Thursday, April 21, 2011

the pink stuff

On the ride home from the Duebber's house today (right before the Mariemont section of route 50) Marley says, "Mommy?"
"My.. ear hurts." Then without a pause or another word she starts wailing and crying. Clearly in pain from her right ear. I had been expecting an ear infection, but from Solo and not her. Colds are no big deal right? So why all the damn amoxicilin?

So Marley is crying and Solomon, very disturbed by her sudden outburst starts crying too. He is a sympathetic cry-er (when Marley was a baby she would laugh when other people cried). She is hysterical, he is hyperventilating crying along with her and I am driving, trying to merge peacefully into the bottleneck that is Mariemont traffic and back out.

So I get on the horn with the pediatrician who says loudly so I can hear her over the screaming "Can you be here at 5:10?" I look at the clock. 3:55. Ugh. "Yes we will be there."

So I drive to Milford house and apply motrin to each child (different doses of course). Then I tell Marley that she gets to go to the doctor. She is not happy about it. Sometimes she is thrilled to see the doc but not after already being in the car for 45 minutes in pain and with her screaming angry brother.
"We need to go to the doctor to get some medicine."
"No. Not right now."
"The sooner we go to the doctor, the sooner we get medicine and the sooner you will feel better."
"Mommy I'm too sick."
"If you want to feel better we have to go."
"I'm just a little kid."
(Most parents know what an elipsis sounds like. It is the sound of a parent caught off gaurd).
I look at her. She looks at me. Her eyes are swollen and red and still have tears coming out of them. Solomon is much the same except he is purple-y to boot and still howling.
"I'll give you a cookie."
I start making deals. I had to. It was unreasonable to drag her around town in the car all day and then not accomodate her special interests when I throw her in the car for yet another 1.5 hours.
"Not right now. I don't feel good. I'm throwing up." Marley says she is throwing up whenever there is something unbalanced in her humors. She was not in all actuality throwing up.
"I'll get you a burger."
No response. The pain must have kicked back up because she started crying again. I get desperate, I get frustrated.
"I'll buy you a puppy, get you a burger and you can eat cookies the whole ride there."
She looks at me through her very wet sad eyes.
"A milkshake?"
"Can we get a milkshake?"
Way easier than a puppy.
"Of course we can."

And off we went to the baby vet. Marley was seen almost immediately, getting to only briefly admire the waiting room pleclostomus. She was very brave and practically cooperated with the unfamiliar doc. She had a "fire engine red ear" and one fine ear. Solomon interestingly enough also had a double ear infection.

We went to Steak'n'Shake and she ate a vanilla milkshake with Bob (who we met there).
We are now up to our ears (ha) in pink bubblegum flavored antibiotics. Today is almost over.

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