Saturday, May 12, 2012

Now is

Genesis 1 Response

One thought and You had begun an ocean like no other
Not separated by dirt nor sand
One body
A flicker of Your will and suddenly upon the water
Colors flow, drawn out and shining 
A myriad of reflections, light and water
From glorious blinding gold and bright
You draw the reflections again with softness
Glistening from the face of the otherwise dark deep ocean

Shoulders rotating slowly, palms turning down
Now there was a place
Something You knew was truly beautiful
A temple wide and far yet cradled delicately in the place You created
Achingly beautiful You made the forms
Delicacy and strength, a balance circling endlessly 
Riotous color exploding from the dust, the dust itself greater than magic

Arms extended, hands spread far, the stars born breathless rise into the vastness
I cannot know them any more than I can know nothing at all.
The evening's subtle glows pointed back to the heavens
Set above the temple You gave us the day.
A way to see and count the nights

In the seas there was motion
Things only You could have created, wondrous and horrible to behold
Mysteries some like the heavens
Upon the air You placed the wings of creatures
Unlike You and yet You know them
You put onto the land the hooves, the claws, the scales and paw
Each purposed, each intended
It will be where once it was not.
You spoke and LIFE.
The ocean at Your feet, the stars a crown
In Your own image You began mankind
Heart knowing and fiercely loving

There is not, was no longer
The temple with priests walking along the soil
Man's heart filled with feelings of gladness, nearness and being 
Unable to ever know nothing at all again
Only now able to learn, to rejoice
To raise up songs of pure gratitude

Your were with them on that temple
You called it Good
Where it was not, now was and
You called it Good.

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