Friday, October 29, 2010

Art stuffs

Ok distractions are in the basement (I'm talking about Bob, the childrens are asleep in their(ish) beds. Marley & I met with Brenyn, Robyn & Ma today at the Cincinnati Art Museum to see their current exhibit. Two centuries of bridal gowns. Amazing to see such elements plucked from their time and just floating about in the here and now. Marley (briefly) enjoyed the "princess dress" but (as I suspected she would be) was more inclined to enjoy the bolder pieces in the modern art gallery.

One dress in particular stood out at the show. A gown that Zac Posen made for his sister. A red dress with a long train which was painted to look like a field of giant poppies. Amazing. I could not find a photo to do it justice :(

Solo stayed with his Granny & Poppop and did well. Marley only tolerated the ride through thick traffic with the promise of 1. a burger and 2. Granny's house.

Yay for art. Yay for family.
The other day I was thinking about Jesus. Specifically baby Jesus. The reason I was thinking about Him was because I was taking communion and looking at Solomon and I was thinking about how hard it would be to sacrifice my son to save a bunch of horrible ungrateful people. Not an appealing thought I know. Anyways, my ADD brought my brain around from the great merciful nature of God to baby Jesus and what it would be like to be His mother. Because He was perfect but that does not mean she was.

My children are not exactly perfect and I have to deal with guilt from failing them all the time. Can you imagine trying to raise a perfect child? Is it even possible to raise a perfect child? Here is the question that I was wondering. Since Jesus was perfect did He cry? Then I realized that of course He cried because crying isn't bad. It just makes me feel bad. I know this sounds really obvious to you but it was revolutionary to me. Not that I ever punish either of my kids for crying (unless you count whining) but I always think of crying as the enemy. I forget that it is just communication and not just someone being sad or angry very loudly...

Ok I am too distracted to go on.
Ps. My other little epiphany? God is older than the sun. That is ooooooooooooooold.
Pps. I am awesome at archery.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Solomon's smile is a sweet sweet sight.

Monday, October 18, 2010

We got married yesterday

I was going to write a big rundown of the wedding day events but I decided just to piece together my thoughts and a few anecdotes instead.

The wedding and the reception was a triumph of my Goodridge, Winslow & Duebber efforts. A family united can accomplish a whole lot.

My musical selections were as awesome as I hoped they would be (to me). I never had that moment I was dreading. That oh-no-why-did-I-pick-this-song moment. Everything from John Denver to Michael Franti was a success.
My song selection for the father-daughter dance (The Pretender's- Stand by You) made many many people cry. Especially myself.
My dad said as we were dancing "Let's do this every year."
I replied, "You'd go broke and I'd go crazy."
He laughed and said, "I meant the dance."
Ohhhhhh. That is way more doable for me.

All of my vendors and service people did a very nice job. Hair, makeup, babysitters, waitstaff, caterers etc.
Scott did a fantastic job playing the ceremony music. Still need to hear him play Anne's Theme. Who would have guessed church doors from the 1800's would be noise-canceling?
Jenny did a great job on the cake. I enjoyed all the flavors I have tried. Incidentally so did Murphy who ate our Anniversary cake when we got home. Bob = rage
Robyn, Brenyn, Colleen, Jenny, Harper were all beautiful bridesmaids and made it very easy for me to stay sane.
Ma & Dad were as they ALWAYS are. Steadfast hard working parents who do what they can to protect me from going absolutely insane from the silly predicaments I put myself in.
Ralph & Debbie ever the doting grandparents had an extra eye, hand and lap available for their Marley & Solomon. No quiet task.
Greg... Showed up on time, at the right place and called me 'Meghyn' and Bob 'Bob'. If he let his ceremony sermon get a little political... that is Greg.
Marley, Aimee, Toby & Solomon. Respectively each child was a fantastic flower-girl, ring bearer & bouquet stand-in.

During the reception Toby & Cailin were the entertainment we didn't know we hired. Swashbuckling princess, mustached pirates... All running top speed across the dance floor.
Solomon looked handsome and Marley was a blonde ivory-skinned fairy.
Bob surprised me with the most wonderful and romantic gift during dinner. A silver chain bracelet with pearls and a heart charm engraved with our names. So wonderful.

Overall: A Win.
(Now I get to delete all the wedding related emails that are clogging my inbox. Most of them are from me to myself).

I really cannot say enough about how grateful and amazed I am by my families. They made what was in my head become a reality. It was truly truly beautiful. Thank you so much. Thank you so so much.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The day before the wedding

Last night Bob & I celebrated the past by eating grilled cheese and tomato soup and EL Fudges. Like we did in the early days EVERY day. This morning we are having french toast, bacon & eggs. Then I go to Mitchell's with the ladies (and Solomon) to get pampered. Then I will come back and pick up Marley and head to my parents' house for the night, seeing Bob again at the ceremony on Sunday (or so is the plan) (but what good is a plan without planned flexibility?)


Friday, October 15, 2010

Wedding rehearsal

It went well. Everyone was there, everyone participated, all the children were adorable even if they were a handful. If you plan on having 5+ preschoolers at your rehearsal Chuck E Cheese MAY be the right choice for you for dinner. Buca di Beppo never saw it coming but they bore it with a grin.

Bob and I have decided we need to practice our dance a little more. We can't even get the holding hands at the alter part quite right. We have at least chosen a song to dance to. Go us 12+ months later.

The weather was perfect. The light at the top of the trees was pretty magical. If we don't get a perfect weather day on Sunday, we at least had it on Thursday.

During dinner Solomon was very very hungry the whole time. I went to the ladies' to feed him and I shut us in the stall and sat on the seat and fed Solo. Dress on, underoos on. My body though was like "HEY we're on the toilet. Shouldn't we be going to the bathroom?"
And I was like, "Nope. No going to the bathroom. Just sitting down."
My body goes,"Ohhh ok, you sure?"
Me, "Yeah I'm sure."

A few minutes pass.
"You sure?"

No, I didn't pee myself.
But I almost did.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Mom does not like Matt Damon

I just put Marley to bed and I kept thinking of more and more things I wanted to blog about. Lets see if I remember any of them...

So since Marley was 5 months old bedtime has been a battle. One fraught with tears and frustration (hers and mine) (mostly mine). Bedtime these days has been a much sweeter situation. Something I even look forward to. Since Solomon has been born Marley has quit naps completely. No nap during the day has made bedtime (not including bedtime prep ie books) a process that takes less than 30 minutes. For me that is no time at all. Easy street. Now that Bob and I regularly take turns doing bedtime she is also getting more accustomed to him at bedtime. Less mournful cries for mama.

She has been waking up in the middle of the night these days but that troubles me less than marathon bedtime.

When she is lying there working on falling asleep she pushes my hair away from my face over and over and rubs my bottom lip with the pad of her thumb. She is a strange sweet girl.

The other day Ma and I were in the car (as were Marley and Solo) (on an emergency wedding rehearsal shoe run) and I asked her one of my favorite questions. If you (were single and) could go on a date with any living celebrity who would it be? What was the first thing mom said? "Not Matt Damon." As if my automatic assumption would have been Matt Damon. She ended up choosing Will Smith. My mother is a mysterious creature.

...For the record my answer was Anthony Bourdain.

Bob is on his new shift schedule. He works 9a-7:30p (which in Meghyn time is 8:15a-8p). It has been fantastic so far. We eat dinner together as a family and Marley gets to see him before she goes to bed. So in the morning I don't have to hear Bob say, "Bye Marley, I'll see you tomorrow."

Solomon has a bellybutton issue. It is herniated and looks a little funny. Thursday we see the pediatrician. She did not seem concerned over the phone. Hopefully it is just one of those with-time things and not a with-surgery things.

12 days till the wedding. Whoa. Our big projects to get finished are music, my dress... and pretty much everything else. After I finish blog-crastinating I am going to go work on place-cards and table numbers. I can't wait for the wedding and I won't have to because time is flying by.