Sunday, December 26, 2010

Girl darling/ Boy darling

So my darling dearest daughter announced that she was hungry and ready for her 65th meal of the day. So I told her to go wash her hands and in the 20 second lapse between her and I to the lav she managed to strip a brand new super roll of Charmin ultrastrong and drops her HUGE tp bouquet into the toilet. I got there just as the last ply dropped. I took her by the arm immediatly and put her in timeout with a short explanation of why. She was immediatly catterwhaling and crying. Two minutes of toilet rescue later I went into her room and explained why she was in timeout and how to avoid it in the future. Boogery and teary, she washed her hands and we went back to the kitchen and I gave her a bowl of meatball soup. She ate all the meatballs and slurped down all the pasta and broth and says "Not sad now. I feel better."

Soup. Not just for colds anymore.

Solomon loves everything Marley does. He watches her intently and laughs with gusto when she does anything that tickles his baby sense of humor. Heart warming.
I just started sitting him in his hi-chair with heavy padding and propping and he watches and plays with his plastic spoon. His dexterity blows my mind. Love his face.

Merriest Christmas

On Christmas eve I prayed that Christmas would go as well as possible and it did. I got many opportunities to pray because my darling children were awake all night for reasons-unbeknownst-to-me.
In the morning we got up andRalph & Debbie joined us for Big Breakfast day. French toast, bacon, sausage, eggs. Delicious! Then we opened gifts and it was a practice in discipline, patience & politeness for Marley. Who has parents who absolutely delight in buying her gifts. Lets hope we don't ruin the poor girl. Solomon decided he would prefer sleeping through much of the festivities but when he was awake he was his usual sunshiney self. All dimples and snorts of laughter.
Bob made the cheesiest garliciest mac and cheese and I made a salted caramel applie pie and we bid adieu to R and D and headed to my folks' house.
It was a mad house. Our small little family has really grown (in numbers and in volume) (thats decibals not pounds). I honestly could watch Aimee and Marley all day. When it's love it's melty gooey oh-so-painfully cute (and when it's not love it's slightly less cute).
Toby is so not the heavyweight toddler anymore it is crazy. He is practically an adult. His handwriting is better than mine and he writes haiikus. Hello?
I adore giving my family gifts. I wish I had more money and more opportunity to do it. Hauling in the gifts we were given was a workout. The bulk of which was diapers for the boy darling. It was wonderful, the whole day.
My favorite moment? Marley & I were talking about what Christmas was really all about (an ongoing conversation) and she says "Baby Jeechus birthday?" I say yes and she goes and gets baby Jesus out of the manger and holds him up so he can survey the gifts. AND I caught it on film!

Happy Birthday Jeechus

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite professional wedding photos

Poppop & Granny with Marley & Solomon
The Ceremony

The Reception
See all the photos here.
Thanks Melanie & Adam :)


Three smiles!
Somerset Presbyterian :)

Jack-Fish & Solo

Little Miss Chatter

"I'm an astronaut and I'm pretty too."

"Lalalala... baby Jeechus... Lalalala... Burgalars."

"I LOVE Cupcake cereal."

During the Christmas play program at church on Sunday the lights got dark and Marley leaned in real close to me and put her arm around me (she was standing on a chair so she could see) and kisses me on the temple and says "I'm proud of you." Completely out of the blue and for no apparent reason. Then she said "I love you too." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blargh people... just blargh.

So I may or may not have blogged about this recently (recently = last three years) but I am going to say this in very short, definite terms. A letter.

Some Christian people,
Rejecting a person based on their sexual orientation is wrong.
Sexual sin is not an invitation to judge. Sexual sin is not a sin that God cannot forgive.
If you're going to judge people engaging in homosexual sin then judge me for having two children out of wedlock.

Getting on my nerves.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grandpa Winslow

Grandpa Winslow has lost his battle with cancer. He died on the 5th. A day after we got to visit him. He was a great man and left a legacy of great men and ladies behind him. The funeral was a very nice service and Ralph gave a wonderful eulogy. Seeing all the old time photos of him and his brothers was surreal. Like a different place not just a different time.

I feel so badly for Sharon. She just lost her husband and her mom just had a heart attack and is being moved to a home. So much stress and sadness all at once. I think prayer is going to be what gets her through such a difficult time.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Photos for smiles

Not scruffy looking at all.
Dr. Aimee & Dr. Marley investigate Marley's numerous toe injuries.

My artist specializes in enthusiasm.

Zig zag emotions Blog

First a haiiku then I'll relate the dream I had last night.

Final warm days go
Taking with them my dear friend
Meet again next spring.

--------Now the inappropriate transition-----------

Last night I had a dream I was back at my old boarding school and Anthony Bourdain was my english teacher and Mr. Fernandez (my 7th grade biology teacher) stole my car. Bourdain offered to drive me to go pick up Marley. Bourdain's car was full of stolen lunch meat. This did nothing to detract from his witty monlogues. We picked up Marley at a motel where she was being babysat by 3 hispanic women.


My anxiety has grown worse. Looking to January when insurance open enrollment entitles me to mental health care at a reasonable cost. My friend Savonna said it best, "I use to think I shouldn't have to take a pill to feel normal, now I am glad all I have to do is take a pill to feel normal."