Saturday, May 12, 2012

That Presence

Genesis 2 Response

Before the time that lust permeated the fabrics of our lives
There was a shameless time
In this time that word is one thing
In that time that word was another
Though it would have meant nothing.

Nothing because shame was not yet a concept.
A word unnecessary and by man unforeseen
Adam, my forefather stood naked
Beside him, Eve my foremother, naked too.
It was not wrong, it was not to be hidden
It was intended, they were known
They knew
Beside them, God.
What did they see?

Naivete the word that I would ascribe to them both
Though I daresay that on seeing His face, surely they knew Him
Did they prostrate themselves at that miraculous moment
When mankind came into being?
Did God call forth the dust and the dust form a man 
Instantly did the man fall, awed and thankful?

When both had been formed could they sit in God's presence
Did our God walk in the garden with these two listening to their reflections
Charmed by mortal indelicacy?

I envy my fore-bearers that Presence. 
Though I could not say that I would trade it for the Spirit within me.
Not with so great a judgement coming, not with an opponent
So crafty, so malicious.

In this time, the one I live in
I will abide by God's decree
The priesthood He has called me too
It is enough to think upon the Garden and wait
For I too will be in the Presence
On that day
That day when I too shall fall
A body tempted to rest for eternity
Knowledge my reward.

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