Thursday, June 9, 2011

Since I was 6 or 8 weeks pregnant with Marley I have been a member of a forum for women who were due to have babies in July 2008. Those children (some who were born much earlier and some who waited till August) are called 'Firecrackers'. I went on a retreat last August and met 14 or so of them and it was fun to see faces where before there were only screennames.

Today I met another Firecracker (from WA state) named Taylor Hart and Marley and she played together at the Museum Center. I was glad I was able to get over my stupid stranger anxiety enough to meet the Harts because they were awesome! Wish WA wasn't a zillion miles away.

Tonight we did the thing we have talked about doing, attempted and feared for almost 3 years. We let Marley "cry it out". She is 35 months old (or 'about to turn 3' if you will) and her bedtime is longer and cuddlier then my son's who is 9 months old and breastfed. The first 40 minutes were absolute and total hell. I went in and stayed with her a few times till she calmed down and agreed I could go but it would eventually just crescendo back to the pitiful callings for her mommy or daddy. I won't even mention some of the things she cried because it is heartbreaking and I don't want to sound like the heartless b**** I feel like. I had already given in but I had Bob keeping me back, then he started breaking. So we found a compromise and things were better almost instantly. We opened her door so she could see the light from our bathroom coming in (she has a nightlight in her room too) and I explained to her that she was in her bed and I was in mine and she could see my light through the doors.

I hope she comes into our room tonight and cuddles me :( I feel like a monster but she has to know how to fall asleep without being cuddled right? My poor Marley. :(

Solomon sleeps from about 8 to 5am straight. I didn't even know babies COULD do that. It is hard to have one sleeping kid and one sleep hating kid. Though not as hard as having two kids who hate sleep I bet.

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