Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love them. Love him.

Marley and Solomon are awesome. I would bet on them in any cage fight with any opponent with any weapon.

Bobby may have made me a Winslow but he is turning a little Goodridge-y. Today we went to the pumpkin patch (rode a tractor, chose pumpkins, drank cider, ran helter skelter), he finished the garage roof, he worked on the chainlink fence with my dad. When we all came inside he looked antsy and said, "I think I am going to work on making that pear dessert so I feel like I did something today."

Some people may be offended. I am impressed.

Now he is on the living room floor drinking cocoa porter and sawing a wooden crate into a more pleasing shape to fit our media PC with a serrated butter knife.

NOW you're impressed too.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Darling smiles

When Marley smiles at you it is because you have earned it. When Solomon smiles at you it means you're in trouble.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I am freezing.

I had a really good hair day today. I went to IKEA with mom, Solomon and Marley. So a few people got to see my good hair but mostly I stayed home cleaning up dog poop and baby poop and unclogging a toilet. And people wonder why #2 is my #1 topicof conversation...

Still trying to make our lives make sense in our new house. Finding out what is good, what is bad and what needs a gentle tweek. And which misplaced tool we need to do the tweek. I'm a sour grape with that attitude.


This story is a little sad but it is sweet too.
This morning I woke up to Marley's wailing "Daddy daddy daddy daddy come back!" With plenty of sobbing. All top volume. I jump out of bed, careful not to disturb Mr. Cranky Solomon. I run into the hallway to find pajamaed Marley staring out the window at Bob's car as he pulls away for work. I pick her up and comfort her and she asks where he went and I explain he was going to work (as usual). Then as if her synapses all of a sudden made a bright shiny new connection she says, "Daddy goes to work so we can have pizza."

Then she and I and the Crankster all cuddled till I realized we were going to be late for library storytime. No way was I missing the merry go round song with Miss Colleen!

The photo is Miss Princess Marley of High Maintenance avenue in her royal carriage at IKEA.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Walker Winslow

Two days ago Solomon decided he would become the world's greatest living authority on walking. Granted it is a walk too silly even for the silliest ministry of silly walls but he does manage to stay upright for the most part and even more important he can stand up without assistance.

He also had his very first haircut yesterday. I took him to Cookie Cutters in West Chester. She did a mediocre job and did not demonstrate any particular skill with children. I even got money off for the botching she did above his ear. He still looks aggressively adorable!

I will post better photos later.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Night one

When you have young children and you have just turned their lives upside down by moving them to a new house an uneventful night is a blessing. Thanks to friends and family we have moved all of our furniture and boxes into the new house.

I was trying to think what Marley must be feeling. I remembered nights spent in new houses when I was a little kid. The one I recall most and like best was an evening we spent in the rental house on Bridgetown road while my parents' house was being built. I was in 2nd grade. The house had a wood burning furnace and it was a HUGE house. My whole family spent a night in sleeping bags in the living room. I don't really know why or if it was our first night there but I loved it.

I hope Marley and Solomon will have powerful positive memories like that one about these days in this house.

Praise God for His abundant blessings!

Location:Westwood manse