Monday, May 9, 2011

Let me tell you a dam story.

The family all went to East Fork Lake this afternoon and while we found the beach unattainable due to record high flood levels (the restroom building was completely underwater to the roof) we did find the dam in a mighty huff.

It looked less like a dam and more like a water ride of epic and fatal proportions at a theme park. The water was splashing (though splashing is much too playful of a word) and crashing all over the place. The roaring sound was amazing! Marley loved hopping in the puddles (100's of feet away).

We saw fish, herons, hawks and a turtle who looked like it might have come from Jurassic Park.

This morning we went to Miami Meadows while Bobby was in class and it was not unlike being at the zoo. We saw 7 ducklings (5 of which were TINY), a bunch of adult ducks, 5 turtles (not sure what kind they were, they had red spots on the their heads), doggies, tiny fish, a beautiful blue-grey butterfly and the biggest fish I have ever seen being caught in real life. The guy who caught it said it was a carp. It.was.quite.ugly.

There was a blue heron who was standing so close we could have touched him. As we passed him he opened up his wings and glided across the water. Marley (ever the appreciative audience) stood still, eyes wide and goes "Whoa."

Solomon was in the baby carrier smashed into his favorite boob and saw none of this*. He is completely OK with it too. Babies.

*He was awake through the whole dam thing and he seemed to enjoy it.

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