Monday, June 27, 2011


Things Marley says "to me" (never with explanation)

"I turned the doggie's head inside out."
"I can put stickers on frogs whenever I want."
"Daddy is my sister."

I talked to Jenny on the phone tonight and She is adorkable.

Trying to get use to being with just the kids (I almost said alone). I am usually just fine but I tend to go back and forth between "ugh Bob is so lucky he gets to go to work and school" and "NOIWILLNEVERLEAVEMYBABIESNEVEREVER!"

After a brief reality check from my mother (maybe unintentional on her part) I am going to wait until the emotional ceizures of "NOIWILLNEVERLEAVEMYBABIESNEVEREVER!" stop before I return to school. Or at least until I can stop crying about it.

I know what you're thinking. She is insane. You're right. Just remember that it is completely exhausting to be this crazy all the time.
I have had a babysitter three times in 7 days. I think previous to this the record was three in 6 months. It was awesome. <3 Debbie <3 Baba <3 Ma

ERRRRRRRRRRRINNNNNNNNNNNNN I'm texting you right now. You are being very amusing. I feel like it had been too long since I called out to you via my blog.
How many books have I written in my lifetime?

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