Monday, March 14, 2011


Yesterdayish we were at my parent's and Marley went on a walk with Gpa Bob and gathered rocks for her collection. He put them in a sandwich bag for her and she jabbered about them for the 40 minute ride home. When we pulled into our driveway she says "show daddy my rock election!" and I tell her he isn't home yet and she starts putting the rocks into their bag and says "I'll keep them safe in Grandpa Bob's bag till later."

Maybe her longest sentence yet that actually made sense and was made up of real words. Awesome how cool she is.

Solomon is working less on words, he is focusing his mastery on sitting up and moving around without actual bonified crawling. He's way more of a mover than Marley was at that age.

He is also breaking every female cashier we come across' heart. His killer baby smiles never fail. They always stop whatever they are doing to smile back and talk to him. Then they try to talk to Marley and she levels the stink eye on them. That shuts down their little cooey love fest real quick. <3 these kids

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