Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boy names (from the past)

This was the boy name blog post from when I was pregnant with Marley and didn't know what gender she was yet.

Favorites in blue, already been eliminated in purple.

Alan - I like it as a middle name, a little to popular for me.
Cash - I would say Cash needed to be a nickname for Cassius, I like Cas as a nickname too.
Coda/Koda - Love this name. Afraid people may get confused to with 'Dakota'.
Collin - To popular.
Corbin - Love this one.
Delaney - I think this is better as a girl's name. I like Delano "From the forest of nut trees." lol
Edison - I like this and I like all the derivatives.
Ezra - Love this one too.
Finnegan - Love 'Finn' and the irish feel of it.
Ian - pretty popular, but very cute name.
Izzy - no way.
Van - Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

My contributions to the list:
Henry - My grandma's nickname. And just a cute name in general. Probably a middle name.
Cy - Cyrus maybe. I like the short and to the pointness. I think its a ladies man name. :P
Oz - I think this kid would be destined for awesomeness (or living in a bus). Nonetheless I am a big fan of this one.
Abraham - I think if God likes this name, I like it to. I love Abe as a nickname.
Brody - stupid meaning, a little popular but I think its a handsome name. This kid could be a homeless artist or a NFL starting QB.
Labron - My grandpa's name which is unfortunately spelled with the feminine 'la' instead of 'le'. Middle name maybe.
Moss - live green! :) To unique maybe but I think its a good name.
Ramsey - again, may be to unique for a boy's name. I had a friend named this and he is nickname free.
Sawyer - Strong handsome boy name. And maybe a skinny red head kid too.

Old blogs.

Found this blog from when I was pregnant with Marley. I marked the ones I have already done at least once.

A List of Things I Want to do with My Child (that may or may not ever happen):

I want to be the one my toddler waddles to when there is a scary noise.

I want to be the most adept child comforter of all time.

I want to go to the dog park with my child and laugh at all the dogs and discuss who says "woof woof".

I want to stand in my sleeping infants doorway and stare into the mid-dark and feel accomplished at something.

I want to take my child to a baseball game and introduce them to the amazing and life-changing baseball hot dog.

I want people at church to ogle my infants breath-taking punum (I have no idea how to spell that and a thesaurus didn't help) and be in awe.

I want to go to Disney World with my kid and buy them a souvenier a day.

I want to tell mini-me about Jesus, I want them to embrace the beauty of selflessness (and love).

I want to take my child (who is absolutely tolerant to such things) to violin practice.

I want to show my child art where the uneducated cannot see it.

I want to lay in a strip of sunlight with my child asleep in my arms. I won't mind that my arm is numb.



We had our gender ultrasound yesterday and he has fulfilled 80% of peoples' predictions by being a boy. Let's have the tale... it's never textbook when the medical community and I are both involved.

It begins with an impatient preggo (named Meghyn). My midwife gave me my ultrasound prescription and told me to schedule in 3 weeks because I was measuring large for 13/14 weeks and sonograms are given at 20 weeks for most pregnancies.

So with my sonogram order in hand I scheduled it for 1.5 weeks ahead. Will power? Fail!

So we went in for our ultrasound yesterday at 17.5 weeks pregnant instead of the prescribed 19. I know it does not sound like a huge difference but... I guess it is. So we got there on time (miracle!) and had to wait 35 minutes anyway. But as second time parents we're familiar with the "hurry up, now wait" concept.

When we got into our sonogram room (Bob is convinced it was the same lady who did Marley's gender ultrasound), the technician chastised us lightly but completely about coming in early. I was completely willing to accept the wrist-slap as long as she was going to show us that baby! Which she did, she gave us good long looks of lots of indecipherable parts. "That's an... arm?"

So she measured all the pieces and parts and announced all was good and she tried to see the baby's privates about which she said, "Since you're not 20 weeks we cannot tell you for sure." From what I have read though that is a bit of an overstatement. Still we got to see the moving kicking baby and that would get me to the repeat ultrasound if necessary. So she was struggling to get a view of the... stuff. So she brought in a new ultrasound tech who first chastised us again (fair enough). Then she took a gander at our... gander and said "looks like a boy to me" and the other tech concurred. Then the new ultrasound tech kept looking around and mumbled "it must be stuck to his leg... those guys are sneaky... this baby is messed up..."

*COUGH* Maybe they should teach a course to ultrasound techs about keeping an inner monologue. :D

Still it was a wonderful chance to get a glimpse of 2.0 and we are doing a repeat sonogram sometime around 21-22 weeks. I'm glad! I LOVE ULTRASOUNDS! It's 'baby television- a glimpse into the uterus'.

After our appointment we drove to my parents' house to announce to Ma, Dad, Robyn, Toby and Aimee with my 'gender-reveal' cake. We called Ralph and Debbie on the way because they are in Cleveland for a robotics competition. Everyone is happy- one of each is fantastic by everyones' standards. Also there was a massive slam to my email inbox from my friends because I didn't promptly update them on what the sonogram revealed!

Now to work on our lightly-pirate/nautical themed nursery... Yes the fish tank is staying in the room. Thank God that room is already a beautiful traditionally-considered-masculine color. Here is a picture of my girl and boy gender-reveal cakes (I made both the night before because I would not have time to bake one after we found out) and the boy cake revealed.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adding Names - taking names!

* Meghyn Favorite
** Bob Favorite

Song (as a middle name)
Wren (Erin would hate this)
*Feather (don't worry I won't actually do it, but I LOVE it)
Marley (weird to have two Marleys?)(just still love the name)(Bob thinks we should just reverse it to Marianne Marley).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Name List

Ok so I just scheduled my sonogram for March 26th and this is the one where we find out the gender. So I am running out of time to list both gender name lists. So here is "our" lists.

I'll get everyone's FAVORITE out of the way first.... and I will star my favorites and double star Bob's favorites.

*Cian (Key-in)
Bartok (just kidding)
**Star Ninja Warrior

& there are a few more that will be remaining unlisted for the boys.

All 'M' names are automatically out due to our current overstock of M's in this house. Meghyn, Marley & Murphy. And 'K' names are out as well because I don't like writing the letter 'k'.

Song (as a middle name)
Wren (Erin would hate this)
*Feather (don't worry I won't actually do it, but I LOVE it)

Feel free to comment. :)

*EDIT* I just realized I broke my own 'M' name rule. Ha! I'm so disobedient.

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's 2am & I can't sleep.

You're moving forward and you know things are a struggle but you think that you're a little bit ahead, doing pretty well, then something completely unexpected blindsides you. You're knocked asunder, scrambling to get your bearings, to grab onto the things you had gotten a hold on.

This just keeps on happening. Either because you're actually wearing blinders or because there are forces at work to keep you in the dark. It's always a surprise though, the setbacks can never be expected.

You KNOW that there is nothing in life that won't eventually knock you over, trip you up or let you down. Except for God. The only person that has always been there when you remembered to search for Him. He lifts you up when you ask but you just take the lift and wander away, back about your business, refreshed and ready to be knocked over again. Repeat.

So what are you to do? Keep the cycle going or is the cycle inescapable? You can assume that as long as you are human and rely on humans and material things it is a cycle that can only find variation but never be escaped. Maybe the only change you can make is to stop walking away from God. Bring Him with you after he lifts you up or let Him guide you. You won't be proof against falls or let downs but you will find comfort, guidance and love. What more can you expect out of this life?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have a daughter.

So what it is is a competition for girls in their daisy dukes and they have "four categories will be available for contestants age 10 and younger, 11 to 13, 14 to 17, and 18 and older. "

I'm developing an eye twitch. Like those toddler pageants are not twisted enough without making perversion the theme.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yard work

I'm in a great mood! Like really great, super fantastic!

Marley and I got to go the museum center with Asher, Iris & Kate and then afterward Marley took a nap and I depooped the yard. I still have more to do out there.

I need to remove more dog leavings and sticks then I am going to seed the yard. While I was out there I developed a plan to make the backyard more usable. I'm going to try and enlist some muscle and brains to help me lay a concrete slab extending the patio about 8-10 feet.

Then I am going to use rocks/paver stones/fairydust to lay a path over to the right side of the fence, where we are going to *try* to put in a gate which will lead to an area for a vegetable garden (cut off from dog area).

I tried to include a hi tech blue print but blogspot is being a turd. *edit* added fancy shmancy blueprint.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Blip blip blip

Veggie Tales is not conducive to my creative productivity.

A milkshake has the same mood and energy effects as a nap (on Marley).

I wish the people who take life too seriously would rub off on the people who don't take life seriously enough.

The weather today was wonderful, despite the mud.

Beginning camping plans for the year.

This blueberry has serious issues.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marley growling ...

Marley <3s Waffles.

Spring sprung slowly.

Marley & I went to Mt. Airy today because it was 50 degrees and the sun was out (we also went yesterday when it was 40 degrees and the sun was out). Both times we had a great time playing in the mud and snow, holding hands while she slid on the snow saying "whooooooa hehehe whoooooa", I listened to Lei Qiang on my zune and zenned out.

We walked under a bridge which was dripping from melting snow and the sun filtered through the cracks and Marley looked up with a big smile, the sun turning her blue eyes liquid and it was a magical moment. One I could enjoy without immediately mourning my lack of having my camera on me, it was too sweet to hold any regret.

Nothing makes me want to write more then being out in nature. Which is both good and bad. Mostly it is bad because I cannot take my laptop out into nature and if ANYONE says ANYTHING about their Apple laptop I will remove your internet privileges.

I want a swagger wagon (aka a minivan). Please feel free to buy, build or steal me one. Thx.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba & Pregnancy Whining...

When I stand up my joints will not bend immediately even if told to do so. So when I stand up I look like I am doing some hybrid dance of the robot & the puppetmaster.

I keep having braxton-hicks which are not painful but they are annoying. Just imagine if your liver or stomach all of a sudden got rock hard and just... stayed that way for a bit. Not doing anything productive, just sitting there on top of your other organs being hard and causing irritation. The Braxton-hicks seem to be triggered by two activities. One is: sitting down comfortably. The second is: moving around at all. Joy.

More whining fuel: very stiff and sore neck, inability to go longer then 2 hours without eating, constant fatigue and occasional nausea. Other then that... I'm really starting to like being pregnant. (That statement is completely untrue, being pregnant is a nightmare whose only benefit is when you wake up and discover the Heavenly dream of your tiny newborn... but other then that newborn thing it sucks).

You know what day I want it to be? August 30th. Then time can progress naturally for about 2 weeks, then I want it to be about... Spring of 2012. That way I get all the magic and excitement of Meet-the-Newborn cuddle, cuddle, cuddle and then zipping through time I get to have a toddler. Because the older Marley gets the more I enjoy her... and the less her body fluids end up on me.
I just found out Anthony Bourdain, famous writer and TV personality for Travel Channel is going to be on Yo Gabba Gabba, an artistic (and strange) children's show. Frankly, I am SHOCKED and pleased. If a foul mouth (pot calling the kettle black here) grumpy and incredibly likable and learned guy like Tony Bourdain is on Yo Gabba Gabba... then parenting can't be THAT uncool. Right?

The sound of crickets is very reassuring.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good weekend

Had a great "birthday weekend". I already reported on Friday, on Saturday I went with my sister Robyn & mom (and Aimee & Marley) to the thrift stores. No ridiculous finds but I did get a pair of flats to go with my skinny jeans. Maybe I will be able to wear them again by next winter... Had a good time, though my extreme need for constant streams of calories pouring into my body made the beginning a little rocky.

On Sunday Marley, Bobby & I went to my folks' house to see all the immediates & some of the extendeds. (Mom, Dad, Brenyn, Robyn, Scott, Toby, Aimee, Grandpa, Uncle Mike, Uncle Larry) for my birthday lunch. Fried chicken, green beans, macncheese, mashed taters & fruit. NOM Also Robyn rose delightfully to my cake challenge. I didn't want the usual "blue alligator" or Super Mario cake. I wanted rainbow chip icing & yellow cake... and I wanted it to be elegant. Not so easy when the icing itself is both juvenile & silly looking. But she did it and did it well. Hopefully she will post a triumphant blog about it, though I am not sure she is convinced of her triumph?

And yesterday (I include Mondays in my weekends because Bob is off work) we (Marley, Bobby & I) went to the Museum Center and had fun chasing Marley around the Duke Children's Museum. So much for kids to do there! We also got Frisch's Big Boy breakfast bar. Nom- fried everything.