Saturday, May 12, 2012

Confrontation & Fairness

I went out with some lovely friends this evening. Rachael, Harper, Jenie and by accident Nathan. While rebuking the general behaviors that leads to confrontation, I jokingly defined confrontation as anytime we communicate with anyone we do not already know.

After a 35 mph drive home watching (with hawk like focus) for raccoon and other road undesirables and doing some general evening reflecting I realized that I might actually believe that definition. Or at least I am left feeling confronted after I talk to people.

I will have to reflect further on this. Feel free my general audience to comment and suggest anything you may feel will be helpful on this subject.

I keep making conscious efforts to stop trying to make sure life is fair for myself. Somewhere along the way I convinced myself that I need to aggressively change all unfair aspects of my environment. I need to un-convince myself because it does not make for a better life.*

*(I'm not talking sexual/racial/ethnical equality here people) (those are things that should be fair)... (but maybe there are ways to better react to those situations as they arise)... (yet another thing requiring reflection).

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