Saturday, January 7, 2012

Always: My Kids.

Listening to Marley talk to herself in singsong is my favorite thing.
My other favorite thing is when I howl like a wolf and then Solomon replies in kind.

I have both on video and I am taking them with me (for awhile anyway).

Solomon loves to play fetch with Murphy. Solo picks up the ball and then throws it (appears more like a drop than a throw) and Murphy goes after it thunderously. Solo then claps for himself. His ability to walk, run, climb and throw blow my mind. He is starting to do more words than just his go-to catch-all command word ("Mama")
He does with some consistency: Dada, Daw-ee (Doggy), Ew-wee (Cookie), Wolf howl noise (is that a word?), Duck.

He shakes his head no (a lot) and will get your attention and then lead you to the kitchen to fetch him an Ew-wee. He really is amazing. He can even navigate bits and pieces of Marley's video game (Leapster Explorer) (for the record I would buy this thing again for twice the price- it is amazing).

Marley has begun to show just the tiniest glimpses of jealousy towards Solomon. She does not act out against him, she just acts out in general. It IS difficult to divide attention equally when one child is so saintly and the other takes his greatest pleasure in climbing and jumping off chairs. Loving them equally is easy even though they are SO SO different. Wild Child and Delicate Blossom. I am so blessed to have both. Thank you God for my children. Thank You for your timeline not working so much in line with mine. You know what I mean.

My desire and draw to worship that started a few months ago is still going strong. I want to find more ways to live boldly and worship Him!

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