Friday, March 11, 2011


I've been rather obsessing over the story of Lazarus and the rich man today. I found this fun study guide on the tale (tale included).

I've been fixated on heaven these past two weeks. Considering how much thought I give to God and all His many innumerable facets I have previously not spent that much time considering heaven. Honestly I have put more of my thoughts wondering about hell and what that must be like.

Thanks to Jesus I am heaven bound and I am grateful. But what am I escaping? How bad is it? Where exactly is it I am headed? What will we do there?

I hope that there is a Record Keeper there (likely a God-facet) who can answer all my many many stupid questions. I have ALWAYS longed to speak with the Record Keeper.

How many words have I read?
What is the closest I ever came to death (without actually dying)?
How many cusswords did I say? How many of them were used in such a way that displeased God?
How many bugs did I kill?

So a few things I hope there are in Heaven. Record Keeper, horseback riding, sunrise-grade beautiful scenery whenever you happen to wake up.

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  1. I like to think of questions I will ask all the time. How many times did I poop?

    Was there a better path for me to have chosen?

    Ive definitely thought of the "close to death" one before.

    How many times did I hear the song IRIS by the goo goo dolls?

    How many people remember me that I dont remember?