Friday, May 27, 2011

Marley likes to interject when Bob and I are talking.

Marley: Hey let me talk for a minute.
Me: Why don't you just keep talking indefinitely?
Marley: HEY! That's a good idea.

Bob took her to see her first movie in the theater today. Kung Fu Panda 2. She is a big fan even though she didn't get popcorn (Bob said it was $7) (that is insane).

Solomon and I went walking on the Little Miami Scenic Trail. He caused serious cyclists to gape and splutter at his adorableness. He rode in the stroller, alternating between his devil-may-care-foot-up-on-the-dash pose and his nothing-to-hide-hands-grasping-either-side-of-the-podium pose.

We saw an Indigo Bunting. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the bird. I thought it was a bluebird at first but it was much too dark. Electric Navy I'd call it. Very pretty song.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh Ho!

I have the distinct feeling that I am being led. It is comforting and also terrifying. Earlier I wanted to make a chart to get the feel of the population numbers post-Great Flood and I flipped right to the page I needed without having an idea where to look (Genesis 10).

This seems a small thing certainly. UNLESS YOU'RE ME. Anyone who has watched me work on a project can tell you that small tasks are rarely accomplished with ease and certainly not without 4 letter words that would make sailors blush to hear. I cannot even unscrew something without dropping the screwdriver pointy side down on my foot, stripping the screw and then also dropping the screw never to be found again (and then not being able to replace the screw because it is a rare size created and manufactured by a now bankrupt company on Easter Island).
So flipping right where I needed to be, right when I wanted to be there
My immediate reaction as soon as I realized what I had done was that my jaw dropped and I stared at the ceiling and said (aloud) "You just blew my mind."
I'm sure God's reaction was something akin to, "You're easy."

Another reason I feel led was because I was letting my own desires get in the way of decision making and as soon as I KNOCKED IT OFF, made a decision and went about it I found so many details fall neatly and stupid ridiculously into place.

It really does not take much to make me a chipper body.

Realizing a hard truth...

Here is a fragment of my innermost thoughts while brushing my teeth this evening.

"Why do people like awkward things?! Why do I always end up with guys who love awkward?! Oh...."

I figured it out.

My Old Testament obsession is getting more and more out of hand. I find myself having 10 tabs open on my browser. 4 are wikipedia entries. 'Nimrod' 'Reu' 'fourth son of Noah' and 'Semiramus' (ok that is not OT technically); 2 are maps, one of Mesopotamia and the other of Babylon; 1 is and the other 3 tabs are facebook, gmail and a youtube page with a video of twinkle twinkle little star (ok those 3 are not OT either).

Not to mention that my bed is completely covered by Adams' Chronological Map of History and my phone is on and running my app.

I need a hobby from my hobby before someone makes me start going to meetings.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh Job.

For hardship does not spring from the soil, nor does trouble sprout from the ground.

Yet man is born to trouble

as surely as sparks fly upward. Job 5: 6-7

If only there were someone to mediate between us,
someone to bring us together,

someone to remove God's rod from me, so that his terror would frighten me no more. Job 9: 33-34

Murphy, Dead Sea Scrolls, Television

The sounds Murphy makes when he is dreaming are hilarious. Growling and yip yip yipping. Once a few years ago he barked and woke himself up. It would have been funnier except I was pregnant with Marley at the time and nearly peed myself.

It is more difficult than I would have originally guessed to get a translated copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Bob & I are watching 'Game of Thrones' and it is the most TV watching fun I have had since 'Star Trek: the Next Generation'*. Not including 'COPS' of course because it is an unparalleled paragon of pure television watching pleasure.
*Close runner ups: 'Project Runway', 'Sweet Valley High', 'Eureka's Castle' (not in that order)

I spend a lot of time being angry at the library.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Six days you shall labor...

I feel a little empty inside when I think about the Sabbath and how... not holy it is in my life.

I want to DO something about it but when I think about taking action I get anxious.
I'm such a product of the 90's.
I want to be HIS.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Raging internal gigglefit caused by " The word "meditate" in the Hebrew means to walk around muttering things under your breath continually." That from here.

Zoo with my babies.

I "woke Marley up" when we got home from our trip to the library and playground today and she says, "I'm angry at you for waking me up. Bring me a sandwich to my bed."
I was so caught off guard I almost did it.
Marley: I'm nervous.
Me: Why are you nervous.
Marley: I don't know. I'm working on it.

Marley, Solomon and I went to Zoo Member night so we could see Barney and if I had known how much Marley would like it I would have brought a camera and more hands. She was so adorable, when he lead the dancing and singing it was SO cute because she kept her eyes on him the whole time and this happy smile that was just so full of anticipation.

Solomon had a GREAT time bouncing and yelling like a crazy person in my lap. When he gets really amused he yells. Not unlike the Scots in Braveheart (he sounds just as angry but is actually happy). He yells at Granny's robot, he (apparently) yells at Barney. He also jumps like his life depends on it and with obvious disregard for the tennis elbow I am developing.

Flying in an airplane, looking out the window, watching the world go by... (words?)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

As reported by Bob

While Bob was doing bedtime with Marley it was still light out and she had been laying there awhile trying to fall asleep and she says to Bob, "It's light outside."
Bob tells her, "Yeah as it gets later it gets darker. In summer it stays light much longer."
Marley then tells him, "I need some dark."
"Well it will get darker in just a little bit."
She thinks about it and says, "Use your hand." Then she uses his hand to cover her eyes.

She isn't unlike some birds I've known.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hooked on the Old Testament

Never thought I would be so enthralled by the Torah. I am completely obsessed. Waiting for the kids to go to bed so I can dig in and read the next installment. A few thoughts I have had since Genesis 1 (Now in Exodus 7) (again).

You can eat from the Tree of Life and you eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Tyhat is crazy nuts.

If God loved Jacob and favored him so much than he can love me because Jacob was a hot mess.

Joseph's humility make him incredibly likable. So does his successes.

The gift of the Holy Spirit to mankind is not unlike updating your OS (operating system) on your computer. It allows you to process newer and greater things that your old OS was way to base and stupid to comprehend.

No wonder the old testament is fraught with animal sacrifice, the people were just like me. They suck suck suck at life. My obedience to God is like (here comes a stretch) that Meatloaf song. I would do anything for love... but I won't do that (alike except for any sexual innuendos that may be involved) (what is that song about anyway!?)

"18 The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him. 19 Now the LORD God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky... But for Adam[f] no suitable helper was found."

Do you think they went through the animals and were like "Hmmm llama.... no... rabbit... nope too fuzzy... Hey a buffalo! Neh..."

A great disappointment to me is my lack of interest in those characters lacking the holy spirit. How much depth can be had from someone with no discernment?

Friday, May 13, 2011

It's so simple!

Bob & I are discussing what the real problem is in the Middle East. We think we have the answer. Too many countries. Makes map reading confusing and increases general frustration.

Bob's suggestion to them: Stop being so many countries.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stories from the john.

"Mama you're a mommy manatee and I'm a baby manatee and I have a belly and a tail and I float up and then go down down down in the water. And I have whiskers. Daddy is a daddy manatee and he protects me from the lions and the zebra."

When did Marley learn to talk?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Let me tell you a dam story.

The family all went to East Fork Lake this afternoon and while we found the beach unattainable due to record high flood levels (the restroom building was completely underwater to the roof) we did find the dam in a mighty huff.

It looked less like a dam and more like a water ride of epic and fatal proportions at a theme park. The water was splashing (though splashing is much too playful of a word) and crashing all over the place. The roaring sound was amazing! Marley loved hopping in the puddles (100's of feet away).

We saw fish, herons, hawks and a turtle who looked like it might have come from Jurassic Park.

This morning we went to Miami Meadows while Bobby was in class and it was not unlike being at the zoo. We saw 7 ducklings (5 of which were TINY), a bunch of adult ducks, 5 turtles (not sure what kind they were, they had red spots on the their heads), doggies, tiny fish, a beautiful blue-grey butterfly and the biggest fish I have ever seen being caught in real life. The guy who caught it said it was a carp. It.was.quite.ugly.

There was a blue heron who was standing so close we could have touched him. As we passed him he opened up his wings and glided across the water. Marley (ever the appreciative audience) stood still, eyes wide and goes "Whoa."

Solomon was in the baby carrier smashed into his favorite boob and saw none of this*. He is completely OK with it too. Babies.

*He was awake through the whole dam thing and he seemed to enjoy it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Bob reported that during bedtime Marley fell asleep whispering "I love you Daddy".

Solomon is officially obsessed with pulling himself into a standing position. Unfortunately he is very good at the pulling himself up and not very good at holding on and keeping himself up.

We woke at 6am this morning to make it to Baba's commencement at Miami U, Oxford and while I was getting ready and Bob was cooking Solomon managed to find a blue marker. He ate it. When I walked in his mouth was blue and his hands were blue and he was drooling blue all over his clothes. We managed to make it to the event without real incident (unless you count Dunkin Donuts). Baba graduated magna cum laude (spelling?) (not going to check - let it be wrong!)

After the ceremony we celebrated Mother's Day by having brunch at The Happiness Hotel (aka the Duebber's house). Solomon dented his lip on a baby doll stroller wheel and he had a tiny drop of blood.

Later when we got home Solomon smacked himself in the gums with a teapot and bled more profusely (as mouth wounds tend to do). He didn't seem to actually care though.

I have a new project in mind and this time the inspiration is quite Divine. I hope I can follow through. To God be the glory.

What is it about the bathtub that allows Marley to just become so animated and imaginative? She plays with her little animal toys so differently there than in the rest of the house. A pony becomes a baby horse lost from her friend the raccoon and they ride in a boat (which is technically a submarine because she pushes it around underwater) to try to find the mom (aka the teapot) (not the same teapot Solo used to take out his face). <3

Thanks Mom for being so super awesome :D

Friday, May 6, 2011

I was feeding Solomon some pureed vittles and Marley said he was messy and I explained to her that he was learning how to eat. I elaborated by saying when he was born he had to learn how to nurse and now he was learning how to eat baby food and that crawling was a step on the way to walking. Then she asked me when he was going to grow his mustache.
I told her I was not sure.

Sleep in this house has taken a dive. Solomon is sleeping better but Marley is sleeping worse. They both wake up (on average) twice a night. *Big deep dramatic sigh*

She wants to come into our bed in the middle of the night which I would not mind at all except she is a kicking, pushing, sideways-laying, tossing-all-over sleeper and the queen sized bed does not support that much people comfortably. I asked Bob for a king sized bed but he has not cracked yet (waiting on the lotto). So for now we are working on a night-by-night moment-by-moment survival plan. Sometimes I have the presence of mind to escort Marley back to her bed, cuddle her to sleep then come back to my bed and other times I find myself asleep on a stuffed dinosaur in Solomon's room on the floor. Not exactly sure why that makes sense to my brain at 4am but my log does not judge,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Potty

Today we went out to eat with some of best Winslows and their set and Marley proudly told her aunt Jackie that she was not wearing a diaper and that she was wearing underpants. Then as Jackie praised her Marley continued by saying, "But not the underpants with horses on it, those have poop on them."

So we are on "day three" of underpants. Marley LOVES it. We have only had one accident so far (the horse underpants) but that could happen to anybody. Even when we leave the house we have been doing underpants (mostly because I forget) and she has used the public restrooms at Target, Papadeux's and at the park with nary a crisis to be seen. So happy my girl is doing so well, so sad she is getting so grown up. Bittersweet.

Except the one accident. Gross. Gross. Gross.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My extensions

Marley likes to indicate an amount these days by saying "just a lot."

Solomon is an official moving (and quick) baby. If I leave the room at all he will be army crawling after me immediately. Sad but impressive! He can also sit up from laying down unassisted. This was always one of the more impressive skills in my book. I can barely do it myself these days. His new favorite things are Gerber Graduate yogurt melts (little dehydrated yogurt things) and this stuffed golden retriever that Marley got from a volunteer at the hospital when she got her stitches. When he goes to bed at night he has his Snarfer and his doggie. Very cute to see him cuddle it.

Yesterday we were watching Youtube videos of baby animals and Marley wraps her arms around Solo and goes, "This is my baby monkey."