Friday, March 9, 2012

What my kids is be is.

Joining the YMCA was a great decision.
Solomon loves to make animal noises. Particularly monkies, tigers, kittens and most of all the elephant. He surpasses most adults in his mimicry of the pachyderm. His kitten, however, sounds like it may have kennel cough.

While on the topic of Solomon let me understate my amazement that we are at the end of the second day of cold turkey weaning and we have had no major "arguments". I have not even had engorgement.  So from 2-3 times a day to freedom... I mean weaned.

My kids are so different from one another.
The last few weeks our usual bed routine with Marley is Bob reads books and bids Marley goodnight and then I go and pray for our day and then recently I have begun to tell her impromptu stories about a topic she dictates. They are almost always about Princess Marley and never contain any deep social insights or anything. Puppies, picnics, lost kittens, cupcakes, other princesess. That is about it.

After the story though we blow each other kisses. Each night we blow different style kisses. Tonight I blew her a tight roper kiss where I blew the kiss and then balanced on my high wire from the door to her bed to deliver it. She sent me a butterfly kiss where she blew the kisses and then made fluttery hand motions. Other kisses have included lion, seal, penguin, ballerina, princess, dog, shinobi, etc. Awesome!
For the record I won Bob and i's first actual racquetball game. 15-13. *flex*

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