Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My extensions

Marley likes to indicate an amount these days by saying "just a lot."

Solomon is an official moving (and quick) baby. If I leave the room at all he will be army crawling after me immediately. Sad but impressive! He can also sit up from laying down unassisted. This was always one of the more impressive skills in my book. I can barely do it myself these days. His new favorite things are Gerber Graduate yogurt melts (little dehydrated yogurt things) and this stuffed golden retriever that Marley got from a volunteer at the hospital when she got her stitches. When he goes to bed at night he has his Snarfer and his doggie. Very cute to see him cuddle it.

Yesterday we were watching Youtube videos of baby animals and Marley wraps her arms around Solo and goes, "This is my baby monkey."

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