Friday, December 9, 2011

A thankful soup.

Tonight when I was doing my part of Marley's bedtime I started with my usual "What should we pray for?" and Marley's answer (though normally they are "a squishy curtain" "how about Daddy?" or "how about myself?") was a little different than what I was expecting.

She said "how about the soup I ate?"

I was taken aback because I had no idea how to ask God's blessings and assistance for wholly consumed soup. Then it dawned on me I was not suppose to ask for blessings. I was suppose to be thankful for blessings giving.

Thanks Marley. <3

(If you're wondering about what soup is good enough to pray about I will tell you. It is Campbell's condensed Harvest Orange Tomato soup. Yes, orange. I know. It is DELICIOUS. Not a far cry from the regular condensed tomato soup they offer but just a little more curb to the acid and something else different. Whatever it is, I love it.)

(So does Marley obviously).

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