Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Always the kids.

Helping Marley use the big potty I have to support her to keep her from falling in. Basically I get down eye level with her and support under her armpits.

Marley: I need privacy.
Me: Ok... what exactly should I do?
Marley: Look at the wall and the floor and the garbage can and the wall and the 'power taper' thing. Don't smile at me.

(power taper = toilet paper)

Marley told Bob she was hungry and he asked if she wanted a sandwiche. She said, "No. I want turkey and cheese and bread and mayonnaise. No sandwiche."

Solomon saw his aunt Jackie for the first time since he was a newb and he thought it was grand fun to ride her leg bucking bronco style. He was also completely tickled by her poodle. Shrieks of wild baby laughter. Too cute.

Monday, April 25, 2011


So Solomon has been having a grouchy boy day because of lingering super-cold-of-boogery-doom. Bob had class half the day so my attention has been split between the kids and dumb-barking-dog. So when he got home after awhile he offered to take Marley to the park while I dealt with the screamer.

So those two leave and I get Solomon settled (in his crib as I noted in my previous entry). Then the front door opens a half hour later and Bob is carrying Marley and Marley is just waking up. Apparently she fell asleep in the car (which she rarely does) on the way to Miami Meadows and it also began to drizzle so Bob turned back.

Marley woke up to Bob walking into the house. She starts crying so hard. What about the park?! Soooo sad. Disappointment is hard to cope with for an adult much less a tired two year old. M&M ice cream sandwich and bouncing with mama on the athletic ball to the rescue!

What do they dream?

What are baby nightmares like?

What dream does Marley hate to wake up from?

Why won't kids give me good answers when I ask them questions about dreams?

The other morning I was creepily standing over Marley and watching her sleep (in MY spot which she had STOLEN) and she woke up with a jerk saying, "...ninteen, Twenty!" She looked really confused.

Nightmares about hide and seek? Are we putting too much pressure on this kid? Should we start taking more turns being "It"?


Today Solomon has demonstrated just how much better he sleeps in the crib than in my bed. My bed is a $2000 piece of sleeping fine art BUT it is a queen and there are always 3-4 people in it depending on whether Marley has creeped in with us. Solomon has been napping and now he is (currently) sleeping in his crib (not just for laundry any more!)

My tenative plan is that I am finally going to take an active nighttime parenting role. While I have always done the large part of nighttime parenting I have always taken a "peaceful" (re: lazy) approach. Tonight... maybe I won't?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the pink stuff

On the ride home from the Duebber's house today (right before the Mariemont section of route 50) Marley says, "Mommy?"
"My.. ear hurts." Then without a pause or another word she starts wailing and crying. Clearly in pain from her right ear. I had been expecting an ear infection, but from Solo and not her. Colds are no big deal right? So why all the damn amoxicilin?

So Marley is crying and Solomon, very disturbed by her sudden outburst starts crying too. He is a sympathetic cry-er (when Marley was a baby she would laugh when other people cried). She is hysterical, he is hyperventilating crying along with her and I am driving, trying to merge peacefully into the bottleneck that is Mariemont traffic and back out.

So I get on the horn with the pediatrician who says loudly so I can hear her over the screaming "Can you be here at 5:10?" I look at the clock. 3:55. Ugh. "Yes we will be there."

So I drive to Milford house and apply motrin to each child (different doses of course). Then I tell Marley that she gets to go to the doctor. She is not happy about it. Sometimes she is thrilled to see the doc but not after already being in the car for 45 minutes in pain and with her screaming angry brother.
"We need to go to the doctor to get some medicine."
"No. Not right now."
"The sooner we go to the doctor, the sooner we get medicine and the sooner you will feel better."
"Mommy I'm too sick."
"If you want to feel better we have to go."
"I'm just a little kid."
(Most parents know what an elipsis sounds like. It is the sound of a parent caught off gaurd).
I look at her. She looks at me. Her eyes are swollen and red and still have tears coming out of them. Solomon is much the same except he is purple-y to boot and still howling.
"I'll give you a cookie."
I start making deals. I had to. It was unreasonable to drag her around town in the car all day and then not accomodate her special interests when I throw her in the car for yet another 1.5 hours.
"Not right now. I don't feel good. I'm throwing up." Marley says she is throwing up whenever there is something unbalanced in her humors. She was not in all actuality throwing up.
"I'll get you a burger."
No response. The pain must have kicked back up because she started crying again. I get desperate, I get frustrated.
"I'll buy you a puppy, get you a burger and you can eat cookies the whole ride there."
She looks at me through her very wet sad eyes.
"A milkshake?"
"Can we get a milkshake?"
Way easier than a puppy.
"Of course we can."

And off we went to the baby vet. Marley was seen almost immediately, getting to only briefly admire the waiting room pleclostomus. She was very brave and practically cooperated with the unfamiliar doc. She had a "fire engine red ear" and one fine ear. Solomon interestingly enough also had a double ear infection.

We went to Steak'n'Shake and she ate a vanilla milkshake with Bob (who we met there).
We are now up to our ears (ha) in pink bubblegum flavored antibiotics. Today is almost over.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


At the museum center yesterday Marley held a Madagascar hissing cockroach. The thing was the size of a mouse. I almost fainted. She was SO BRAVE. This is the same girl who started screaming hysterically when she saw a bumble bee. I let Bob tend to her as she was holding the creature. She sat stoically and let it crawl all over her palm. When she gave the bug back to the lady I said, "Marley you were so brave! Was that fun?" She says to me," No. It was terrible."

So brave or just in shock.

I miss my peeping tom squirrel at Pameleen house.

Bob started school on Monday. He is such a big boy. We even got him his own bookbag.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am afraid.

in the night... no, worse than that... in the dark when my mind bids that nothing stir and yet not quite in stillness. sounds magnified creaks with no justification resound against the perfect amplifier of my fears every noise comfortable and known but a stranger still preying on me, my thoughts, my enemy. thoughts no man was born to think passing like trees along the road just as real just as close nothing impossible as in the day where champions and heroes have long vision. seeing all, distracting much but moonside in the private hours where lay the nightmare dragon no one can protect the soul against the violence of imagination.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zoo babies

Bob and I took the kids to the zoo today and it was awesome. The tulips were radiant and abundant and the animals seemed particularly active. We rode the train, ate soft serve with a bright but-not-very bright peacock who kept attacking his own reflection and fed the lorikeets. The lorikeets took a real shine to Bob. They were on his head and shoulders and one of them was trying to eat his earrings and lick his sideburn...
There was a baby giraffe too!
Marley was perfectly behaved, Solomon rode in the stroller and watched all goings on and was perfectly content. It was awesome. I had prayed as we were walking in that God would make it a great day and He did. It was.

Afterward we went to the Combs and Marley got to play with Asher and Iris, Solomon got to people watch. Marley has improved HUGELY over the last week in the shyness department.

I am so blessed to have these two kids.
I don't deserve any of it but I am thankful.

Marley asked me what Timm's name was and I told her and she said "Ohhh he's cute!"
She loves to tell people stories and then ask them "What is your story of?" She may be a future public radio personality. "I'm Marley Winslow and I will be taking over for Terry Gross."
Bob does his sleep study tomorrow. Poor guy, he HATES sleeping anywhere outside of the very limited real estate of our queen sized mattress. Now he has to... with people watching. God please let the sleep study people find answers immediately and correctly. Let it be something that can be fixed without a machine he has to wear. And if that isn't Your will God help us deal with the findings and the fixings.
I cannot believe how much some Americans complain about living in the U.S. It is a blessing that cannot be measured to have been born here. Especially when you look at some other countries that struggle hugely with meeting the populace's basic needs (food, shelter, clean water). Let us compare the problems of the people of Ivory Coast, Turkey, Libya to the troubles of most Americans. Upside mortgages don't look so bad compared to say... being murdered by a tyranical dictator.

Sorry I sometimes see Facebook rants of people slamming the US for being uneducated or fat or behind the times and it just gets under my skin. Don't talk about it unless you're doing something about it. Is our country too fat? Exercise and lead by example... Ok I am cutting this rant short. Edited for time and space and passive aggressiveness.

Good night.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet Merlin's beard

Solomon is really good at stuff. I was trying to think of just how to word that but didn't come up with anything that summed it up better than that. He sits up for long perdiods without falling on his piehole, he can grabs objects with both hands and then do things with those objects (like bang a spoon and pot together to make loud noises) and he can get around a room using a complicated dance of backwards crawling, army crawling and inchworming. He is amazing. His biggest strength is still with charming the ladies. He LOVES to smile at chicks. He tucks his chin and just dimples up all those fat baby rolls and lets them have it.

He is my honey bear.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fun Family Times

Today a very large portion of my immediate and extended herd went to watch Baba's last swim meet. Luckily she didn't shame the family and she swam very well. Also there were more chubby swimmers there then I have ever seen before so my self esteem didn't suffer as much as it normally does seeing college aged swimmer types. Is that horrible? I think that it probably is.

The BEST part of the evening includes 3 highlights:

1. Solomon falling asleep in Gigi's arms, snarfed and content despite the very loud electronic music bouncing around the pool area.

2. Marley told me she needed to go to the potty and she and I went together to the ladies' room. Once we were in the stall and she was in the public-potty-using-position someone else entered the restroom and proceeded to use it to it's usual purpose. Not sure if you have ever been in a public restroom before but there are certain inevitable sounds that are (in polite society) ignored. Toddlers ARE NOT polite society. Allow me to be crass for the sake of expedience-in-storytelling (HA! Like I have ever rushed a story) The other restroom user starts peeing and Marley says in a booming little girl voice, "What is that sound?" I tell her someone else is using the potty too. She accepts my answer. There is silence for a moment. Marley says (same booming voice), "Is she done yet?" I tell her no. Again, acceptance. The other restroom user flushes and Marley says, "SHE DID IT! I'm SO proud of her!"

Then she announces that she is finished. I tidy her up and we exit the stall (AKA my new hiding place) to see face to face the clearly talented and remarkable person for which Marley holds so much pride. Best part? Marley won't make eye contact with her. She deigns to turn the stink eye in her general direction then walks towards the sinks, intent on her next task. Not to be bothered by her previously favored topic of BOOMING conversation.

Cute kid.

3. On the ride home with Marley, Solo and Grandpa Labe it was good times. Grandpa and I talked about how he met Grandma while rollerskating to Glenn Miller's "In the Mood" (which played 4 times in a row) and how he played hockey, softball, baseball and swimming. Holding a state record in swimming for one week before the previous record holder took it back. And how he turned down a contract to play professional baseball (which paid about 45 dollars a month) for a job working as an engineer in a factory for 75 dollars a week.

He talked about our genealogical pedigrees and how the Crocketts became who they were and how John Crockett survived a Native American massacre and was adopted by them and married a Native American woman and had children with her. He talked about the Von Planks and how they moved from Germany only to intermarry with other German immigrants who had lived within 10 km. of them in Germany. For me it is important to feel connected to history so that I can remember how important the future is. I hope someday my great great great great granddaughter will hear the abbreviated version of my tale and think, "Neat."