Monday, June 6, 2011

What did you say?

Marley was playing in the tub and Solomon was standing outside of it, standing up holding on to the side. She was making loud angry dolphin noises and he was laughing hysterically when he lost his hold and fell and hit his head (on the thick rug). He started crying pitifully and while I held him and rocked him and murmured soothing words Marley watched me the whole time, concern in her eyes.

After he had calmed down I reassured her, "He's ok Marley, he just startled himself."
Then she matter of factly said, "My dolphin hit his head. Solomon messed up the game."

Toddlers. Yeesh.

This morning at breakfast Solomon clearly tried to sign "eat". He repeated the sign (though it was barely reminiscent of the real sign) every time I said the word eat. He is amazing!

Yesterday at Scott's birthday party Marley suffered a cruel blow at the hands of the other kids. She was purposefully not included in their game because she kept saying "my" instead of "the" about the toy house. They wouldn't let her in and she started sobbing, then I went over and told them they needed to be kind to her and then they opened the door and she went in and then the ringleader said "Lets go swing without her."

Lucky for the little horde I am not a mother bear because I would have mauled them.

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