Saturday, December 17, 2011

Being a mom perk #9,147

Marley has told me she enjoys having blonde hair but when she grows up she wants to have black (she mixes up brown and black) hair just like mine. Makes me a little misty. Reminds me of a For Better or Worse comic about the mom and daughter where the mom as a kid secretly watches her mother brush out her hair in the wind and then she as an adult does it and her daughter watches her from the window. That probably makes no sense without the images.

We have a Winslow Christmas party today. Sharon, Jackie and her friend, Jenny, Ralph and Debbie will be joining us for dinner and presents. Very excited :)
Marley keeps saying how much she misses her Winslow family members so hopefully her painfully shy stage is short lived.
I am super excited about the gift giving portion of Christmas this year. We never have much money but we always manage to give something to each of our family members. God provides. Sometimes He is subtle (like with a free tire from Tire Discounters) and sometimes the source of God's grace is plain to see (like Ralph taking care of our car engine issues).
God is good! All the time.
I am also enjoying that Marley is beginning her comprehension of what we are actually celebrating on Christmas. Baby Jeechus!

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  1. I was going to ask you if you needed a Christmas tree because I have an extra (weird I know) but then I saw the pic of yours on FB when you put it up. But if you know anyone that needs one, pref someone with kids that would be happy to have it, let me know