Monday, May 14, 2012


Let me paint you a scene of preschool swim class. 3 little blonde girls and three boys. All sitting on the side of the pool with their feet in the water, some fiercely clinging to their goggles. One by one they take turns in the water with the instructor blowing bubbles or kicking their legs. Having either careful smiles or grim determined faces. The three little blonde girls all pay strict attention to what the instructor says. One of the boys slurps water off the pool deck till his mother intervenes with stifled gagging saying "if only you knew." One of the boys "accidentally" drops the float toy he was given in the water over and over, simulating a three year old's version of poolside drama. The third boy uses his goggles to cup pool water into his mouth over and over, apparently thirsty.
All 6 children managed to go under the water without crying. So today will be considered a victory.

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