Monday, April 25, 2011


So Solomon has been having a grouchy boy day because of lingering super-cold-of-boogery-doom. Bob had class half the day so my attention has been split between the kids and dumb-barking-dog. So when he got home after awhile he offered to take Marley to the park while I dealt with the screamer.

So those two leave and I get Solomon settled (in his crib as I noted in my previous entry). Then the front door opens a half hour later and Bob is carrying Marley and Marley is just waking up. Apparently she fell asleep in the car (which she rarely does) on the way to Miami Meadows and it also began to drizzle so Bob turned back.

Marley woke up to Bob walking into the house. She starts crying so hard. What about the park?! Soooo sad. Disappointment is hard to cope with for an adult much less a tired two year old. M&M ice cream sandwich and bouncing with mama on the athletic ball to the rescue!

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