Thursday, November 24, 2011


I have lived in my house for almost 2 months and I still can't find the dining room light switch.

When I try to trust math it backfires.

I have been praying daily for God to humble me. Previously I was too terrified for such a thing because it happened without me praying it and several times it was painful (mentally). But now I long for that seperation between my God and I to be closed. God humble me.

Here are a few things I am thankful to God and in general for: (not in this order)
Marley. Solomon. Bob.
Grandpa. Uncle Mike and Jan. Uncle Labron. Uncle Larry.
Granny. Popop. Jenny. Jackie. Sharon
For the memories I have of Grandpa Winslow and of Chris and of my Aunt Carol and my Grandma Marjorie and Marian. And for the memory of little Brayton, gone so soon.
Murphy because he helps me by eating all the flying baby food so I don't have to clean it up.
My fish for staying alive and being pretty and shiny.
For plants that I can bring indoors that remind me of life when it is winter.
For clean jokes that are actually funny.
Harper. Lafe. Rob. Rachael. Lindsey. Erin.
For all of my ivillage mama friends who have kept me sane the past 4 years. SO THANKFUL FOR THOSE LADIES.
For all my friends, past and present.
For heating and air conditioning. The power to control the weather inside my own little world.
For my house here in Westwood. The result of grace, mercy, faith and love.
For the beauty of nature, the change of seasons.
The amazing transformative joy of the holiday seasons.
For the zoo, the museum center and the library. Supporters of moms everywhere.
Paint. Markers and safety scissors.
For video games, the internet and email. Helping me sending a thousand unrefined and mostly unfinished thoughts to people who can more or less interpert them as they choose.

So many little things make each day possible, bearable and enjoyable.
Thank you God. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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