Friday, March 4, 2011

A few of the many

Some of the things I read when going through product reviews have me in snorting hysterical fits of laughter. Allow me to share a few I just found...

Very hart to spell.
"....Very hart to drive."

Redundancy City
"I live in an urban city..."

Assembling sure... Steering?
(Bicycle review) "Easy to assemble even for a guy with one arm."

Negative Nancy
(product given 1 out of 5 stars)"...She is happy so far (I expect many mechanical problems soon)."

This one makes me think of the videos for 'Lowered Expectations'.
"the product was good, but was missing a very important bolt that keeps the front wheel on. i had to run around looking for it . making me very unhappy."

I think my kids are special too.
"Awesome bike. I have a "Special" son and this bike is perfect for him!"

Would you like cheese with that typo?
"I like the product but was disappointed that the product was scratched whine it was assembled."

" mother who is in her fifties so she cannot get around very well."

I'm into that.
"I got many compliments from strangers."

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