Monday, April 25, 2011

What do they dream?

What are baby nightmares like?

What dream does Marley hate to wake up from?

Why won't kids give me good answers when I ask them questions about dreams?

The other morning I was creepily standing over Marley and watching her sleep (in MY spot which she had STOLEN) and she woke up with a jerk saying, "...ninteen, Twenty!" She looked really confused.

Nightmares about hide and seek? Are we putting too much pressure on this kid? Should we start taking more turns being "It"?


Today Solomon has demonstrated just how much better he sleeps in the crib than in my bed. My bed is a $2000 piece of sleeping fine art BUT it is a queen and there are always 3-4 people in it depending on whether Marley has creeped in with us. Solomon has been napping and now he is (currently) sleeping in his crib (not just for laundry any more!)

My tenative plan is that I am finally going to take an active nighttime parenting role. While I have always done the large part of nighttime parenting I have always taken a "peaceful" (re: lazy) approach. Tonight... maybe I won't?

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