Saturday, May 26, 2012


Response to Genesis 4 & 5
and to Romans 8

Sons followed by daughters followed by sons
Followed again by daughters
Each planned and born in their turn
The codes of their identity bearing the mark of the fruit
That code is death
But there is also life
And there is purpose in it.
Those people who knew there were things right and things wrong
Struggling with their code to find wisdom and holiness
Some may-hap missing the humility and thankfulness that bring richness
Fullness to this purpose we are given
This life
To serve
Not to be served
To create the preordained miracles and arts
For His glory
Building shelters atop the temple
They do not hide His eyes
He walks with us as in the garden
Though eyes cannot look upon Him
I know He is there
As then
Now within me
I have better than freedom
I have guidance, a hope.

I will not use my freedom to wander lost in a copse of fear
Taking the hand of my guide, developing the gifts within me
There is a course that takes me, it steers me true
I will not regret the mistakes I have been spared for the sake of independence
Joy does not come from wrong-doing
Let me ever seek love
May His face be upon me
Knowing me
Hearing the prayer Jesus spoke for me in that other garden.

My God is at home amongst flowers and trees.

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