Sunday, May 8, 2011


Bob reported that during bedtime Marley fell asleep whispering "I love you Daddy".

Solomon is officially obsessed with pulling himself into a standing position. Unfortunately he is very good at the pulling himself up and not very good at holding on and keeping himself up.

We woke at 6am this morning to make it to Baba's commencement at Miami U, Oxford and while I was getting ready and Bob was cooking Solomon managed to find a blue marker. He ate it. When I walked in his mouth was blue and his hands were blue and he was drooling blue all over his clothes. We managed to make it to the event without real incident (unless you count Dunkin Donuts). Baba graduated magna cum laude (spelling?) (not going to check - let it be wrong!)

After the ceremony we celebrated Mother's Day by having brunch at The Happiness Hotel (aka the Duebber's house). Solomon dented his lip on a baby doll stroller wheel and he had a tiny drop of blood.

Later when we got home Solomon smacked himself in the gums with a teapot and bled more profusely (as mouth wounds tend to do). He didn't seem to actually care though.

I have a new project in mind and this time the inspiration is quite Divine. I hope I can follow through. To God be the glory.

What is it about the bathtub that allows Marley to just become so animated and imaginative? She plays with her little animal toys so differently there than in the rest of the house. A pony becomes a baby horse lost from her friend the raccoon and they ride in a boat (which is technically a submarine because she pushes it around underwater) to try to find the mom (aka the teapot) (not the same teapot Solo used to take out his face). <3

Thanks Mom for being so super awesome :D

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