Thursday, March 29, 2012

Destination Baba

Me: You girls are brave. You're strong. You're ...
Aimee: Anxious!
Lucy: you are being really mean today Aimee.
Aimee: don't even start with me today.

Marley chose a little realistic cat as a souvenir at the Green Turtle. Then we went to the beach and Marley stowed away her kitty in her beach hat and once left unattended a seagull swooped down and tried to carry it away. Only to drop it upon the discovery it was not food.
Side note: a seagull stole my hot dog once when I was on a beach with my dad at anna maria.
Me: I smashed a bug!
Marley: mommy you're tough.
Aimee: that's not so tough.
On the way to florida we had a car accident. 5 adults, 6 kids in our car. At least 4 other cars were involved. Impact at about 30 mph. It was awful. We got stranded for several hours in tiftin, Ga. I am thankful we all survived and none of the kids were hurt. Robyn had teeth knocked loose and a small bone broken and has had to have a few doctors/dentists work on it. She is in good spirits though despite her largely liquid diet.
We had a sister night out tonight with Robyn, Colleen, Brenyn and I and it was great. Predinner dessert at a gelato place, dinner at Moon under water and dessert at Old Farm ice cream. Nom :)

Priceless afterkidssleep talks each night too. Awesome!

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