Monday, May 31, 2010

Bobby's staycation

This weekend past was Bob's birthday celebration. May 22 is his actual birthday but he had to work and Dan's birthday party was the day after.

On Thursday night I prayed to God to make the weekend go better than was humanly possible and it did... err most of it. Depends on if you count Memorial day Monday as part of the weekend. Let me sum up.

I planned a birthday 'staycation' (vacation for poor people) for Bob's birthday this year since we have not been able to take a vacation since I was 16 weeks pregnant with Marley excepting of course short camping trips. I sent an email out to family members and got money donations to support birthday activities through the weekend. Thanks to all who contributed!

So on Friday we went to see Ironman 2 and ate dinner at Qdoba (this being a major concession on my part since burritos barely register as a food in my mind) (thanks morning sickness and food aversions). It was a very good time. My favorite part was the Reese's pieces and the lady sitting to Bob's left who kept getting the movie's jokes a minute late. "Ohhhh because he has one eye!!!" Thanks Duebbers for watching Peanut during the flick!

On Saturday we went to Taste of Cincinnati and had a great time. Bob bought overpriced beer guilt free (thanks again contributors!) and we ate Jameson burgers and giant creme puffs. We met up (accidentally) with Harper, Rachael & Beth (friends from high school) and 2 of their friends and we walked around till midnight. Got to see a magic show and just generally enjoy people watching. Thanks Kutcheras for watching Ma-we!

On Sunday we had people over for a cookout. Unfortunately we were down to the nitty gritty on funding and we were worried about serving enough food. Fortunately EVERYONE brought food and there was a plethora of snacks and such for all. Afterward there was an impromptu $5 poker tournament and the only thing worth reporting on that front was that I won :P Bad news is that I had to give most of my winnings to Trent because he paid my buy-in :D Thanks Trent!

Ok now for Monday. Bob said on Sunday night as we were going to bed that he didn't want to do anything at all on Monday but lay around in his underpants with Marley & I. The good news is that that is exactly what we did all day. All 3 of us sat on the couch in our respective underwears/diaper and watched cartoons. The bad news is that the reason we were actually able to do that was because Marley dropped a heavy metal bell on her foot 2 hours after waking up, smashing her big toe. She cried for a good twenty minutes hysterically, refusing me and accepting only to be in Bob's lap, refusing oreos and motrin and ice. Finally after the 20 minutes she allowed me to give her some motrin, she ate the oreo and I was able to put a wet cold washcloth on her elevated foot.

She proceeded to sniffle and moan in a half-daze, fulled reclined in Bob's lap for 3 hours. Then we all took a collective family nap. Then back to the couch for more cartoons, pizza & leftover birthday cake.

The toe is improved. Purple under the nail but swelling is gone. Marley would love to tell you about the "toe ouchie" and show you where in the living room the event transpired but she is otherwise completely improved. Walking and such has returned to normal.

Great weekend. Happy Birthday Beardy.
None of it would have been possible (except cartoons and underwear) without our wonderful friends and family. Love!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Marley "Drama" Winslow

(Marley fell off the couch two weeks ago and has been telling the same story every day over and over when I remind her to sit on her butt or correct anything she does).

5:10 pm
marley fell off a bench at the library
legends of the "fall" continue.
bobatwork 5:13 pm
dang.. is she ok?> did she fall on her butt or head?
HelfixDopo 5:13 pm
her head
and she was wedged between a window and the bench
you can imagine how loud that was.
bobatwork 5:13 pm
dang.. did you tellher thats what happens when she climbs
HelfixDopo 5:13 pm
bobatwork 5:14 pm
or when she goes tolibrarys :)
HelfixDopo 5:14 pm
honestly she wasnt being bad there is just a slippery cushion and the window was deceptive
HelfixDopo 5:14 pm
there was a 2 year old there named henry
bobatwork 5:14 pm
so she is ok?
no damage.. except the fall tales?
HelfixDopo 5:15 pm
yes but she is pretending to fall over the house.
bobatwork 5:15 pm
hmmm lol
HelfixDopo 5:15 pm
she squats then sits on her butt and makes shocked face.
bobatwork 5:16 pm
lol thats probly pretty cute
HelfixDopo 5:16 pm
it is but don't tell her :p

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WANTED: Education

Quick rant.

I was in the waiting room at the midwives' office and there were 3 other girls in the room talking. They were all strangers and they were talking about various child-related & pregnancy-related topics. All three had 1-2 kids. Here are a few of the things I overheard.

"My baby daddy has 8 baby mamas. I'm the 4th." And to make this worse the same girl had her only child with her. A 20 month old. Do the math.

"Mama with baby, daddies maybe. That's what I always say." She was expressing that fathers shouldn't be relied upon.

They all hardily agreed that men couldn't be expected to be there consistently for their children or baby mamas. Then they all hardily agreed that a girl one of them knew who abandoned her child to the baby's father was a worthless #$%^& because she didn't keep her kid. BUT "luckily his (the baby daddy) mom was there to raise the kid."


How can these women expect so little? Or is it their coping mechanism? And if they DO expect so little how can they even be initially attracted to something so shady and sloppy. GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

The GOOD part of this story is that all three girls were there to get depo shots and not prenatal care. One because "I can't have no other baby daddy. Can't stand em."

Ugh. Hiss. Blah. EW

Monday, May 17, 2010

We're fat fatties.


The other day Bob & I were having an unapologetic pig-out day because we were loaded with stress and the only feasible relief was from seeking out our counselor Mr. Keebler. So we are sitting there, shoveling cookies into our maws and watching COPS episodes, doing our version of mystery science theatre and Bob turns to me and tells me a delicious secret.

"One time the store was out of cookie crisp and I really wanted it so I bought Chips Ahoy. I crumbled them up and put them in a bowl and poured milk on them..."

He also went on to describe a time when he took a pint of ice cream and put it on top of two Nutty Buddies and then covered the whole thing with Magic Shell. (Incidentally Bob thinks a pint of ice cream is an individual serving size) and I have seen him destroy many pints in our time together. He blames this on Ben & Jerry's for inventing Americone Dream.

Fat fatties who love to fatfatfat it up. Nom.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A friend of mine who is probably one of the most talented photographers I have ever met found out something very disturbing. Images she took of her lovely son Danny were stolen off her flickr account and posted on a blogger blog that is clearly created as a child pornography site. The pseudonym they are operating under is a 'boys in art' site. But through the comments (which have now been disabled by the admin) but were VERY VERY disturbing and the people who were following the blog it was CLEAR that sex and not art is the goal of the site.

So disgusted. My friend is beside herself. So far she has contacted google, blogger and as much media as she can think of. Google has denied responsibility via another friend who called them.

"ONLY recourse for blogger was to contact blogger through their website... When asked who @ Google is reposnsible for Blogger, I was told "I don't have that information and have... to direct you to their website""

Bob is working on doing what he can to get the site removed (along with some of his coworkers).

If you can email/mail google/blogger and tell them how you feel about this. I have to go, Marley is having some sort of dire emergency.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Plans within Plans

I'm not sure how Jessica did it. Maintaining plans within plans while she was pregnant. I would think the hormone vs. brain overload would be even greater when you're carrying the Kwisatz haderach. Sorry, obscure Dune reference over.

Anyways... what I am talking about?
Oh yeah...

Planning. Something you can get away without doing most days. Many days you can coast, especially if your boss is a toddler. The coasting will not be easy and the road will be rocky but you don't have to do too much steering if you don't want to.

Not so right now.
I have to plan: a wedding & a reception, a birthday for Bob, a birthday for Marley, a BIRTH for Gilligan, and all with a budget that grows ever smaller.

Maybe those events are few (especially compared to my sister Robyn's list) (she has a bridal shower, a baby shower & a bachelorette party to think about... and those are just MY events, she has children to plan too) but the tasks under each event are many.

Here are the tasks I have yet to tackle and I am sure I will forget some.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception:

My dress, accessories
Bridesmaids shoes, sweaters & accessories
Flower girl dresses for Aimee & Marley(I am really looking forward to this job)
Bouquets (which will double as ceremony decorations
Getting photobooth backdrop built and selecting fabric
Choosing photobooth props (also looking forward to this)
Micromanaging playlist, securing sound equipment
Guest-list math (ughhhh)
Registering for gifts
Making dessert plans work
Budgeting everything
Making sure the date works with all vendors. (This is getting hairy because we have moved the date once and we MAY have to move it again. Only by 7 days but still, if the vendor is booked..)
Vows (shoot me)
Seating chart (yes we are having assigned seating, no we don't care if you don't like it) (trust us, we're doing this for you).
Favors (I know what they are but I have yet to secure them)
Hair and make-up (where, who, when)
Timelines (the date is a bit fuzzy and I need to be figuring out hours?!)
Trusting people to make what I want happen (and knowing what I want)
Lighting (ugggh. I am so picky about lighting too) (C-7!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Involving Marley & Gilligan
Assign music to events
Slipcovers for chairs
Ring-bearer pillow
Invitations need to be printed, addressed

And there is more... But I don't recall.

Marley's Birthday:

Adequate seating

Bob's birthday:


Birth for Gilligan:

Oh God help me.

Honestly I am looking forward to many of these tasks and I am very happy to be able to be having these events take place. It just is a lot to work on (especially with a brain made out of placenta). Ok, enough time spent blog-crastinating.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Transparency at home

Disclaimery preface dealy: Not all unschooled kids are socially retarded. Just all of the ones I have met SO FAR. Some of the home-schoolers do a fine job socializing their kids. Some of them do and some of them think that home-schooling is educational curricula only.

This post is just to help me feel more accountable. So that when Marley had rejected the third food I have offered her in an hour when she says she wants to eat, I may remember she is (for just a very short while longer) a one year old and doing what they do.

(Fyi This is an AIM convo between Bob and I. It may be difficult to read).

9:50 pm
Did you read that unschooling article btw?
bobatwork 9:51 pm
i read some of it
HelfixDopo 9:51 pm
i thought it was interesting
bobatwork 9:52 pm
yeah i read the role of parents.. and criticism of traditional school methods.. and i thought it was pretty coo
HelfixDopo 9:53 pm
yeah i wish i could do it with our kids AND they wouldn't be socially retarded.
bobatwork 9:53 pm
HelfixDopo 9:56 pm
"He discusses the need for parents to keep in mind their long-term goals for their children, such as helping them grow into responsible and caring people, rather than on short-term goals, such as obedience. The key question, he argues, is “What do kids need – and how do we meet those needs?”"

I have been thinking about that a lot lately.
Like I will hear me yelling or reprimanding Marley and then I wonder "am i doing this for her or for me?"
What is rly the problem? Usually it ends up being that whatever she is doing does not fit into my life. And SOMETIMES it is her eating ink.

bobatwork 9:57 pm
yeah.. i think there is a fine line ...
bobatwork 9:58 pm
just because its not bad for her doesnt mean its ok tho
HelfixDopo 9:58 pm
I hope I can become better at deciding when it is appropriate to reprimand.
Well right.

bobatwork 9:58 pm
yeah .. i just hope i can reprimand her at all lol
or at least do it hte right way
HelfixDopo 9:58 pm
I like to think "is it safe? is it is legal? is it getting in the way of anyone else's rights?"
bobatwork 9:58 pm
so she learns
HelfixDopo 9:58 pm
i feel like when you do it is more important how (to some extent, obviously smacking her around is counter productive).
bobatwork 10:00 pm
HelfixDopo 10:00 pm
I think I do a better job in public though. More accountability and I know the image I want to project.
that sounds horrible but it's the truth.
bobatwork 10:00 pm
lol its not horrible
HelfixDopo 10:01 pm
I mean... I'm not like spanking her and locking her in the closet at home lol
bobatwork 10:01 pm
your a great mom.. nothing wrong with wanting people to see it
HelfixDopo 10:01 pm
I just lose my temper and bark more at home :/
bobatwork 10:02 pm
its easier to do at home for sure
HelfixDopo 10:05 pm
So that is my goal. Bark less. Be the pine tree bending under the snow.
bobatwork 10:05 pm
HelfixDopo 10:07 pm
I will just unschool her until it is time to school-school her. It's like a compromise, except not really.