Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Amazing Princess Marley

Marley was obsessively recreating Cinderella's story today and making me sing the story over and over while she acted/danced it out. The story got on my nerves after the 15th or so time I had to narrate Marley losing her shoe. So I coaxed Marley into making up a story about Princess Marley. It took surprisingly small amounts of prompting and the only time I intereferred was when she tried to name the weed and the mountain the same thing (Potato). You'll see.

I shorthanded it all down and here it is written out.

Princess Marley
Once upon a time there was a Princess named Marley and she lived in the land of apples. Her castle was in the middle of field of flowers that smelled very good. Princess Marley wore a blue dress. Wherever Princess Marley went her friend Fairy Meghyn went too.

They went up Hot Potato Mountain. When they reached the top they fell down into a hole. They met a weed named Seeds who had long hair like Marley's and hands and feet like Marley's. The weed was happy and friendly and smiled. Seeds helped Princess Marley and Fairy Meghyn out of the hole and past the roots.

Then they met a nice, friendly creatured named Ant. They passed a small hill and big mountain looking for a big, big mouse who would give them rides.

They went to cold, cold Ice Cream Hill and jumped in and tasted it. There were brownies inside. They ate all the hill. They rowed across slippery, slidey ice cream water in a boat. There was a friendly, happy alligator in it. It used a tissue to blow boogers off it's nose. The alligator said "Hello" and talked a lot to Princess Marley because they were friends.

They found all kinds of brownies. The brownies were high up in a tree but the alligator was very very tall and he gave brownies to Marley and Fairy Meghyn.

There was an angry sponge with earrings on his ears and he locked Princess Marley and Fairy Meghyn in a cage.

Then a prince named Bob came and took the key out of the sponge's pocket and freed them.
Chilly the Penguin slides across the ice into the water and helps them go to Orange Tree Mountain. They climbed and tried to jump but it was too high and they were too small.

The big alligator helps and picks them up and lifts them into the orange tree and they ate oranges out of the tree. Chilly ate worms.

The End

I know. The Prince bit. But it was her daddy and not her romantic interest so that makes it ok!
The most interesting thing about this story is how I could see where she pulled all of her ideas from. The angry sponge was this dish brush we have that looks like a punk rocker, the ice cream hill they ate was the chunk of ice cream she finished while she talked and the ice cream water was the melted remnants in the bottom of the bowl. Chilly the Penguin is one of her beloved stuffed animals. There was a bowl of oranges on the counter. Her process put me very much in mind of The Usual Suspects. <3 her

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