Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i LOVE Amol India.

So yesterday when Bob casually mentioned he would like Indian (at 9pm) it took me about 1 minute to grab my purse, run out the door and call in my take out order. When I was placing my order I asked the guy "Can I get Chicken Mikhani without the chicken? Is that possible?" And the guy laughs and goes "ANYTHING is possible!"

I like that attitude in a restaurant.

Today is my due date and the first day where I have not expected to go into labor in the last two weeks.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


We have a new stove, new fridge and new white noise machine. I'm happy to have nice things. Reliable things! <3>
bobatwork 9:35 pm
.. good moms run in your family :-)
HelfixDopo 9:36 pm
aww :-)
bobatwork 9:36 pm
and super awesome dads run in mine.. even tho we break easily....:-(

Marley was in the bathtub earlier and she laid down in the tub (with her head elevated obviously) and started making swimming motions and chanting "swim! swim! swim!" 30 minutes later I was still supervising her in-place laps. Then she put her head in the water for the first time (on purpose). I was proud (and terrified).

We are supposed to go to the Beach waterpark tomorrow for Bob's company day but Bob hurt his back in a bad way yesterday. He can barely move from one position to another. He's keeping heat on it but he is still a sad puppy.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Unwanted pain

My hips are flashing with electric pain when I least expect it. It is really and truly shockingly painful.

When the kid moves I feel like he is already in the birth canal and head butting me mercilessly.

This hurts :( And is not getting me any further toward meeting my son face to face. *sigh*

Down facing dog. Project Runway. Ouchie.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ramble on

Marley and I were laying in bed the other day and she goes "R-E-D-Ssss" (She made a snake sound instead of saying the letter S). She was reading my tshirt. I was very impressed.

I don't think it has been really reflected in my blogs lately. I think I do too much whining for it to be apparent but I have been in a very good place lately. I have a lot of hope and a lot of contentment. Contentment who may seem the enemy sometimes but not right now. Most days are good days. Some days are bad mood days and some days are just plain bad days but MOST are good.

I got all the wedding invitations, directions, response cards and rehearsal invitations enveloped and addressed today with the help of my mom. I am going to mail them tomorrow because we have about 7 weeks till the wedding. Crazy huh? After all the roller coaster up and downs and the crazy spins my life has taken... I will be a married person in October.

So will Bob. He even has a ring. He is wearing it already in hopes of getting used to it. I told him that no-big-deal if it is a big pain in the butt he can get a ring tattooed on. :D He actually thought this idea sounded like a good idea. I offer no further comment.

On Friday we are getting a new refrigerator and a new stove. Gifts from my future parents and grandparents in law. It will be pretty amazing to have no puddle on the floor and a *gasp* ice maker! It feels so cutting edge! Murphy, however, less thrilled since he enjoys drinking the puddle. Also I am not thrilled about seeing what is collected behind these appliances we currently have. :/ Bob is happy because it means his doctor appointment that was Friday is moved back. No Big-V talks for another few weeks. You can run...

Also... I was at Penn Station last week and I was waiting for my food watching the Reds game. When the pitcher got his third out and they started walking off the field, I walked out of Penn Station... sans food. I was about halfway to my car when I realized I wasn't on the team, not on a baseball field and still hungry.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And you are...

So today is the first day of my 40th week. Yesterday I had a midwife appointment and I had Marley & Bob with me and Bob was on the phone trying to get his FMLA paper silliness squared away. So I was distracted.

Anyway the midwife (?) comes in and asks the normal questions and I was getting a pelvic exam and this woman came at me like A HERD OF ANGRY CATTLE. There was no "you're going to feel some pressure" speech or anything. Just angry gloved stabbing.

The good news is that I was 1cm (which really does nothing but make me feel better), bad news is that my cervix is posterior (like last time) and every pelvic exam is going to hurt now.

Alright so here is the weird thing.

After the midwife left the room I realized something. I had no idea who she was and that she was not a midwife I had ever seen or heard of before. I just checked the website and sure enough she is not on the staff roster. So... who was she? No idea. Pretty sure she owes me dinner though.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

facebook name contributions

I asked my general Facebook public for help with baby names. Here is a taste of some of the suggestions. (Compiled by Baba) Just thought I would post it for... I don't know why.

Oliver "Ollie"
Greason (or Grayson)
Vincent and call him Vince
Aric (pronounced Eric).
Rush- Jude
Nealon (Champion)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Same old thrills as usual mate.

Should I mention again how long the last few weeks of pregnancy seem to last or do you get the picture?
I am just going to spit my thoughts at this blog and have them out as well as I can. Then I will have a look at them.

My thoughts are (reasonably) consumed by wedding planning and baby thoughts. Details like flowers, rentals, candles, and menus are being settled. Some details are nauseatingly NOT settled. Not least of which to me is my dress (which is being made but will it be finished and done well?)

I don't regret setting back the date from June to October but I am definitely feeling the double crunch time. But if I did not have a wedding to worry over I would be all-consumed by my desire to begin L&D. Something I have zero power over.

I do feel rather enthralled by the idea of going back to school part time and that thought too looms in my mind. Will I really be able to separate myself from my 1 and 3 year old?

Incidentally what will that 1 year old's name be? I think Bob and I are starting to narrow in on what our baby naming problems are. 1. We (I) look to globally for names. 2. We are worried too much about general approval. I did read a statement about that that I thought was very good. "...You're choosing a name, not lobbying for one."

No one has said anything extra dumb about any of our selections (this time) but we've been extra sensitive to reactions for some reason. I suspect this has to do with the fact that this kid is a boy and that is causing some extra worry over possible name-related-childhood-trauma.

It is quite dumb really.

Marley has become quite the parrot of late and it has really driven home the STOP CUSSING thing. So if you see Marley DON'T CUSS. Or if you need to you can just spell it. That is what I do. But the mimicry also lends itself to comedy.

Earlier I made pig-face at Marley and she started her fake laughing where she puts her hand on her forehead and laughs and she tells me to get "outta town".

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Last night my braxton hicks were 6 minutes apart before I fell asleep but I woke up with no newborn in my bed so I guess I am dehydrated.

History repeats itself with freakish accuracy.

I just read Marley's birth story. Crying.

Love is not something you have to ration out. It is unlimited and comes in multiple forms. It is for us to give out as we see fit and sometimes we have no control over it. Or such is my hope.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The last weeks of pregnancy are like a 4 hour dentist appointment where you have to have those spacers in your mouth keeping your mouth open. Not painful just excruciatingly slow and uncomfortable and you keep glancing at the clock hoping for the end even though you know things may run over anyway. ARGH!

Last night during bedtime Marley was playing with her dinosaurs and was saying "I-o-saur! Sit! Good boy."

Monday, August 9, 2010

Much food

I feel like I have done little but eat the last two days. Not really a bad thing since all the food was delicious. French food, Chinese food, homemade food... NOM.

Marley, Bob & I went to my 38 week appointment at the midwife office this afternoon. It went well. Marley currently loves to get really excited about seeing someone (like the doctor "daw-ter") and then when we actually get there she is shy and hides her face. My measurements were indicative of being on time (37/38 weeks) and I am not really dilated. I hope I go into labor... now-ish.

We discussed names for awhile this evening but... still nothing. I am thinking were going to the labor room with a few options and then just pick one when I see his face. Although I worry that this may cause me extra stress. Nothing like pressure on top of pressure.

Marley's Poppop (sp?) has surgery tomorrow. Say a prayer for the skill of his doctors, the caring of his nurses and the speed of his recovery if you can.

Friday, August 6, 2010

24 days till EDD

(Estimated due date)

Marley and I returned yesterday from a 3 day vacation where we went and met some of the women from the forum I have been on since I was 8 weeks pregnant with Marley. We met at a very large "cabin" in Hocking Hills. 13ish 2 year olds + about 6 older siblings and 1 younger sibling plus... their moms.

It was a very interesting adventure and nice to meet close friends face to face for once. :D Also it was cool to see so many different types of parenting techniques (for the same age and similar phases of toddler life). My impression? Relaxation and consistency are key.

On the way home from our trip Marley and I stopped at Hocking Hills park to see Rock House. Amazing. God is good and He made good things.

Saw a dermatologist for the first time in... 5 years? I forgot how painful/burny those appointments can be. Check something off my prewedding todos.

My wedding dress is being made. Next week I am supposed to see a "test dress". I cannot wait though I won't exhale till the real dress is here.

Kid 2 still has no name. He started out Henry, became a possible Dexter and is now Kid 2 or Gilligan again. Boys are difficult to name. If he was a girl I would probably be naming him (her) Summer.

I think I am going to pray for labor to start on Monday. I feel like that is a reasonable time to start wanting preterm labor without seeming too selfish.

Today Marley, Bobby & I were smashed in sitting next to each other on the couch with Marley in the middle and Bob was playing his Halo and Marley just nodded off. Just conked right out. Adorable!

I applied for (re)admission to college today. I would not begin until Fall of 2011 (which isn't even enrolling yet) but I want to get the parts of the process I can out of the way now before Kid 2 is here and the wedding is in very-end stages. I am terrified to go back to school and also excited. My motivation to succeed is very different now then my previous college attempts. My social life is my motivation for school and not my distraction from it. Now if UC and Taylor will just get those transcripts moving...

Bob is a wonderful man and a selfless provider. God is good and He made good things.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


-Bedtime routine still has me stressed. It takes at the least 45 minutes to get her to go to bed and that is not including pajamas, teeth brushing, books etc. Just the cuddling. I don't want her to cry herself to sleep but I don't want to cry her to sleep either. Bob is supposed to get new his new schedule soon, then I guess he will be taking over her bedtime. That probably won't be tearless either.

-Labor & delivery. I'm not afraid of labor pains and pushing, I am afraid of Marley's reaction to my all day disappearance, the lack of my presence at bedtime. She is COMPLETELY unequipped to deal with anything remotely like independence at bedtime. That is going to fall on my sister who has agreed to watch her overnight. What if it is two nights? Will she come to visit in the hospital? What if she has to leave without us/me? This sucks. I can't look forward to L&D like I did last time because I have guilty panic attacks. I know tons and tons of people have been through this but that really does not help me. Nor does the fact that the transition has to happen and is temporary. No help at all.


-My upcoming trip with my ivillage friends. I am completely not the same online as I am in person.

-Less consequential stuff- browser issues with all laptops, being fat with child, nutrition, Bob's stupid job taking away all the enjoyable aspects of his job abruptly in the name of regionalizing (*add to dictionary*), the new kid's name...