Sunday, September 11, 2011

That Path Traveled

A pang for something never known and lost
Dreaming of life upon some plane
Where mountains spring where the mind leaps
Rivers roll forth on the whim of fancy
In one moment running top speed through a field
Golden, not on fire, temperate under the sun
Running top speed, no shoes to cover
Pain born better under naivete
Stronger, brazen, curious
Next moment
Solemn, intense and silent
Connected to the earth
Parted by ceremony and dignity
Downcast eyes within a flawless brow
Talents unparalleled and unsung
A song spinning eternally into outer space unknowable but knowing
Last moment
Surrounded by adoration and the smell of September
Supporting another time, those who will be
Through those who are now and those who are going
Those who have left
Appreciated, coddled and laughing
Feathers full out and puffed up for protection
Whether the storm, proceeding despite the danger
Proceeding because of it
Different dreams
Dull aches falling each in their time
Unrealized but not useless
A life made full by flashes of longing

That path traveled only by imagination is never trampled flat. It is new each time and each time a revelation.

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