Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zoo babies

Bob and I took the kids to the zoo today and it was awesome. The tulips were radiant and abundant and the animals seemed particularly active. We rode the train, ate soft serve with a bright but-not-very bright peacock who kept attacking his own reflection and fed the lorikeets. The lorikeets took a real shine to Bob. They were on his head and shoulders and one of them was trying to eat his earrings and lick his sideburn...
There was a baby giraffe too!
Marley was perfectly behaved, Solomon rode in the stroller and watched all goings on and was perfectly content. It was awesome. I had prayed as we were walking in that God would make it a great day and He did. It was.

Afterward we went to the Combs and Marley got to play with Asher and Iris, Solomon got to people watch. Marley has improved HUGELY over the last week in the shyness department.

I am so blessed to have these two kids.
I don't deserve any of it but I am thankful.

Marley asked me what Timm's name was and I told her and she said "Ohhh he's cute!"
She loves to tell people stories and then ask them "What is your story of?" She may be a future public radio personality. "I'm Marley Winslow and I will be taking over for Terry Gross."
Bob does his sleep study tomorrow. Poor guy, he HATES sleeping anywhere outside of the very limited real estate of our queen sized mattress. Now he has to... with people watching. God please let the sleep study people find answers immediately and correctly. Let it be something that can be fixed without a machine he has to wear. And if that isn't Your will God help us deal with the findings and the fixings.
I cannot believe how much some Americans complain about living in the U.S. It is a blessing that cannot be measured to have been born here. Especially when you look at some other countries that struggle hugely with meeting the populace's basic needs (food, shelter, clean water). Let us compare the problems of the people of Ivory Coast, Turkey, Libya to the troubles of most Americans. Upside mortgages don't look so bad compared to say... being murdered by a tyranical dictator.

Sorry I sometimes see Facebook rants of people slamming the US for being uneducated or fat or behind the times and it just gets under my skin. Don't talk about it unless you're doing something about it. Is our country too fat? Exercise and lead by example... Ok I am cutting this rant short. Edited for time and space and passive aggressiveness.

Good night.

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