Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boy and his dog.

I am very sorry I do not have a video to post along with this story.

Marley, Solomon & I were sitting on the living room floor in Milford this afternoon, listening to crazy thunder and playing with toys. Murphy came up with his tennis ball in his mouth and then dropped it (intending for me to pick it up and throw it).

The place where he dropped it though, was right where Solomon was and Solo tried to pick up but it rolled out of his hand. Murphy went to it and picked it up and dropped it again. Solomon shrieks with laughter. Solomon "throws" it (picks it up and raises his arm and then the ball falls out of his hand and usually bounces off his leg) again. When Murphy grabs the ball, he (Murphy) shakes his head back and forth furiously to make sure the tennis ball is dead, Solomon sees this and starts shaking his head every time Murphy gets the ball.

This goes on for at least five minutes. Boy "throws" ball. Dog grabs ball. Boy & dog shake their heads violently. Dog returns ball. Repeat.

HILARIOUS. Marley and I watched the whole thing until Murphy ran off with the ball to finish the job of mutilating it completely.

My boy is amazing.

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