Monday, February 28, 2011

Heaven will be better than...

The bottom of an oreo milkshake with extra oreo.
The moment they lay your newborn on your chest.
A warm baby curled into your stomach, every breath a gentle coo.
A perfectly seasoned filet.
The hug of someone you desperatly want to be pressed against.
Your parents' approval.
A new vacuum.
Accomplishing a carpentry task without a trip to the hardware store.
New mascara day.
New sheets day.
The smell of sun on a blanket.
Your love laughing uncontrollably at a joke you made.
Free lunch.
Feeling totally confident that you are wearing the appropriate outfit for the occasion.
Catching a softball perfectly.
Catching a 2-outer on the river when your opponent just suckdd out on you on the turn.
A baby's grin.
A perfectly dressed salad.
Having great in-laws.
Purposeful art.
Self-indulgent art.
Art for a grade.
Getting to sleep in when you didn't expect to.
The smell of indoor pools.
Hot soup on a cold day.
Cold soup on a hot day.
Riding horses.
Playing miniature golf.
Riding go-carts.
Playing laser tag and winning by a huge margin.
Impressing someone without trying.
A prospective employer offering you more money than you expected.
The feeling of having it all together.
An even suntan.
Not having a copay at the doctor.
Looking great in a family photo that is put in some highly viewed area.
Having the best family anyone ever had.
The smell of the Smokey mountains.
Fried footlong corndogs.
A 68 degree day in February.
A breeze in August.
Remembering all the stuff you meant to pack into the car, including the superfluous just-in-case stuff.
When the superfluous stuff you brought ends up being useful.
Someone taking you seriously.
Someone getting the obscure joke you made.
Your kid telling they love you so much.
Having a plan.
Not having a plan.
Hammocks in the shade.
The smell of hyacinth.
Waking up to birds singing.
An evenly sharpened pencil.
The Steve Miller band.
Fresh laundry smell.
Anything this world can offer.

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