Saturday, January 28, 2012

Professional wannabe

<p>So since our family has dealt so heavily in unemployment and Bob and I watch so much COPS type shows and I have so many friends who are nurses or social workers... I have a bad case of untrained person insecurity. I have no trade! If there was a revolution and we were all reduced to primitive methods of living and bartering I would have maybe two things in my favor. I have children I can make marriage deals with and I am a human GPS. That is all I got.

It makes me feel unpolished.

*conversation about turtles*
Me: the big birds sometimes will eat the turtles.
Marley: I want to kick them in the face.</p>

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mini vacation

So on Thursday Solo, Mawe, Bob and I took a little roadtrip to visit Aunt Jenny and go to COSI.

We stopped about halfway to Columbus at a McDonald's with a nice indoor play place. We all ate our delicious/disgusting fast food meals and Marley went off to play and then Solo (satisfied he had eaten ALL my fries) was ready to get down and play too. He was out of his high chair for MAYBE 18 seconds when he fell and smacked his lip. It was a blood fest. He had managed to break the skin in several places on the inside, break the skin on the outside under his lip and skin his chin. He also has a red mark on his nose. So we bled all over the playplace for awhile and then my son (the bruiser, the champion, the manly man) walked it off and when back to blissfully playing in the hamPster tubes. Marley kept telling him "Come on baby brother, don't be afraid. I'll protect you."
So we get back on the road and head to Jenny's. We pick her up and we find our way to the Nation's highest rated kids' museum. It was a lot of fun. I made sure that my expectation was that I would be spending the predominant part of my time chasing Solomon. That made it better for me. We got to play in water, play in a submarine, throw stuff, chase stuff and just be together. It was like a mini vacation (with blood).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christ, coffee and my Dad.

Bob and I have an argument every morning. Since having children I have become the type of person who opens their eyes and gets out of bed right away. Normally because Solo desperately needs his nighttime diaper changed, Marley needs help defeating the childlock on the bathroom door, Murphy needs to go out and both kids are starving from their long night of not eating. Bob is still the type who fights tooth and nail to stay in bed. 5 more minutes, I don't feel good, I'm too tired are a daily morning chorus for him. When he has a job I am more sympathetic. He has a sleep disorder, he is tired and stressed from working, he deserves 25 extra minutes of sleep. Since he is currently without employment I am about as understanding and sympathetic as a snake.
Once Bob made the piteous mistake while fending me off of saying "You could at least make me some coffee." This statement coming on the tailend of running the gamete of all those previous listed chores was not received well. Explosively I unleashed my wroth reply and slammed every baby gate and door in my path as I rocketed away from the utmost absurd and thoughtless thing I had ever heard that morning.
That was a few months ago. The memory of that particular moment still causes me a painful spike of rage.
Then this morning I was thinking about a story my mom just told me about my dad. Apparently he made some special arrangements and then drove two hours to procure some favored cookies for a coworker of his for her babyshower. Very thoughtful. Then I thought about other things my dad does that are thoughtful. There are many many many many examples of my dad's generosity of spirit and self sacrificing acts. Ask me or either of my sisters. The lists are long. This morning though one thing was boldface, it kept nagging at my thoughts.
My dad brings coffee to my mom every morning. When I first thought of it I then thought "I wish Bob would do that for me humph" but then the lightning struck. It isn't for Bob to be a Christlike example in my life. It is for me to be one in his.
Bigger than my sense of entitlement, bigger than gender roles, bigger than my interpretation of fairness is the responsibility I have to walk the walk in a practical visible way. Loving Bob (even when we're both unlovable) by serving him as Christ served his disciples by washing their feet. As Christ served us all by baring our sin-debt. Thank you Christ! Thank you Dad! Thank you Bob!

*edit to say: our morning fight always ends by the end of his first cup of coffee. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Amazing Princess Marley

Marley was obsessively recreating Cinderella's story today and making me sing the story over and over while she acted/danced it out. The story got on my nerves after the 15th or so time I had to narrate Marley losing her shoe. So I coaxed Marley into making up a story about Princess Marley. It took surprisingly small amounts of prompting and the only time I intereferred was when she tried to name the weed and the mountain the same thing (Potato). You'll see.

I shorthanded it all down and here it is written out.

Princess Marley
Once upon a time there was a Princess named Marley and she lived in the land of apples. Her castle was in the middle of field of flowers that smelled very good. Princess Marley wore a blue dress. Wherever Princess Marley went her friend Fairy Meghyn went too.

They went up Hot Potato Mountain. When they reached the top they fell down into a hole. They met a weed named Seeds who had long hair like Marley's and hands and feet like Marley's. The weed was happy and friendly and smiled. Seeds helped Princess Marley and Fairy Meghyn out of the hole and past the roots.

Then they met a nice, friendly creatured named Ant. They passed a small hill and big mountain looking for a big, big mouse who would give them rides.

They went to cold, cold Ice Cream Hill and jumped in and tasted it. There were brownies inside. They ate all the hill. They rowed across slippery, slidey ice cream water in a boat. There was a friendly, happy alligator in it. It used a tissue to blow boogers off it's nose. The alligator said "Hello" and talked a lot to Princess Marley because they were friends.

They found all kinds of brownies. The brownies were high up in a tree but the alligator was very very tall and he gave brownies to Marley and Fairy Meghyn.

There was an angry sponge with earrings on his ears and he locked Princess Marley and Fairy Meghyn in a cage.

Then a prince named Bob came and took the key out of the sponge's pocket and freed them.
Chilly the Penguin slides across the ice into the water and helps them go to Orange Tree Mountain. They climbed and tried to jump but it was too high and they were too small.

The big alligator helps and picks them up and lifts them into the orange tree and they ate oranges out of the tree. Chilly ate worms.

The End

I know. The Prince bit. But it was her daddy and not her romantic interest so that makes it ok!
The most interesting thing about this story is how I could see where she pulled all of her ideas from. The angry sponge was this dish brush we have that looks like a punk rocker, the ice cream hill they ate was the chunk of ice cream she finished while she talked and the ice cream water was the melted remnants in the bottom of the bowl. Chilly the Penguin is one of her beloved stuffed animals. There was a bowl of oranges on the counter. Her process put me very much in mind of The Usual Suspects. <3 her

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I posted myself a note in the middle of the night that said: "What's in a name? God's purpose and blessings are bigger than biology. Success, success to you (David)."


I am going to try to reinterpret all those deep late night sleep haze thoughts into a blog I have been meaning to write. Or maybe I should just post that cryptic message and wish everyone luck?

Robyn and Scott officially adopted Lucy and Katie at the end of December right before Christmas. The actions, emotions and stress that lead up to that may need to be documented but not by this crazy person. The timing of the adoption being right near Christmas was fortuitious because it really brought to my mind how important family and love are. That sounds positively cliche I know.

Matthew 1: 20, 24 and 25
But after he (Joseph) had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit... When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife. But he did not consummate their marriage until she gave birth to a son. And he gave him the name Jesus.

Joseph did what few men in our culture would do, raise as his own, a child who was not biologically his. He manned right up.

Ok that is all I can do right now because my biological darlings are VERY VERY needy.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Always: My Kids.

Listening to Marley talk to herself in singsong is my favorite thing.
My other favorite thing is when I howl like a wolf and then Solomon replies in kind.

I have both on video and I am taking them with me (for awhile anyway).

Solomon loves to play fetch with Murphy. Solo picks up the ball and then throws it (appears more like a drop than a throw) and Murphy goes after it thunderously. Solo then claps for himself. His ability to walk, run, climb and throw blow my mind. He is starting to do more words than just his go-to catch-all command word ("Mama")
He does with some consistency: Dada, Daw-ee (Doggy), Ew-wee (Cookie), Wolf howl noise (is that a word?), Duck.

He shakes his head no (a lot) and will get your attention and then lead you to the kitchen to fetch him an Ew-wee. He really is amazing. He can even navigate bits and pieces of Marley's video game (Leapster Explorer) (for the record I would buy this thing again for twice the price- it is amazing).

Marley has begun to show just the tiniest glimpses of jealousy towards Solomon. She does not act out against him, she just acts out in general. It IS difficult to divide attention equally when one child is so saintly and the other takes his greatest pleasure in climbing and jumping off chairs. Loving them equally is easy even though they are SO SO different. Wild Child and Delicate Blossom. I am so blessed to have both. Thank you God for my children. Thank You for your timeline not working so much in line with mine. You know what I mean.

My desire and draw to worship that started a few months ago is still going strong. I want to find more ways to live boldly and worship Him!