Saturday, January 28, 2012

Professional wannabe

<p>So since our family has dealt so heavily in unemployment and Bob and I watch so much COPS type shows and I have so many friends who are nurses or social workers... I have a bad case of untrained person insecurity. I have no trade! If there was a revolution and we were all reduced to primitive methods of living and bartering I would have maybe two things in my favor. I have children I can make marriage deals with and I am a human GPS. That is all I got.

It makes me feel unpolished.

*conversation about turtles*
Me: the big birds sometimes will eat the turtles.
Marley: I want to kick them in the face.</p>

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  1. Im the same way. Matt is always "we need to get you a job thats not retail" and I ask him what exactly he expects", or my cousin in Holland asked me "what my specialty is" or "what my skills are", all I could say was "Well, Ive waited alot of tables and Ive worked in alot of shops." I hate it.