Saturday, January 22, 2011

My new room

I am typing this on the touchscreen keyboard of my phone in my new room. This house is so different from the other. I never want more square feet than this house has. Trapsing between the rooms... "Sorry Marley you can't poop in the potty right now, Mommy is winded." Also carpet is the forgotten curse blessing. Carpet is perfect to help your rolling bouncing baby boy stay safe. Too bad it is also perfect for collecting baby related gooeyness (sp?). Marley is obsessed with 'my new house'. She wouldbe happy and pleased as punch to show you her new room and new bathroom. Solomon does not care where we live as long as he is warm and fed and I am uncomfortable and have spit on my shoulder. Bob is happy the move is over (mostly) and the little house is listed. I could write a whole year of blogs about how blessed we are but I reserve this post for less graceful emotions and experiences.

The person who seems to have suffered most under the strains of moving is Murphy. Strictly speaking, he is not a person but it's my blog and I do what I want. Murphy has been on everyone's heels since a few days before the move. Always hovering right by you, on you when you sit, behind you, watching always.

Actually on second thought the most suffering person in this move has been the black shark fish. Since he died I would say that qualifies his lot as being the worst deal.

Everyone we have encountered so far in Milford has been very friendly. Strangely friendly. Out-of-their-way-to-chat friendly. Even our server at Ihop while out to dinner with Gigi & Grandpa Bob was very friendly and accomodating... He was also QUITE drunk. Or high. Or both. Regardless... Very nice.
Our house's listing officially went up this morning and had it's first showing this afternoon. Maybe they will buy it. Hope they have patience... Hope they have an imagination too because we have not repainted or cleaned it yet. Yuck. Embarassing.

I had much more to say but I am tired and typing like this is a trial. So I will sum up. Washer dryer insinkerator no worky but magical mom and dad fixed, it worky. Cold weather is making my facebook feed very boring. Marley has become very good at using the facilities. I cannot wait for w2. Dunkin Donuts = the yum.

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