Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mini vacation

So on Thursday Solo, Mawe, Bob and I took a little roadtrip to visit Aunt Jenny and go to COSI.

We stopped about halfway to Columbus at a McDonald's with a nice indoor play place. We all ate our delicious/disgusting fast food meals and Marley went off to play and then Solo (satisfied he had eaten ALL my fries) was ready to get down and play too. He was out of his high chair for MAYBE 18 seconds when he fell and smacked his lip. It was a blood fest. He had managed to break the skin in several places on the inside, break the skin on the outside under his lip and skin his chin. He also has a red mark on his nose. So we bled all over the playplace for awhile and then my son (the bruiser, the champion, the manly man) walked it off and when back to blissfully playing in the hamPster tubes. Marley kept telling him "Come on baby brother, don't be afraid. I'll protect you."
So we get back on the road and head to Jenny's. We pick her up and we find our way to the Nation's highest rated kids' museum. It was a lot of fun. I made sure that my expectation was that I would be spending the predominant part of my time chasing Solomon. That made it better for me. We got to play in water, play in a submarine, throw stuff, chase stuff and just be together. It was like a mini vacation (with blood).

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  1. No vacation, mini or not, is complete without a little blood