Saturday, September 25, 2010

so cute.

Marley(scared voice): It's dark in here.
Megh: We like the dark. The dark lets us do things like get some rest.
(minute passes)
Marley: Thank you the dark.


I've always said I wanted Marley to be a professional cellist. I recently (last week) changed my mind to ballet dancing. Based on the reasoning that she can spin in circles without getting dizzy and she walks around on her tiptoes all the time. But today Marley got to really paint for the first time (watercolour was a fail so I gave her acrylics). She made the most AMAZING painting. So maybe she will paint! Of course she also loves fashion...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

such and such

Solomon and I made a stop at the pediatrician on Tuesday and he has already gained a full pound. A surprise to me since he really does not eat all that often and when he does nurse frequently he does not nurse for very long.

I considered purchasing a scale. I have not completely talked myself out of it yet. Afraid if I get it I will be freaked out into pushing myself too hard too soon. Stupid need for recovering. Bob is planning on trying to hang with me on the weight loss front. The wager is pending.

I can't believe they sent Tiffany home on Top Chef.

Bob got his new shift. Now quite thrilled with it like I was praying for. Wed, Thurs & Saturdays off. Working 9-7.30. He works on Sundays :( For the first time in about ten years.

For the last 6 day I have headaches at night. Headaches that are not affected by medication, sleep, caffeine, water or... anything else. It SUCKS. I have never had such a strange persistent headache. Not sure how many more nights like these I can have before I head to a headache clinic or similar. Thought at first it was maybe a side effect from the epidural, but that is rare and my headache is in my left temple and sometimes both temples. Epidural headaches don't seem to fit what I have. Then I thought maybe it was being caused by me holding my neck in stupid positions. I stopped doing it, still with the headaches. Ugh

Friday, September 10, 2010


The other night Marley chose me to do her bedtime. A privilege at this point because I miss her. As I lay there I did the math and realized that I have spent over 28 days total doing the cuddle-in-bed part of bedtime with Marley since she was born. Not including the books and get ready routine.

So basically I spent a whole February laying in Marley's room praying or thinking about who knows what. Weird.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Alright I have been giving this a lot of thought and Bob and I have been talking about it for awhile. I've decided I can finally blog about it. So here it goes...

Sports and activities that should have a professional league but (to the best of my knowledge) do not currently have one.

Here is the working list.

Hide and seek
Medic (variation of dodgeball)
Jeep driving
Capture the flag

Alternatively sports/activities that should never get a professional league.

Golf (oooooh I said it)
Freeze tag

Solomon- week one

The only thing I don't like about my son is the way marble-mouthes say his name (and that really isn't his fault). They say it like it has two syllables. Like they resent me for choosing a name with three syllables and are taking it out on my precious newborn. Tsk.

First pediatrician appointment for Solomon today. They confirmed that he is a healthy chubster who loves to eat. He also peed and pooed on the nurse. Wasted excrement because it was the nurse I like and not Thundar-the-Door-Slammer. He has gained 6 oz. weighing in at 9lbs. 11oz (after the peeing and pooping).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New man about town

Solomon James Winslow
9lbs. 5oz.
Sept. 1, 2010 @ 1:12pm

I will start at the beginning.

Bob and I were watching our third episode of COPS... Nope too far back. Let's fast forward a little.

I wake up for my usual 5am stumble in the dark to the restroom. My stomach hurts because I have to go to the bathroom and because I had shifted to laying on my back in my sleep. Or was that why it hurt? Contraction!? It was! So I lay in bed not trying to stay awake because I know I will likely be disappointed. Another contraction! 10 minutes apart. Now I am sitting up waiting. Contraction. 6 minutes apart. Yeesh, wait a minute...

I go sit on the couch with my laptop so I can use the online contraction timer to keep track. Also I watch funny cat videos on youtube. My contractions keep coming so I post a link on facebook. Michael Jackson singing 'This Is It'. People did not seem to get it though. Did not yet want to wake up Bob because he had taken his back medicine at midnight and the doctor advised to allow 6 hours for goofy drugged side effects. Shower, prep, check bags, pray.

I wake up Bob. My contractions are 4-5 minutes apart but not all longer than a minute. I call the midwives and they say time for another hour then call back (because I told them they did not feel very serious. Painful but not super intense).

I give Robyn a heads up since she is assigned the task of coming over to be with Marley (who has given up napping this week and waking up around 9am as a result). Robyn and her darlings Toby & Aimee come over and we sit down to watch Veggie Tales because my contractions are now going between 3-7 minutes, once with a 30 minute break with no contractions. Marley wakes up and is thrilled to find this party of people in her living room eating fancy McDonald's breakfast and watching movies.

I stall and stall going to the hospital because I don't want to leave Marley and I don't want to go too early. I prayed we would leave at the perfect time. At about 1030 we all load up. Robyn, Aimee, Marley, Toby & Murphy in one car and Bob and I in ours. Marley had no problems saying byebye.

So Bob and I are on our own. Almost immediately after getting in the car my contractions get closer and stronger. 3 minutes apart. I might has cussed a few times. Queen's 'Killer Queen" comes on. We get to the hospital. I have two contractions walking to the first of 3 elevators. We somehow find our way to the Labor and delivery triage area very slowly because I am dragging my feet to keep the impact down because I am hurting big time. There are a bunch of visitors waiting. All the rooms they use for checking people in (asking those HEPA questions and doing initial cervical checks for dilation) are full. They ask me to wait in the waiting room with the other visitors until they have an open triage room. I sit next to Bob with my eyes closed. 2 minutes apart.

They register me and realize I am delivering my second child and that I am 2 minutes apart. I get scooted past the HEPA questions and triage. They ask me to follow them to a L&D room for triage but I can't really do much because my contractions are 1-2 minutes apart and every time I take a few steps I have to stop again. They realize they have no time and wheel me immediately to my L&D room. A few people introduce themselves and I am giving them as much information as I can in as few words as I can. >1 minute apart

They stick me on an IV immediately. I had let them know I was beta-strep positive. That basically means I need an antibiotic through an IV before I can push the baby through the birth canal safely. Guess what? The antibiotic takes an hour to administer.

They get me the desired anesthetist (Tom!) and he gives me the world's speediest epidural. It does not kick in right away but I feel some effects begin to creep in. Before they are in full effect I feel something VERY NEW. My midwife described my face "you were looking all around the room trying to find someone to help you." Apparently it was time to push. WHAT?! I just got here.

So by a few before noon we were pushing. Bob valiantly holding my leg and telling me how awesome I was at pushing. During the beginning my epidural kicked in and I became MUCH friendlier and less panicked. We (Elizabeth the nurse, Gwynne the midwife, Bob & myself) start making jokes. Jokes that will not bare repeating. I will say that at times I was laughing so hard I was not able to even try to hold my breath to push. Later I was told by both the nurse and the midwife it was one of the most fun deliveries they had been to in awhile.

You're welcome.

A little over an hour of pushing and we finally get an explanation as to why a fast labor has led to such a slow delivery (laughing interruptions aside). Push push pow and my screaming 9lb. 5oz son has made his miraculous way into the world. Fuzzy vaguely blonde hair first. Like his sister he had the cord around his neck and like his sister he was almost 22 inches "tall". He just weighed 1lb and 6oz more than she did. I was shocked. Bob had guessed he would be 9lb even but I had thought I was over-guessing at 8lbs 8oz.

Sorry I know I am pounding in the details here but I intend to make this memory vivid enough to last the ages. After they give him a 9-9 apgar score we all get to meet and I am totally in love with this guy. He has my lips! Finally a sign of me in a child I partially created.

We have to wait in the L&D room for 2 hours (a new policy they began THAT day). Solomon's heart-rate was continuously being taken because it was on the lowest end of being normal at 110. For being "normal" they sure did make us worry about it a lot. I was light headed. I was so light headed I could barely hold up my giant adorable fuzzy headed baby.

On the way to the recovery room I started to get light headed sitting in my wheelchair. I asked the nurse to take the baby but she did not hear me. I asked again. Didn't hear me. I started to phase out with the disco lights in my eyes. I wake up on the elevator with her hand holding my hands holding the baby. A nurse standing outside the elevator doors takes Solomon. I go out again. I wake up with a hand propped under my neck, still being wheeled to my recovery room. Very hazy this memory.

They tell me I have to empty my bladder. I wake up sitting in the restroom with my head in my nurse's bellybutton. 2 other nurses are present. Hopefully no one else was. An audience of three in the bathroom is quite enough. Finally I am sound enough to make it to my bed and shove down some "orange juice" and graham crackers.

So we were officially in recovery and all together. Because we didn't have time to get the antibiotic before Solomon was born he had to remain under observation for 36+ hours. Bummer but we got through the days sleep deprived and undernourished. Marley came to visit both days and she was a dreamy kid. She was and remains infatuated with her baby brother.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Could I have woken up with 6 minute apart contractions?
Bob has 40 more minutes till the 6 hour window of drugged uselessness is over from his back meds.


I guess so.