I have imagined for them that really qualifies me for royal freak status.

A: girl. snotty. way to good at everything.
B: girl. humble. friendly.
C: girl. mediocre. friendly. defensive.
D: boy. in love with C. self-loathing. funny.
E: boy. likable. neutral. outgoing.
F: boy. rebel. quiet. think james dean.
G: girl. matronly. overweight (I know, I know). sweet (G is for Grandma?)
H: girl. boring. reliable.
I: boy. wild. fun. energetic.
J: boy. trendy. snarky. popular. charming.
K: girl. old. straightlace. she makes the rules and keeps them.
L: girl (but barely). loving. thoughtful. neutral
M: girl (again, barely). I never thought much about M.
N: boy. angry. attention-seeking.
O: girl. well rounded (I promise I am not making this up as I go). friendly.
P: girl. best friends with O. young. eager to please.
Q: girl (barely). experienced. strange. talkative.
R: girl. bossy. diva. pretty.
S: girl. quiet. contemplative. pretty. best friends with R.
T: boy. in love with R but too afraid to talk to her, friends with S. He's a lot like the number 7...
U: boy. Never really thought about U much either.
V: girl. skanky.
W: boy. older. wants to be young again. accomplished. W is for midlife crisis?
X: girl. popular. talkative. bossy.
Y: girl. quiet. non-threatening.
Z: boy. mildly retarded.

Ok I am finished now.

Alphanumerica Personalities- Part One

Months ago I was discussing with Erin the personalities of numbers.


Ok, let me explain.
In my head, numbers (and letters) have personalities. Meaning the numbers 0-10 but not extending much beyond that because then I just start thinking of the numbers as being mixtures of the lower numbers. Such as 72 isn't it's own personality it is a mixture of the number 7 and the number 2. Interestingly enough 27 is also a mixture of those numbers but turns out to be a whole different character in my mind. Maybe because the first number is dominant?


I decided I needed to blog about this because I have been assigning the same personalities to the same numbers since I was very young. Their unchangeable personas have not adapted as I have grown older/wiser/more scatterbrained. So if they ever do lose their characters, I want to be able to look back and remember just how crazy I was.

As they say on Marketplace, let's do the numbers.

0: Not surprisingly this number is a very neutral girl number. So neutral it is barely female. (Yes they have genders as well as personalities).
1: Male number. Easy going, likeable, uncomplicated.
2: Female number. This is a very respectable number. Wise, calm.
3: Ohhhhh three. Female. 3 has a serious complex. She is very jealous of her friend, number 2. So while she loves 2, she would also be voted most likely to commit some sort of crime-of-passion.
4: Male number but BARELY. The number 2 and the number 4 are in love and together they are the most likable and balanced numbers you will ever meet... If you could meet numbers. 4 is very sensitive but not in the unbalanced, angry way but in the thoughtful, sympathetic listener type of way.
5: Very male number. 5 is a macho number that thinks all the girl numbers are in love with him and he's after the number 8.
6: Female number. Fun, hip number that likes to hang out with other girl numbers (2,3,6,8,10)
7: Male number. Another macho man but with less success at it than 5. 7 loves 8 and tries too hard.
8: Female number. Another wise and calm number. 8 is the number you would call if you needed someone to give you advice. Of course dialing the number 8 wouldn't get you very far...
9: Female number. Before I knew what being gay or straight meant I knew that the number 9 was a bulldyke. She's also in love with 8 and hates the number 7.
10: Female number. Very maternal number.

Ok that is is it for numbers.

Helfixdopo: Wait till you read my blog.
Helfixdopo: Its a real testament to how insane I am.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Two year olds

Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.
-Soren Kierkegaard

Marley is still in the thrall of severe emotional spiking and recessive behaviors (like aggressively trying to get me to nurse) but she is doing some pretty cute things as well.

The other day we went to my midwives appointment (they are every 2 weeks now) (I'm 31 weeks now) (it changes every Tuesday) and she warmed up to the midwife pretty quickly (maybe because it was the midwife I labored with till I was 8 cm. dilated when she was born?) She was showing off her pink outfit and her drawings. Then the midwife let her hold the doppler (the handheld machine that lets you hear the heartbeat) and she listened to her belly. Then she let Marley listen to MY belly with it, Marley loved it! She was told she would be a great midwife someday :)
The other other day we went to the Beach waterpark with Erin & Noah. Marley & I had a great time on the lazy river floating in our intertube. We "uh-oh"ed at every waterfall and twisty turny area and thoroughly lazed the rest of the time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nerdy lol

One of these things is not like the other.

(from Wikipedia entry for the name/word Judah)

Given name

[edit] Persons that had only the name Judah

  • Judah Maccabee, leader of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid empire
  • Judah haNasi, chief redactor of the Mishnah and second-century Jewish leader
  • Judah II, third-century Jewish sage
  • Judah III, third- and fourth-century Jewish sage
  • Judas Iscariot
  • Yehuda Halevi, prominent Medieval Spanish Jewish philosopher and poet
  • Judah, famous MPK on the Bahamut Final Fantasy XI server.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Being on a different schedule from Bob sucks.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Bobby & I were discussing boy names and trying to decide what sort of image we wanted to project for the kid. I wanted a name that was masculine and unique and Bob wanted a name that was unique and sounded good for an athlete. We came up with different names for each image and the name that occurred for both of us for athletic was (of course) Johnson.

Bob then went into this riveting play by play, "
Johnson back to pass, hes got Johnson down the field, pass is up... INTERCEPTED BY Johnson! Johnson goes for the tackle, STRIPS THE BALL!!! recovered by Johnson..This game is brought to you by Johnson & Johnson. NO MORE TEARS!"

Ok, Johnson is out (as is Houshmanzadeh, Ocho Cinco, etc) but I thought Bob's monologue deserved a blogging.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I honestly never believed in the terrible twos until now. I always believed in the back of my mind the terribles really spent their time in the threes. Marley is being a trial and it's made worse by my parental fail of letting her get a sunburn. I feel guilty and also like I am losing my mind. It's all whiney voice and angry tears the last two days.

Were thinking about baby names again. Henry is too popular for me and, honestly, it didn't get the reception we thought it would.

George, Walker, Sullivan, Oliver...
If he ends up being a girl I'm naming her Summer.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tantrumy Twos

Don't try to solve serious matters in the middle of the night.
- Phillip K. Dick

Marley is in a week of serious two year oldness. She is using her whiny voice a lot and is breaking down in earsplitting tantrums over things she would normally not (like not being able to pick up the lamp). At first I was not sure if she was sick but then I realized that this week is the first time I have ever felt like I was having trouble communicating with her, not understanding words she is obviously trying to say to me.

Having worked at Cincinnati Bell and talk to people who were in the throes of not being able to communicate in the fashion they were use to (because their phone service was broken) I know how much communication can take a normally friendly person and make them an angry screaming maniac.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy vacation memories

Playing lots of card games in North Carolina.

Picking oranges & grapefruit for breakfast in Florida.

Swimming in the pool with my dad and sisters and skirting the hot tub where my mom was and getting to put my legs in.

Riding on the Disney World buses.

Belgium waffles on the beach.

Countless gift shops all peddling in-numerous and desirable "treasures".

Cruising the Gatlinburg strip and yelling greetings at pedestrians.

Digging out coquinas from under the sand in Florida.

Riding in the blow-up boat on the ocean waves torn between excitement and terror.

Going to the Sarasota area art museum and seeing "Blue Mary".

Visiting the caves of Kentucky with my grandparents.

Driving to Metamora in my grandpa's enormous van and getting to lay down in the back.

Watching Nick @ Nite till the "wee hours" in Florida with Robyn.

Wrestling sisters on guestroom bed in Florida.

And many more. They just keep popping up in my head.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Bobby's staycation

This weekend past was Bob's birthday celebration. May 22 is his actual birthday but he had to work and Dan's birthday party was the day after.

On Thursday night I prayed to God to make the weekend go better than was humanly possible and it did... err most of it. Depends on if you count Memorial day Monday as part of the weekend. Let me sum up.

I planned a birthday 'staycation' (vacation for poor people) for Bob's birthday this year since we have not been able to take a vacation since I was 16 weeks pregnant with Marley excepting of course short camping trips. I sent an email out to family members and got money donations to support birthday activities through the weekend. Thanks to all who contributed!

So on Friday we went to see Ironman 2 and ate dinner at Qdoba (this being a major concession on my part since burritos barely register as a food in my mind) (thanks morning sickness and food aversions). It was a very good time. My favorite part was the Reese's pieces and the lady sitting to Bob's left who kept getting the movie's jokes a minute late. "Ohhhh because he has one eye!!!" Thanks Duebbers for watching Peanut during the flick!

On Saturday we went to Taste of Cincinnati and had a great time. Bob bought overpriced beer guilt free (thanks again contributors!) and we ate Jameson burgers and giant creme puffs. We met up (accidentally) with Harper, Rachael & Beth (friends from high school) and 2 of their friends and we walked around till midnight. Got to see a magic show and just generally enjoy people watching. Thanks Kutcheras for watching Ma-we!

On Sunday we had people over for a cookout. Unfortunately we were down to the nitty gritty on funding and we were worried about serving enough food. Fortunately EVERYONE brought food and there was a plethora of snacks and such for all. Afterward there was an impromptu $5 poker tournament and the only thing worth reporting on that front was that I won :P Bad news is that I had to give most of my winnings to Trent because he paid my buy-in :D Thanks Trent!

Ok now for Monday. Bob said on Sunday night as we were going to bed that he didn't want to do anything at all on Monday but lay around in his underpants with Marley & I. The good news is that that is exactly what we did all day. All 3 of us sat on the couch in our respective underwears/diaper and watched cartoons. The bad news is that the reason we were actually able to do that was because Marley dropped a heavy metal bell on her foot 2 hours after waking up, smashing her big toe. She cried for a good twenty minutes hysterically, refusing me and accepting only to be in Bob's lap, refusing oreos and motrin and ice. Finally after the 20 minutes she allowed me to give her some motrin, she ate the oreo and I was able to put a wet cold washcloth on her elevated foot.

She proceeded to sniffle and moan in a half-daze, fulled reclined in Bob's lap for 3 hours. Then we all took a collective family nap. Then back to the couch for more cartoons, pizza & leftover birthday cake.

The toe is improved. Purple under the nail but swelling is gone. Marley would love to tell you about the "toe ouchie" and show you where in the living room the event transpired but she is otherwise completely improved. Walking and such has returned to normal.

Great weekend. Happy Birthday Beardy.
None of it would have been possible (except cartoons and underwear) without our wonderful friends and family. Love!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Marley "Drama" Winslow

(Marley fell off the couch two weeks ago and has been telling the same story every day over and over when I remind her to sit on her butt or correct anything she does).

5:10 pm
marley fell off a bench at the library
legends of the "fall" continue.
bobatwork 5:13 pm
dang.. is she ok?> did she fall on her butt or head?
HelfixDopo 5:13 pm
her head
and she was wedged between a window and the bench
you can imagine how loud that was.
bobatwork 5:13 pm
dang.. did you tellher thats what happens when she climbs
HelfixDopo 5:13 pm
bobatwork 5:14 pm
or when she goes tolibrarys :)
HelfixDopo 5:14 pm
honestly she wasnt being bad there is just a slippery cushion and the window was deceptive
HelfixDopo 5:14 pm
there was a 2 year old there named henry
bobatwork 5:14 pm
so she is ok?
no damage.. except the fall tales?
HelfixDopo 5:15 pm
yes but she is pretending to fall over the house.
bobatwork 5:15 pm
hmmm lol
HelfixDopo 5:15 pm
she squats then sits on her butt and makes shocked face.
bobatwork 5:16 pm
lol thats probly pretty cute
HelfixDopo 5:16 pm
it is but don't tell her :p

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WANTED: Education

Quick rant.

I was in the waiting room at the midwives' office and there were 3 other girls in the room talking. They were all strangers and they were talking about various child-related & pregnancy-related topics. All three had 1-2 kids. Here are a few of the things I overheard.

"My baby daddy has 8 baby mamas. I'm the 4th." And to make this worse the same girl had her only child with her. A 20 month old. Do the math.

"Mama with baby, daddies maybe. That's what I always say." She was expressing that fathers shouldn't be relied upon.

They all hardily agreed that men couldn't be expected to be there consistently for their children or baby mamas. Then they all hardily agreed that a girl one of them knew who abandoned her child to the baby's father was a worthless #$%^& because she didn't keep her kid. BUT "luckily his (the baby daddy) mom was there to raise the kid."


How can these women expect so little? Or is it their coping mechanism? And if they DO expect so little how can they even be initially attracted to something so shady and sloppy. GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

The GOOD part of this story is that all three girls were there to get depo shots and not prenatal care. One because "I can't have no other baby daddy. Can't stand em."

Ugh. Hiss. Blah. EW

Monday, May 17, 2010

We're fat fatties.


The other day Bob & I were having an unapologetic pig-out day because we were loaded with stress and the only feasible relief was from seeking out our counselor Mr. Keebler. So we are sitting there, shoveling cookies into our maws and watching COPS episodes, doing our version of mystery science theatre and Bob turns to me and tells me a delicious secret.

"One time the store was out of cookie crisp and I really wanted it so I bought Chips Ahoy. I crumbled them up and put them in a bowl and poured milk on them..."

He also went on to describe a time when he took a pint of ice cream and put it on top of two Nutty Buddies and then covered the whole thing with Magic Shell. (Incidentally Bob thinks a pint of ice cream is an individual serving size) and I have seen him destroy many pints in our time together. He blames this on Ben & Jerry's for inventing Americone Dream.

Fat fatties who love to fatfatfat it up. Nom.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A friend of mine who is probably one of the most talented photographers I have ever met found out something very disturbing. Images she took of her lovely son Danny were stolen off her flickr account and posted on a blogger blog that is clearly created as a child pornography site. The pseudonym they are operating under is a 'boys in art' site. But through the comments (which have now been disabled by the admin) but were VERY VERY disturbing and the people who were following the blog it was CLEAR that sex and not art is the goal of the site.

So disgusted. My friend is beside herself. So far she has contacted google, blogger and as much media as she can think of. Google has denied responsibility via another friend who called them.

"ONLY recourse for blogger was to contact blogger through their website... When asked who @ Google is reposnsible for Blogger, I was told "I don't have that information and have... to direct you to their website""

Bob is working on doing what he can to get the site removed (along with some of his coworkers).

If you can email/mail google/blogger and tell them how you feel about this. I have to go, Marley is having some sort of dire emergency.