Friday, May 6, 2011

I was feeding Solomon some pureed vittles and Marley said he was messy and I explained to her that he was learning how to eat. I elaborated by saying when he was born he had to learn how to nurse and now he was learning how to eat baby food and that crawling was a step on the way to walking. Then she asked me when he was going to grow his mustache.
I told her I was not sure.

Sleep in this house has taken a dive. Solomon is sleeping better but Marley is sleeping worse. They both wake up (on average) twice a night. *Big deep dramatic sigh*

She wants to come into our bed in the middle of the night which I would not mind at all except she is a kicking, pushing, sideways-laying, tossing-all-over sleeper and the queen sized bed does not support that much people comfortably. I asked Bob for a king sized bed but he has not cracked yet (waiting on the lotto). So for now we are working on a night-by-night moment-by-moment survival plan. Sometimes I have the presence of mind to escort Marley back to her bed, cuddle her to sleep then come back to my bed and other times I find myself asleep on a stuffed dinosaur in Solomon's room on the floor. Not exactly sure why that makes sense to my brain at 4am but my log does not judge,

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