Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fun Family Times

Today a very large portion of my immediate and extended herd went to watch Baba's last swim meet. Luckily she didn't shame the family and she swam very well. Also there were more chubby swimmers there then I have ever seen before so my self esteem didn't suffer as much as it normally does seeing college aged swimmer types. Is that horrible? I think that it probably is.

The BEST part of the evening includes 3 highlights:

1. Solomon falling asleep in Gigi's arms, snarfed and content despite the very loud electronic music bouncing around the pool area.

2. Marley told me she needed to go to the potty and she and I went together to the ladies' room. Once we were in the stall and she was in the public-potty-using-position someone else entered the restroom and proceeded to use it to it's usual purpose. Not sure if you have ever been in a public restroom before but there are certain inevitable sounds that are (in polite society) ignored. Toddlers ARE NOT polite society. Allow me to be crass for the sake of expedience-in-storytelling (HA! Like I have ever rushed a story) The other restroom user starts peeing and Marley says in a booming little girl voice, "What is that sound?" I tell her someone else is using the potty too. She accepts my answer. There is silence for a moment. Marley says (same booming voice), "Is she done yet?" I tell her no. Again, acceptance. The other restroom user flushes and Marley says, "SHE DID IT! I'm SO proud of her!"

Then she announces that she is finished. I tidy her up and we exit the stall (AKA my new hiding place) to see face to face the clearly talented and remarkable person for which Marley holds so much pride. Best part? Marley won't make eye contact with her. She deigns to turn the stink eye in her general direction then walks towards the sinks, intent on her next task. Not to be bothered by her previously favored topic of BOOMING conversation.

Cute kid.

3. On the ride home with Marley, Solo and Grandpa Labe it was good times. Grandpa and I talked about how he met Grandma while rollerskating to Glenn Miller's "In the Mood" (which played 4 times in a row) and how he played hockey, softball, baseball and swimming. Holding a state record in swimming for one week before the previous record holder took it back. And how he turned down a contract to play professional baseball (which paid about 45 dollars a month) for a job working as an engineer in a factory for 75 dollars a week.

He talked about our genealogical pedigrees and how the Crocketts became who they were and how John Crockett survived a Native American massacre and was adopted by them and married a Native American woman and had children with her. He talked about the Von Planks and how they moved from Germany only to intermarry with other German immigrants who had lived within 10 km. of them in Germany. For me it is important to feel connected to history so that I can remember how important the future is. I hope someday my great great great great granddaughter will hear the abbreviated version of my tale and think, "Neat."


  1. You are such a talented writer. Love #2!!

  2. 1) Loveee the story about Marley and the bathroom. When I was her age I crawled under the stall wall and told the lady (who was pooping in the next stall at the airport) that I liked her blouse and she had big boobs.

    2) I tap danced to "In the Mood" in 1992 (bwahaha)

    3) I love when Oma tells me all her old random stories. Its super fun to hear her curse in English with her very thick Dutch accent (that only becomes that thick when shes worked up telling a story. Like she got angry once talking about my grandpa and his apparent cheating, and called him a mudder fukr. Said the way its spelled lol)