Saturday, May 19, 2012

You are Wonder

Reeponse to Romans 8

When my head touches my pillow
And I arrive in that first moment of stillness
The entirety of my consciousness focused on that momentarily empty purple space
I will my thoughts to ponder You
To glide and alight on each blessing
To consider each and make count myself thankful

Between each landing mayhap I get distracted
Misguided adventure breeding little more than worry
But You, the lover of my soul, stay with me
Despite my neglect You aggressively love me
You chose me once and it is finished.
Help me to choose You
To have worthy thoughts and bring me back from my straying
Be my first thought in the morning and my ending thought at night
You are wonder
There is no end to Your complexity and nuance
I will delight in discovering You.

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