Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chris :(

This post is a mess. I'm very tired, stressed and couldn't sleep before I blogged.

Saturday night Jenny stayed over our house to help us out by watching our kids. In the morning we found out her husband Chris had died. So unexpected, so out of the blue, so very very sad. Devastating. I know that people always say "there couldn't be a nicer guy" but really... there couldn't be a nicer guy.

We drove up Thanksgiving afternoon and spent the evening at Chris' mom's house. Friday was the visitation and Saturday morning was the service. There are many many people who miss Chris. A lot of family, friends and coworkers who all really liked and loved him.

My heart is broken for Jenny. Hearing her talking to the police on Sunday morning was... one of the worst things that has ever happened in my presence. Certainly the saddest. It echoes in my mind.

We got home from Columbus at 5 today (Saturday). I'm sad we could not stay longer. Financially speaking it was not possible to stay. I wanted to bring her home. Everyone from Cincinnati did. The temptation for me is to try and know and do what is best for Jenny. I want her to come to Cincinnati so I can be close to her and help to take care of her. This is what is best for me anyway, but Jenny knows what is best for her. We just need to be there and keep her company and love her.

So love you Jenny. I hope you will come to Cincinnati to visit soon. I hope we can come to visit you soon too.

Love you Chris. You were a most excellent in-law in-law.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Enjoy these photos gratis.

Marley NOT kissing Solo (for once).
Bob is dead serious about his 'daddy chair'.

My girl in her favorite accessory; the mud boots.

I'm really struggling with my desire to use semicolons.
I keep thinking "Yes! Now I can use one!" Then I do and it feels wrong.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Solomon has proven himself to be quite the orator. He loves to go on these one-sided wee man rants for several minutes at a time. It is remniscent of when Marley is eating (she growls).

I am so grateful that God first chose me; loved me so that I could love Him.

Marley was playing with a stuffed cow and she pushed in it's belly and the cow started mooing and she hugged it and said, "I proud of you. You're smart."

I really need to get back on top of my pictures. I am taking 10+ a day and not uploading them... like most people. I hate that. Display all pictures on the walls. Leave no wall untouched, make them like pincushions with your memories hanging from each pin. Don't leave them to spoil and rot on your SD card.

I have been very highstrung the last couple weeks. Even for me. I keep seeing danger everywhere and my anxiety is out of control. I am considering persuing my previous Xanax perscription but I don't know if there is a breastmilk safe alternative.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mama love the kids

Just left Solo and Marley in the same room together to go to the bathroom. Solo was on the rug wearing his onesie, his pants and a blanket over him. When I came back he was wearing a onesie and had a blanket over him but his pants were on Marley's head.
Marley likes to ask the same question over and over. example:
Marley: Waffle please.
While you are making the waffle she will ask over and over and over "waffle please". So now I have told her, "Marley after you ask for something and someone has answered, do not ask again."
So now it goes...
Marley: Waffle please.
Me: Yes, Marley. I'll make it, give me a minute.
Marley: Don't ask again. Don't ask again. Don't ask again. Don't ask again. Don't ask again...
Solo is the size of a 6 month old. After a few painful weeks I finally discovered that I have an oversupply issue that was affecting Solo's behavior. I made an adjustment, started 'block feeding' and now he is like a brand new baby. Very content (for a baby). He even STTN. Now if only MMW would sleep through the night.
Actually reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I like it better than I thought I would. I thought the language would mix me up but it is surprisingly understandable.
Me: What should we do today?
Marley: Umm... Gigi's house.
Me: Why do you like Gigi's house so much?
Marley: Umm Grandpa Bob.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hottttttt Pocket

So I am teaching myself how to cook. As is my way I have been throwing myself into it with reckless enthusiasm. This from the girl who previously wouldn't make her own PBJ or microwave her own pizza rolls (mmm pizza rolls). I have been watching Ultimate with Tyler Florence and Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee and of course I am a diehard fan for Alton Brown. What AB says, goes.

I have thus far made: Black bean burritos, baked BBQ chicken (twice) (because I love BBQ chicken), stuffed giant pasta shells... some other stuff. I can't remember. I made a salted caramel apple pie (I even made my own caramel). Very nom. This sounds like bragging. It isn't... or at least it is not meant to be. Pah. It's my blog. Whatever.


Tonight I made something I am really proud of. Because I used no recipes, took no advice. I just intuitively used the ingredients I had. Here is the recipe.

Meghyn's Italianish Food Involving Pasta And Tomatos And Also Bread And Also Salad

6 vine tomatos
1 red bell pepper
1/2 green pepper
1/2 bulb garlic (ok really I used about 3/4)
Dice all that junk up and put it into a pot. Bring to boil then turn heat to med-low.

Slice italian bread in half and slop on the garlic butter (sautee diced garlic in butter and strain out garlic) (put leftover garlic in sauce) (see 3/4). Sprinkle with rosemary. Yes rosemary.

Spring mix of green leafy stuff. Add craisins and honey dijon that stuff lightly.

Delicious. Healthy. Vegetables. Probable gas. Probable happy family.

The family was sitting around the dinner table last night and Bob gave Marley some chicken and said "Be careful Marley, the chicken is hot."
Marley looks at the chicken and says, "Hottttt Pocket."

Go to 55 seconds in to this video if you are not Jim Gaffigan savvy.

That topic brings me to this topic. Marley has never actually seen that stand-up only ever heard me quote it. That is because I rarely allow her to watch "adult shows". The only TV she sees is one of the two preschooler channels we have (Nick Jr and Sprout). The only adult shows I ever watch in her presence are cooking shows. Shows I know where she is very unlikely to see something scary, sexy or otherwise unsavory (does that qualify as a pun because of the cooking shows?)

Marley repeats EVERYTHING. She is also terrified of candy corn because she saw a "scary" music video for a song for preschoolers about... candy corn. My own oversensitivity has either passed on to her through my own behaviors or genetically. It does not really matter. The point is she is a scaredy cat who makes me announce when I am coming through the basement door before I open it because otherwise she makes wild angry proclamations "I scare you!" (translation: You scared me.)

So if you have remote control and Marley is around. Err on the side of safety. Because she is also a tattletale and I will come for you!

Two books that need to be written:
Ridiculous Things Husbands Say
(self explanatory title)
Bob inspired this book when he informed me that he "does not walk in public."
Breastfeeding Where?
(anecdotal and pictorial)
I decided this needed to happen when I found myself breastfeeding Solomon while playing frisbee golf at the same time.

Put the sauce on penne pasta that you cook in super salty water.

Bob would like me to amend my statement about walking in public. "I would not walk alone in public just for exercise". (He thinks that makes it less silly). Let me add this little anecdote. The other day I was in the basement doing laundry and I heard Marley upstairs close herself in her room, she immediatly started yelling to be released from her self-made prison. Bob was upstairs on the couch holding Solo. By the time I got back upstairs Marley was still yelling for release and I asked Bob why he did not open the door for her. He replied he could not because "I'm holding the baby."

This is why God made it Adam & Eve and not Adam & Steve. Because who would open the door for Abel while they were busy holding Cain?