Thursday, May 26, 2011

Realizing a hard truth...

Here is a fragment of my innermost thoughts while brushing my teeth this evening.

"Why do people like awkward things?! Why do I always end up with guys who love awkward?! Oh...."

I figured it out.

My Old Testament obsession is getting more and more out of hand. I find myself having 10 tabs open on my browser. 4 are wikipedia entries. 'Nimrod' 'Reu' 'fourth son of Noah' and 'Semiramus' (ok that is not OT technically); 2 are maps, one of Mesopotamia and the other of Babylon; 1 is and the other 3 tabs are facebook, gmail and a youtube page with a video of twinkle twinkle little star (ok those 3 are not OT either).

Not to mention that my bed is completely covered by Adams' Chronological Map of History and my phone is on and running my app.

I need a hobby from my hobby before someone makes me start going to meetings.

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